Chapter 78 he even ranked first?

Chapter 78 he even ranked first?

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A moment before, Jiang Baiyu filled with confidence boarded the ring.

He publicly threatened to beat Ji-day trip, to prove he is the genius.

And now, Ji-day trip unharmed, he became black and blue blood who suffered a crushing defeat.

He refused to throw in the towel, it was the ring next day trip discipline kick, the spot vomiting blood in a coma.

This is what a shame things!

Tens of thousands of people and arms makers on the square, have witnessed this scene.

After today, the matter will certainly spread the Imperial City and Albatron country, Jiang Baiyu will become a laughing stock!

Tens of thousands of people on the square were talking about, all eyes look to Ji-day trip, full of shock and incredible.

At this time, Han Qiao students boarded the ring, than fighting loudly announced the results.

Disgrace face of Jiang Baiyu has been eliminated, Ji-day trip well into the top ten, qualified for the worship of the dyke were!

Ji days walking under the ring, little princess back around.

Little princess happy dancing, his eyes gush deep excitement and emotion.


"Sky brother, you just play what sword ah, the marvelous too!"

Ji-day trip smiled and did not explain.

Princess took him by the arm, filled with joy and said: "Great day trip my brother, you finally got his wish, were able to enter the dyke!!"

"We both by the majority, were able to worship into the dyke, which is what has always been my goal and dream of!"

Ji-day trip understand her mind, I know the reason why she was so excited.

He gave a touch of gentle smile, hand squeezed the little princess Qiao Lian, "Keke, is the brother and sister of the future we."

"Mmm!" Little princess nodded, large clear eyes reveal a deep look of the color.

Next, a pair of young Warrior boarded another ring, expand crucial battle.

After approximately one hour, and the remaining five pairs of young Warrior all finished than fighting.

This concludes the second round majority, Han Qiao students boarded the ring, loudly announce the final results.

"Getting a majority of this second round ended, there is ten young fighter successfully qualify, qualify to enter this door!"

"It's ten weapons were Ji Ling, born without the sword, Ji-day trip, Wei Ling wind, Ji Ke ......"

Han Qiao students in order to read out 10 names, ten people will become dyke were the disciples.

Warrior on the square and the people who are suddenly noisy talk together.

Some people applauded joy, it was filled with regret, others complex expression.

Tens of thousands of spectators who originally thought, Jiang Baiyu certainly in the top ten, entering the dyke cases.

After all, Jiang Baiyu Albatron domestic top ten talent.

But who did not think, he met Ji-day trip, defeat at the hands of Ji-day trip, and ultimately regret to leave.

And before being laughed at all, the strength of refining the body fell to the territory of 'waste' Ji-day trip, but were successfully get into the qualifications of the dyke.

This was the majority of a major upset, beyond everyone's expectations.

In addition, a majority of this there is another person, but everyone did not think of.

Little princes Ji Ling!

Who did not think congenital pubic region damaged Ji Ling, like a sudden like a different person.He not only repaired the pubic region, but also beat several real dollars throughout quadruple genius, to get qualified for the final were the dyke!

This is definitely a surprise!

Moments later, when the buzz on the square languishing, Han Qiao Health announced loudly again and said:. "Although, the current majority has been winning a ten Warrior, it will become a disciple of worship into this door but the next will be the third round majority, determine the ten weapons of power rankings. "

"Ranking of different weapons, get into the door of this treatment is different, Warrior number one, will be the focus of this door cultivation ......"

Han Qiao living at it, suddenly lit the blood ten young warrior heart.

Who would not want to win first place and become the highly anticipated talent, get the dyke were the focus of cultivation?

This is definitely a meteoric rise, soaring a perfect opportunity!

Ten young arms makers are secretly fist, heart pulsing with thick of war.

Ji-day trip is no exception!

Prior to attend an introductory majority, he had made up his mind the dark.

He has to get into the dyke were qualified, but also to the identity of the first to enter the dyke were!

Only in this way, he can get the focus of the dyke were cultivated in the future become a peerless genius cloud Yao like that!

At this time, Han Qiao raw Shengruhongzhong said: "According to the strength grade ten Warrior, a preliminary ranking this door."

"The third round is more special than regular bucket, no longer draw, instead challenge the system."

"If anyone has objections to their ranking, can challenge to a higher rank, if the challenge is successful then replace the ranking, challenge fails to maintain the original ranking."

The third round of the fight than the rule is simple, everyone one will understand.

Then, Han Qiao students loudly announced the ranking ten Warrior.

"First, Ji Ling!"

"Second, sword without life!"

"Third, Ji-day trip!"

"Fourth, Wei Ling wind!"

"the fifth place……"

"Eighth, Ji Ke!"

"Ninth ......"

When Han Qiao Health announced the rankings of the ten weapons, tens of thousands of people on the square are boiling.

And it was all exposed shocked and puzzled expression, filled with puzzling talk together.

"Little princes actually ranked first? How is this possible?"

"Although the little prince easily beat the real dollars throughout quadruple Wulong, but he had not played the sword without health ah, how it will be ranked first?"

"Atlas of people were always fair, should not be mistaken, and certainly little princes hidden strength!"

"Ji-day trip can actually ranked third? The rankings have a problem ah!"

"I'd think, Ji-day trip is very reasonable ranked third, he kind of excel Jian Wang, also easily defeated Jiang Baiyu ......"

"Hey, guess they are not satisfied with this ranking, right? Certainly there are good movies can be watched a little later!"

Tens of thousands of buzz, converging sonic torrent, in the square wanton stirring diffused.

Ten arms makers also face complex, obviously not happy with the ranking, eager to want to challenge.

When Han Qiao Health announced the start of the third round majority, someone would immediately boarded the ring.

This person wearing a black brilliant clothing, face proper way scar, it is the second largest non-life sword!Since the fall Ji-day trip to refining the body environment, reduced waste, he is recognized as the first genius.

And now, the little princes Ji Ling routed to the first, he had become a second.

Wu ten persons, on a number of his most depressed and unhappy!

He jumped into the ring will be the first challenge, the people did not feel surprised, that this is a matter of course.

No students looking sword standing in the cold in the ring, eyes glued to the audience Ji Ling, Chen Sheng low shouted: "! My sword without life, to challenge the little princes, please enlighten me."

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