Chapter 76 fate of the war

Chapter 76 fate of the war

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Han Qiao Health announced the results after more than fighting, a majority in the first round this end.

Forty young people who participate in the majority of the military, there are twenty people were eliminated, winning twenty smooth cut.

Han Qiao born again boarded the ring, out of the twenty-yu signed, decided to start a second round of balloting than fighting.

"Shabu shabu!"

Twenty Jade sign into the sky, turned round after round blue streamer, interwoven flying around.

Everyone went up to the mass of blue streamer, waiting for the ballot results.

Warrior of the second round than the bucket in terms of the draw is extremely important.

They can enter this relationship with Atlas cases related to their fate!

Finally, twenty-yu signed randomly divided into ten pairs, quietly suspended in front of Han Qiao students.

He took out two jade sign, loudly announced the ballot results.

"The first, to the sword without health Akimoto Wu!"

"The second field, Ji Ke does not fall on Beishan!"

"The third field, to wind Wei Ling Yin Jian!"

"The fourth field, Ji Ling on Wulong!"

"Game 5 day trip to Ji Jiang Baiyu!"

"Sixth ......"

Han Qiao out of ten pairs of consecutive raw jade signing, announced twenty Warrior order of play and opponents.

When he was through one pair of Warrior's name, will lead the crowd in the square burst of talk.

And when he read the name of the fifth Warrior, tens of thousands of people on the square were sent screams.

Who would have thought, Ji-day trip turned out to be right on Jiang Baiyu!

This war is essential, the loser is eliminated, and the winner can enter the majority of the top ten, thanks to the success of the Atlas were when the disciples.

In this way, the line between discipline and Jiang Baiyu day, a person must be eliminated, and the other into the dyke cases.

This ratio is fighting the war of destiny!

But why Ji and Jiang Baiyu two-day trip, the last three days being talked about most topics.

Jiangbai Yu Chuang array fails, while Ji-day trip successfully break through the magic mysterious soldiers array.

Imperial people who talk about it at the time, will again mention the name of Jiang Baiyu, his failure to bring discipline day trip successful!

Many people subconsciously feel, Ji-day trip may be stronger than Jiang Baiyu strength, otherwise he can not succeed Destroys.

But this is only speculation the crowd, Ji-day trip to the front Jiang Baiyu never played against.

Now, Han Qiao random draw born, yet the two men tied together.

Tens of thousands of people in the square were thought to myself, is this an act of God do?

There must be a war in heaven between the fate of the two men? !

Soon, Han Qiao Health announced the ten games than fighting the order and candidates will be announced loudly than fighting began.

Two young Warrior boarded the ring, stood ten meters apart, murderous confrontation.

One blue robe young man named Takeshi Akimoto, Albatron small domestic famous kendo talent, young age will have real dollars throughout quadruple strength.

Another young man wearing a black brilliant clothing, looks flat, there is a scar on the right cheek.

This man was born without a sword, a sword and crazy maniac practice.

He has real dollars throughout the six-fold strength, previously always been pressing Ji-day trip, only ranked second in the country Albatron.

Now, he is twenty years young Warrior, is the first master the next plane!So, when Akimoto Wu learned that his opponent is the sword without life, hearts full of frustration and despair.

Strength of the two double difference, of course, than fighting the results are obvious.

No sword out of the birth only five strokes, easily beat Akimoto Wu.

Han Qiao raw results announced on the spot than fighting, sword without health before the cut ten, obtained the qualification to enter the dyke of cases.

Akimoto Wu has been eliminated, can only be filled with regret down the ring, all sorts unwilling to leave.

The second field than fighting began.

Princess opponent does not fall Kitayama, Kitayama is the Imperial family of the young master, but also young talent.

Like his little princess is real dollars throughout quadruple the strength of two kendo skills are very subtle.

However, little princess outbreak of war in this effort, and resorted to the secret cards.

They played against half quarter of an hour, a full fight hundreds of strokes, they finally separation of the outcome.

Little princess to put their lives at the expense of the Seven Swords, defeated Kitayama not fall into the top ten majority, qualified for the worship of the dyke were.

Han Qiao announced the results after the birth, the little princess was pale down the ring, quickly dressing wounds, taking immortality restore real dollars.

Third more exciting than fighting.

Wei Ling Bai Shuangying wind one black, with rival Yin Jian pushed hard, trying out very subtle sword, prompting tens of thousands of onlookers cheered applause.

In the end, Wei Ling wind beat opponents won, well into the top ten.

The fourth field than fighting began, little princes and Wulong Ji Ling boarded the ring.

Wulong is about twenty years old youth, strength to reach real dollars throughout the four-fold.

The JI spiritual strength of the state, is still confusing.

They only fight on stage more than twenty strokes, Ji Ling to easily beat Wulong.

Tens of thousands of people were on the square cheered as Ji Ling win, the crowd erupted buzz.

And they were all in disbelief, Ji Ling in just two weeks, to enhance the strength even to such an extent that even the real dollars throughout quadruple Warrior can easily beat.

This is simply amazing!

Ji-day trip has been watching Ji Ling and Wulong battle.

He could see the hidden strength Ji Ling, did not fully exhausted.

Ji Ling's true strength, is likely to have reached the territory Seventh real dollars.

If he is all-out shot just inside thirty-five strokes, you can beat Wulong.

This also allows very determined record day trip, capture beads must have been God Ji Ling refining.

After all, God wins beads captured his lifelong skill.

After Ji Ling won the Pearl of the full refining, you can have real dollars throughout the Seventh strength.

Thought of this, Ji-day trip clenched fists, eyes flashed a cold beholder.

"Ji Ji Ling Ling ah! God ordered Ling Yunfei away wins beads is you! Meizhuang night people rescued Ling Yunfei, and it is you!"

"So you are the mastermind, the most despicable sinister guy!"

Soon, the fifth began more than fighting.

Jiangbai Yu Ji-day trip and while on stage, each holding a sword, confrontation in the ring.

Ji-day trip blankly looking at Jiang Baiyu, eyes cold.

He had no enmity with Jiang Baiyu today than fighting in the ring, but also the fate dictates.

But Jiang Baiyu but sneer his face staring at him,Surging eyes with a strong anger and murderous.

"Ji-day trip! I did not expect it, your opponent is me!"

"Fate is really wonderful ah! I really want to thank the Korean deacon good, I let you in front of everyone than the bucket!"

Jiang Baiyu exposed face proud sneer, his voice full of anger.

"It's three days, you steal the show, but I became a laughing stock!"

"Ji-day trip, you know how much I hate you?"

"Today, I want the people in front of tens of thousands of Imperial, upright beat you!"

"I want everyone to see, I Jiangbai Yu is the real martial arts genius!"

"And you just lucky enough to get past a big fuss of it! You are not my opponent!"

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