Chapter 64 to send it back to the East China Sea?

Chapter 64 to send it back to the East China Sea?

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Ji-day trip hand on the ice crystal blue, just feel the biting chill breath of incoming body, so he was covered almost frozen.

This crystal contains a very majestic in power, it seems that there are some marvelous effect.

His heart thought to myself, if this can force the blue crystal refining, will be able to get a great benefit, the strength has increased substantially.

But at this point, to see him staring at the black dragon crystal blue daze, Chen Sheng cautioned: "! Boy, this dragon has vowed, and that you honor the promise"

Ji-day trip quickly put the blue crystal close up of black dragon said:. "Then you try to close the lake, let's catch cold chain exposed lake, I'll open it."

Yi Yan did the black dragon, a huge body prostrate on the lake, tail carried high exposed surface of the lake.

Ji-day trip quickly went to the lake, close to its tail and looked cold iron latch.

Only then did he see that cold iron latch tail deeply embedded in flesh and blood, the card inside the keel.

Wound exposed keel dense white flesh and blood in the vicinity have been corrupt rot.

Although the black dragon has a strong healing powers, the wound will heal slowly recover.

But there cold chain lock on the coccyx, even if the wound grow new flesh will rot again.

Ji-day trip jumped in frozen lake, choked back biting cold chill, swim seven or eight meters away, came at the dragon's tail.

His use of the well-known break the law, both hands twist lock on the organ, and to which the injection of real dollars.

Information about short span of thirty, he successfully opened the cold iron latch.

Black dragon finally lost the shackles and regain freedom!

When Ji-day trip to cold iron lock open, removed from its coccyx, the Yanqing thrown into the lake.

It could no longer hold their excitement, jumped onto the sky, sent excitement of high-pitched sound heard Dragons!

Verge, which exude an extremely sacred, powerful and dignified atmosphere!

It is unique to Dragon Breath!

Ji-day trip is the invisible Breath pale complexion shock, and could feel the blood reflux, mouth almost vomiting blood.

He choked back the crest neifu, quickly swim back to shore.

At this point, the entire lake Yanqing violent shaking up, the lake is stirring up waves ten feet tall!

Glacial lakes around the ground have also cracked, bamboo collapse to the ground, hundreds of trees towering tree also collapsed, and plunged into a lake in Yanqing.

Earth-shattering news, let Ji day trip looking upheaval, heart shock.

He subconsciously looked up to heaven, to see the shadow of enchantment matrix method Yanqing lake sky that road, even fragmented collapsed.

As a huge canopy-like yellowish barrier, "click, click" burst open, very violent burst out of power.

Suddenly, yellowish barrier on all collapse, turned into a tornado-like yellowish light beam, the black dragon roll.

Black dragon just to be free, it is hovering in the air flying.

Enchantment of the tactical deployment of the hurricane to roll, it simply nowhere to run, and instantly caught up in a hurricane.

No matter how strong its force, struggling in a hurricane, it is difficult to escape.

Not only that, it was quickly narrow down up to thirty meters of the giant body, but also the hurricane repression."Ah! How could this be?!"

Black filled dragon frightened, anxious issued roar.

However, that matchless violent hurricane shrinking, it also suppress the body getting smaller and smaller.

After about half a quarter of an hour, that the power of terror yellowish hurricane to disappear.

Black Dragon is almost lost toss of Half-Life, and finally escaped unharmed.

Yanqing upheaval of the lake, and gradually restore calm.

After Ji-day trip and then look to the black dragon thousand months, to see the look of it, suddenly froze for a moment.

"Uh ...... how could this be? Black dragon how narrow the size tenfold?"

"Hey hey hey ...... this arrogant little dragon, and finally I realized that I had the feeling of a reduced size."

Black dragon stared, suspended in the air, looked down around his body, exposing deep panic eyes.

"Why? Why is it so!"

Its original size of up to thirty meters, a huge body and very powerful.

And now, no change in its appearance, size was reduced tenfold, remaining more than three meters long!

At first glance, one would think it is a dragon, will think it is a black snake!

Black dragon for a time can not accept this result, the mood of manic frenzy flying in the sky, screaming to vent anger heart.

As a result, it frenzy around Yanqing Lake flying than a dozen laps, on the strength exhausted weak, "plop" sound Zaijin Yanqing lake.

Thousand months gloat laughed, he did not forget to applaud with small claws.

Ji-day trip also pumping the pumping mouth, could not help but want to laugh.

Dignified animal dragon, went so far as flight and exhausted, fell into the lake, this is simply a joke!

Black dragon lake in Yanqing thump a few, before flying back to shore.

It is quite embarrassed to lie on a boulder, driven to distraction pronouncing: "? Why is it so damn bastard, then you take away my Long Jing, imprisoned me here."

"Now they are arranged such enchantment matrix method, my dragon footer becomes so small ......"

"Ah! This mad dragon!"

Black dragon gas crazy, but fly it around thousand months, with a tone of someone who, smiling, "comfort" it:! "Little dragon, you do not hurt Well smaller size have nothing, you get used to a few days All right."

"But, to your current situation, even if the discipline to leave home, you can not return to the endless East China Sea, dragon clan territory."

"Estimates ranging from Qingyun you leave the country, will be arrested and eat high-order Wicked, was taken away as a pet or a strong man ...... Gee, are so poor."

Angry black dragon fly eyes fiercely, pounding the body under the stone disc with Alondra, straight to playing rock apart.

"Damn! If it were not Ji family ancestors took my Long Jing, how I got to the fields this step!"

"My Long Jing, my life of penance skill ah!"

Thousand months rolled his eyeball, eyes flashed a sly smile, suddenly had an idea.

"Little dragon, anyway, you're weak unspeakable, impossible to return to the East China Sea dragon clan territory."

"And, if nobody to protect you, we can not survive in the human world."

"Better this way, you are being followed around the old record, and slowly regain strength after the old documentary force strong enough, let him send you back to the East China Sea."

Black dragon froze for a moment, eyes suddenly exposed contemplative consideration.

Ji-day trip but frowned, quickly grabbed thousand months whispered: "? Thousands, and what you do for no reason, why I want to protect it, had to send it back to the East China Sea?"

"East China Sea in the east of most of the continent, between Tianchen domain and I do not know how many across the region, even if I can not hurry life to the East China Sea ah!"

Thousand months but showing a touch of cunning smile, with some kind of occult sound directly to his ear, he explains: "?! Old Ji, you stupid for you to do me this is good."

"This article dragon ah, if you can be close at hand, in the future I do not know how much good can get!"

"As for when to send it back to the East China Sea, it is not the final say you?"

"Maybe fifty years later, perhaps after a hundred years, so you enough strength across the major regions, and sending it back to the East China Sea chant!"

Ji-day trip frown thought for a moment, murmuring and said:. "That being said, the idea is not impossible, to see that it could not answer yes."

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