Chapter 63 Dragon Oath

Chapter 63 Dragon Oath

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Dragon and a few thousand months quarrel soon fall under the wind, not more clout.

With its intelligence and eloquence, absolutely not as cunning a thousand months.

And the dragon could see, thousands of ethnic month where blood is very, heyday than its strength is still much higher.

It emboldened getting weaker, no longer quarrel with thousand months, the silent mouth shut.

Only vent thousand months after it verbally, to see where it was imprisoned in a frozen lake not free, they give birth to a sense of the same boat, actually saying chatter.

Talia exchange for a while, only to find each other's experience is basically the same, are deprived of life skill, was also imprisoned for a hundred years.

Dragon even for thousand months birth to a sort of sense of intimacy, and no longer attack Ji-day trip meant.

It comforted a few thousand months, fly back to Ji-day trip around.

It looks dignified Ji told Sky: "! Old record regardless of why this dragon appears in the Ji family off-limits, no matter what your family ancestors secret, you have to put this dragon!"

"East China Sea Dragon family, must not appear in the human world! Otherwise, the Ji family in the future not only to have been a disaster, I'm afraid Albatron country will be destroyed in anger dragon family!"

Ji-day trip suddenly frowned, shook his head and said: "?? Thousands, and you let me put it how it is possible"

"This dragon's strength so strong, has been imprisoned here a hundred years time, hated to discipline at home."

"If I put it, it would certainly destroy the discipline at home, kill everyone!"

Thousand months thought for a moment there was the idea, nothing left eyes flashed a touch of sly.

"Hey, you old record Bena! What is this little dragon is the most desired? Free ah!"

"As long as you leave the client was incensed it, give it freely, it will definitely promise you the conditions, not revenge discipline at home!"

Ji-day trip still, brow furrowed with a pinch of salt in it and asked: "! Chien, this way you do not fly."

"Even if I do not revenge it promised to discipline at home, as a condition in return for freedom, but who can guarantee that it will not go back on it?"

Thousand months quickly explained:. "The old record, you may not know ah, Dragon is the most important promises and vows"

"If you're on a good condition with a small dragon, let's swear in the name of the Dragon, it is absolutely impossible to betray the oath."

Ji-day trip in silence to consider, mentally weighed the pros and cons of the possible consequences.

Although he did not know why the Ji family ancestors black dragon imprisoned in Yanqing lake.

But now it seems, this black dragon will not bring any help for the discipline at home, but is a big scourge.

Shortly after, he made up his mind, it would be for thousand months nodded and said: "Well, I tried to talk with it."

He insisted the injury legs out of the bamboo forest, came to the shore of the frozen lake, looking dignified looking up at the dragon.

He bluntly said: "dragon, I think we can make a deal."

Black dragon froze for a moment, glanced at a thousand months, before Chen Sheng asked: "? What do you want me to deal"

Ji-day trip looking calm, said: "You fight and win your blue crystal, it is not my intention, I have my own difficulties.""And you are imprisoned here for centuries, not only lost the skill, but also loss of freedom, this is not your intention."

"So, you can use your blue crystal in exchange for freedom!"

Black dragon suddenly pupil contraction, eyes welled up deep color of surprised.

"You ...... You mean you are willing to let me out of here?!"

Ji-day trip nodded and said: "Of course!"

"Tied to your tail cold chains, is my home workshop forging Ji Hyun is the best, water and fire does not invade, the Millennium does not rot."

"Cold chain latch organs and tactical deployment, discipline is my ancestral home of nine fans lock of the law, I can help you open the chains."

Black dragon suddenly excited, his eyes flashing naked.

"Boy, you sure are not lying to this dragon? Do you really want to let me out of here?"

Ji-day trip pick pick brow, asked: "? How you want to leave?"

"Of course I want to leave!" Black dragon nodded, eager tone growled: "I was imprisoned for a hundred years, I want to escape from here all the time!"

"Although I can remember, I was imprisoned in Yanqing lake ...... but I was noble dragon, I should be flying in nine days crossbar in the East China Sea in the endless!"

"I will not have forever trapped in this small puddle!"

Growl for a while, it Shining eyes looking down Ji-day trip, Chen Sheng asked: "? Boy, I give you is not crystal blue, you'll let me go."

Ji-day trip again nodded: "Yes, but I want you to swear in the name of the Dragon, then freedom must not retaliate discipline at home, can not hurt me discipline and family!."

"No!" The black dragon subconsciously shook his head angrily growled: "Damn the Ji family, imprisoned for centuries to this dragon, I hate the Ji family ......"

If it comes to half, Ji-day trip to see it suddenly turn cold face, his eyes surging in the cold, immediately shut up and not a statement.

It hesitated and struggled in silence to consider a long time before finally resolved.

"Good! Long for free ...... this promise you!"

Coldness in the eyes of this Ji day trip to dissipate, "that you are now in the name of Dragon swear!"

Black dragon some do not trust, and repeatedly asked him twice.

After determining Ji-day trip will not cheat it, it just looks solemn tone solemnly said: "I was in the name of Dragon swear, if Ji-day trip Implementation let me leave, but also my freedom, I crimes against Ji family committed let bygones be bygones, absolutely Ji family is not revenge, it will not hurt Ji and Ji family day trip! "

Black dragon's voice solemn and loud, revealed a dignified atmosphere.

With its voice down, somewhere there is an invisible bond lowered, got into its body, its haunted Dragon Soul.

That is the vow to swear arising from the shackles of the Dragon!

If the performance Ji-day trip, but it violated the pledge, it will be invisible shackles forgotten Dragon Soul, wits!

After he finished his oath, to pull down a black dragon and from Interfax on his forehead, handed over to Ji-day trip.

Unknown to Ji-day trip, reached out to catch a palm-sized piece of dark Interfax.

"Dragon, you sure do not lie to me? So-called blue crystal, is your Interfax?"

This palm-sized Interfax, whole body cold dark,And non-metallic materials exudes metallic luster, weight is also heavier than metal.

Black Dragon questioned Ji-day trip, some unhappy to squint a blind eye, cold tone, said: "! This dragon has Dragon's oath in the name, of course, will not lie to you."

"You use real dollars injected into the Interfax, the naturally understand!"

Ji-day trip nodded that he understands, majestic palm gush real dollars, Interfax injected into the dark.

Suddenly, Interfax piece of ice blue flashing brilliance, changed.

After just a few breathing, Interfax dark blue ice crystals becomes a diamond.

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