Ice Dragon Chapter 61

Ice Dragon Chapter 61

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Dragon appears, allowing Ji day trip filled with shock, I feel very weird.

But his heart, but it is more puzzled.

He frowned in thought on the occasion, has been silent piece of black dragon came near, he stands on the lake outside his twenty meters away.

Cold dark golden eyes staring at him, the dragon moved his mouth, producing a low, rich voice.

"Damn Ji family!"

Dragon's voice sounds a bit weird, a bit awkward accent, but people can still hear clearly.

Ji-day trip in the eyes flashed a hint of surprise of color, "actually it was a talking Wicked?"

In his impression, regardless of the order or higher-order Wicked, basically you can not speak.

Wicked can hide the vomit, the demon king is certainly strong level.

But in front of this powerful dragon breath though, Wang Qiang, who did not like the legendary demon.

Also, Ji-day trip also difficult to discipline at home with the demon Wang Qiang, who linked.

The demon king legendary, with Armageddon Vaillant, can easily destruction of a country.

So aggressive strong, not at home to take control of the discipline?

Ji-day trip looking up at the dark dragon, tentatively asked: "?? Dragon, you are not off-limits guardian of discipline at home so why do evil hate Ji family"

That dragon eyes exposed deep hatred, sneered and said: "?! Guardian of discipline at home Oh Oh ...... I can not wait to kill all his family discipline."

"Boy! You are ready to inherit the master of the house, to seize Yanqing lake blue crystal, right?"

"With your strength so weak, Ryuichi will be able to claw you to pieces!"

When Voice down, it stuck Alondra lightning, Ji-day trip towards fiercely captured.

Suddenly blowing cold and windy, almost put his body frozen, covered with blood almost froze to.

He was looking for a change, immediately jump back eight meters away from the lake.


Black dragon Juzhua vain, severely beat the frozen lake shore, a spot to shoot the ground five meters radius of the crater, shook the earth trembling.

Few blue stone disc, is also made into a dragon Juzhua crushed rubble into the fire in many laser | exit.

Seeing this, Ji-day trip pupil contraction, back fly from the cold, filled with horror.

Dragon force so powerful, so that he could give birth to the slightest fight.

He and dragon fighting, not even in the next level!

"Bloody bastard, never expect to escape!"

Dragon angry growl, body suddenly beyond the lake, rushed over towards Ji-day trip.

However, it was up to thirty meters body just flew in the air, the tail was exposed lake, stopped short of stature stopped.

Then Ji-day trip only see clearly, even tied a bucket thick black chains on the dragon's tail.

Piece chain tied one end of a dragon's tail, and the other end connected to the depths of the lake under the lake, so that the dragon can not out of the frozen lake.

At the same time, the sky has suddenly appeared a yellowish | color barrier.

Yellowish sky like a huge barrier in general, like a giant bowl upside down, enveloped the entire Yanqing lake.

The huge dragon and the leading body, yellowish severely hit the barrier,Suddenly issued a "bang" dull bang.

Huang barrier flashing brilliance, burst out of the majestic matchless power, the dragon's body boom random chatter, roll the fly in the glacial lake.


Loud sound, smashed glacial lake was thrown several meters high waves, darting out of tens of thousands of crushed ice.

Ji-day trip lake hiding place ten meters away, also Doutou poured a bottle of ice-cold water, crushed ice are also countless hit the whole body pain.

His face was shocked looking at the yellowish light curtain in the sky, can not help but Di Hu said: "Enchantment matrix method turned out to be!"

"I never thought, even ancestors laid out such a huge enchantment, the lake is shrouded the whole Yanqing ...... no wonder this dragon was imprisoned here, after a hundred years can not escape!"

Yanqing Lake forbidden, Ji family ancestors is only created after the construction of House discipline, tactical deployment of enchantment that naturally Ji family ancestors arrangement.

With this huge tract of enchantment matrix method, in order to live in captivity dragon, guardian of the secret live off-limits.

Enchantment matrix method Yanqing lake overshadowed everything, even if it was in the vicinity of the century mansion overlooking the sky, I do not see the lake Yanqing forbidden, let alone found the dragon.

Ji-day trip was filled with shock, secretly thought: "! I did not expect, our family's ancestors discipline so much as a powerful means."

"No wonder I Ji Yun home country to become a family of four, also still stands a hundred years of prosperity is not bad. Just do not know, so hit Ji family ancestors foundation, now where is that?"

At this moment the dragon writhed in glacial lake burst in, rolled up layers of waves, long after gradually calmed down.

It once again exposed the lake, a dozen meters high stands in the upper body over the lake, commanding glared at Ji-day trip.

"Timid coward!"

"You do not want a successor master of the house do? You're not going to win this crystal blue dragon do?!"

"Come ah! Do not dodge back to fight with this dragon war ah!"

Dragon combative roaring, his eyes shining fiercely burst.

If before, Ji-day trip did not fight with the front dragon, dragon power that is too tough, he can put a paw freely made into crumbs.

But things are different now.

This Yanqing Lake enchantment circle under the Ji family Zubu old, the dragon can not escape repression.

A black lake more cold chains, firmly imprisoned dragon, you can not leave the frozen lake.

Ji-day trip hearts of many stable, covered with blood flowing, Bo sent a strong fighting spirit.

He looked up at the dragon, thundered: "! Since you this dragon is so brutal, that I polite."

When he finished, his hands close together the two-finger food, the use of jianjue Kenshin way, pushed the body of the sword child, Bo sent four golden Jianqi.

Since he speaks with Soul Calibur days buried in the tomb Jian Shen, who in recent days to comprehend the mysteries of some of Kenshin's Road.

Streamer Jian Wang, he realized that only one of the mysteries.

And the other of mystery he realized, is manipulated Jianqi manner, the second layer is road Kim Gong practitioners.

This layer practice exercises, the pump power is not only true element cultivation line, is manipulated jianjue Jianqi.

He holds his hands jianjue, you can use jianjue with their own spiritual ideas,Jianqi manipulation can achieve empathy, such as the arm so that realm.

Most importantly, he also manipulated Jianqi attack range has tripled, reaching ten meters!

"Shabu shabu!"

Four golden Jian Qi suddenly fly out of his body, dragging the four golden streamer, mercilessly stabbing the dragon's belly dragon.

Dragon apparently did not think, Ji-day trip actually attacked in this way, I was immediately stunned for a moment.

It did not even escape the attack Jian Qi, Jian Qi is four stabbed in the abdomen.

However, Fengrui sharp Jianqi, it was black belly Interfax blocked, issued a "ding" or two is made.

Dragon unharmed, contemptuous eyes exposed deep color.

"Boy, you only this capability? You are giving this dragon tickle you?!"

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