Chapter 57 The situation in chaos

Chapter 57 The situation in chaos

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Today, Langkawi people have fled.

Ji family of guards who was cleaning the battlefield, Ji-day trip also busy treatment of his father's injury, did not show up again.

Bloody fight is over.

White dust recovered indifferent eyes, glanced at the side of the cloud Yao.

Ji still see her staring House compound, a thoughtful look, he tried to asked: "big senior sister apprentice, had just the guy into life and death crisis, almost lost his life, how do you not come to the rescue ? "

Hao Meng also have the same question, he nodded and said:. "Yes, ah, if you shot the big senior sister apprentice, Langkawi that a few people had to die."

The convergence of the cloud Yao mind, look calm, said: "? The matter is the Ji family and personal matters Langkawi, why should I come to the rescue."

Meng Hao grinned, did not say anything.

White dust nodded slightly jealous hearts that Simo name of this dissipated.

Since arriving Albatron Imperial City, he always felt some strange cloud Yao, boy of that name seems very concerned about discipline, but also had several times come to the rescue.

His heart has been very strong admiration for cloud Yao, the dream to get her favor.

Yao may cloud his mind turning a blind eye, neither hot nor cold attitude, so he did not dare reveal the mind.

He always felt that being a genius Atlas were the top ten, not as a nobody more affected by the cloud Yao pro-Lai.

Today, cloud Yao heard the explanation, his mind was that touch of jealousy disappear.

At this time, the cloud Yao open asked: "Both Young, door division task to make the man we are looking for and how you can have the investigation clue??"

White dust smiled and quickly replied:. "Big senior sister apprentice, it has some prospect of a solution."

"After our careful investigation, we found that there was a man, the man with the teacher condition door looking very fit."

"Who?" Cloud Yao pick pick brow.

Clean white smile: "The little prince Ji Ling!"

"He?" Cloud of doubt Yao hint of color, "Why is he?"

Hao Meng quickly explained:. "Big senior sister apprentice, let us look for the door division of tasks is a person near future fate upheaval, and this person must be a martial arts genius"

"Little princes Ji Ling could have been damaged pubic region innate waste his life refining the body can only stay in the territory. However, a few days ago he got a red star flower, after taking a two-day closed-door practice, he repaired damaged pubic region, real dollars and reached the border. "

"I looked into his strength, he has reached the real dollars throughout the Seventh. In such a short time, he had such a great change. Is not fate reversed, shaking changes do?"

"So, my white brothers and feel that he is the teacher who was looking for the door."

After listening to the words of Meng Hao, Yao cloud suddenly frowned, eyes flashed a different color.

Shining eyes looked at her Hao Meng, he asked: "? How do you know, he got red star flower, repair throughout the pubic region to achieve real dollars"

Clean white smile explained:. "Big senior sister apprentice, you have been obsessed with martial arts, ears do not hear out of the window, of course, did not know about it."

"But this news is coming out of the palace Ling Yan, now the people are aware of the Imperial City."

Hao Meng went on to say: "big senior sister apprentice,In my opinion, with little princes Kyi spiritual strength, entry-majority after ten days, he is certainly the ability to pressure pack, the first to become a majority. "

"After the majority and so on, we were the door to bring him back, will be able to successfully complete the task."

When he finished, he laugh with white dust, seemed complacent for their own competence.

But Yao but no trace of clouds lighted up, looks a bit odd whisper said: "!? I can not ah how little princes will get red star flower"

White clean smiled and said: "The big senior sister apprentice, this is what you can not only get the red star flower flower petals is likely to be little princes got?."

"Although he only got petals, but enough for him to repair the damaged pubic region."

Cloud Yao silent, facing the direction of the government compound of discipline, heart secretly wondering: "Red Star took only one, and he obviously was I got the little prince Ji Ling has claimed to have been red star flower, in order to repair. pubic region to achieve real dollars throughout ...... "

"The Luo Yan Wang definitely a problem! Do not know why he was deliberately released the news? Is it another inside story?"

At this time, the white dust and Hao Meng see her silent, seemed to think what they asked in unison: "? The big senior sister apprentice, how do you"

Looking as usual cloud Yao shook his head, "no, you go first, I want a man quietly."

White dust and Hao Meng stunned for a moment, to the cloud Yao arch of the hand, he turned to leave the tower.


Ji House third tier hospital, where the sky is the master of the house century residence.

There are guards outside in the yard guarded, heavily guarded, and the guards were all look dignified, whole body was filled with the chill of the air.

Ji master of the house came to visit his family, he has been stopped in front of the guards.

Everyone can see those who Pufu maidservants, carrying tubs and linen and other things, the pace of rush out of the yard.

Those who end out of the room in the towel and basin, are stained with blood become dark red, looked shocking.

Ji Ji home crowd did not see the sky, only those with blood-stained towel and hot water, guess Ji injury situation of the sky, filled with concern private talk with.

At the moment, Ji sky's bedroom only three people.

Lying in bed unconscious discipline sky, sitting on the bed, looking dignified Ji-day trip, there stood a white-bearded old pharmacist.

Although Ji sky with her blood-soaked robe has been replaced, but the room was still filled with the smell of blood.

Ji-day trip to see old pharmacist face anxiety, silent, open console said:. "Young master, you do not be too anxious."

"The old lady had just dealt with the injury to help master, and with immortality temporarily suppress the body's toxic lord, lord has now lives mischief."

"Next, you need to master this servant daily intensive care, and daily prescription issued in accordance with the old lady, taking the time to master, so meditation retreat a few months ......"

"Rest a few months?" Ji-day trip suddenly frowned, his face increasingly grim.

Ji family now internal and external, it is already looked shaky, if drag on for several months, I'm afraid the accident early on will occur.

His deep voice asked: "Qi old, my father when to wake up?"

"This ......" old pharmacist suddenly silent,He hesitated before explained: "The young master, this old lady can not say, perhaps tonight will be able to wake up, and a few days or weeks."

"Poisonous classic body, is composed of two mixed powder produced, it should be a private secret poison off Langkawi yuan scattered. In addition to Langkawi antidote to rely on deep skill slowly get rid of."

"Unfortunately, sir, was seriously injured, the extreme skill of a recession, you want to get rid of dollars off the bulk of the drug is very difficult. Moreover, even if a few months after the classic toxic cleared, I'm afraid martial arts foundation also damaged, the strength of the state must be dropped ... ... "

After listening to the explanation Qida Fu, Ji-day trip mood increasingly heavy, the eyes of the beholder increasingly Senleng.

"Damn Langkawi! There Ji family of a traitor!"

"Then one day I want you to Ji-day trip blood for blood, Victors!"

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