Chapter 55 streamer Jian Wang (5 more, seeking collection!)

Chapter 55 streamer Jian Wang (5 more, seeking collection!)

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"Ji-day trip, you are not prepared ah! Ha ha ha ......"

Tong Xuan covered in blood throughout the master, a powerful burst of real dollars, on the combination of three feet Jianmang sword, severely Zhan Xiang Ji-day trip.

Although he has been seriously injured, he was also cut off an arm Ji sky, skill, leaving only four percent.

But after all he is a master of Tong Xuan territory a heavy, powerful real dollars terrible, gestures have the power to open the monument cracked stone.

The sword cut out, red mesh red Jianmang burning bright, burning exudes tremendous heat wave.

Jianmang has not been cut in Ji-day trip, he is like being in the furnace, covered with hair seemed to have been burned.

Critical juncture, his desperate efforts to break out, cut out of a dazzling sword Jianguang, resist beheaded Chi Yan Jianmang that road.


Muffled sound, he cut out Jianguang were smashed, blood Dragon Sword went so far as "clang" sound was cut off!

Snapped the blade Zhenfei out, "call out" bang plug | into the brick walls inside.

Ji-day trip suddenly taken aback and lay eyes exposed deep shock of color.

"This is the real strength of Tong Xuan master it?!"

Although his blood Dragon Sword is a mysterious sword top grade level, that master of the territory Tong Xuan Xuan sword just in grade product.

But the other side of the very profound skill, powerful terror, to cut off his blood sword dragon sword.

This has also allowed Ji-day trip deeply understand the principle, but that is only magic weapon of foreign objects, can not rely on.

Want to have a strong fighting force, the most important thing is to own strength is strong enough!

Blood Dragon Sword is cut off, he was empty-handed, no longer withstand the force.

And he backed into a corner of the yard, is behind the thick walls, it has been no turning back!

That master Tong Xuan face increasingly grim, and carrying a big sword approaching Ji-day trip, proud sneer.

"Small animals to see you where to escape?! Obediently subject to go die!"

No weapons and only true element of strength throughout the day trip discipline in his eyes is the lamb to be slaughtered!

"Go die!"

He thundered loudly murderous, blood-red eyes waving the sword, severely Zhan Xiang Ji-day trip.

Crimson flame-shrouded Jianmang, burst into violent matchless underlying strength, enveloped the whole body Ji-day trip.

Life and death on the occasion, Ji-day trip, but not despair, his face still calm water.

His eyes stared stubbornly Jianmang crimson cut to the head, heart burst unparalleled desire to survive.

He can not die!

Even die, must not die here!

In any case, he must live!

He was covered in blood boil, chest ignite monstrous war and anger, he did not hesitate to use the cards.

Although no weapons sword, but he still Jianqi!


Ji-day trip immediately waving palms, that step Tong Xuan master played two golden Jianqi.

Although the golden finger Jianqi only long, but fast as lightning, Fengrui unparalleled.

Two Jianqi directed Tong Xuan master forehead and throat, would instantly ripped his point.

Tong Xuan master immediately looking for a change hearts give birth to a deep sense of shock and fear.

He withdrew crimson Jianmang the fastest speed, to block the two Jianqi Xisha.Crimson Jianmang fast, but two golden Jianqi faster, instantly escape block Jianmang.

More amazing scene appeared.

"Shabu shabu!"

In mind control discipline day trip, two golden Jianqi turned into two, into four Jianqi.

"Xiu Xiu call out!"

Four Jian Qi flying speed, Tong Xuan fiercely stabbing a master key to the whole body.

Jianqi flying too fast, even issued a sharp piercing sound, very nervous.

Tong Xuan master immediately looking upheaval, his eyes reveal the color of horror, sword rush to resist.

However, he has only one arm, frantic scenes counterattack appearance, looks very funny.

Jianmang crimson and gold Jianqi keep hitting, issue a "Ding Dingding" sound Cui Xiang.

But like a wise Jianqi four living creatures, like collapse, officials opened and then fly back to the master Tong Xuan around, speed assassinate his point.

Moreover, four Jianqi split again, turned into eight Jianqi!

Each Jianqi have sharpened sharp, when flying around Tong Xuan master thrusts, but also out of long golden streamer, like a golden thread.

After the assassination of eight Jianqi flying a few times, then pulled out the dense flow lines in hundreds of golden master Tong Xuan around, as if to form a piece of fishing net!

Tong Xuan master completely wrapped goes gold "nets", stand still did not dare to move the feet.

His robes encountered golden flow line, it is immediately cut into rags.

When his sword back, arms and ankles met golden flow lines, also immediately cut out of a dark-visible bloodstains bone!

After just a few rest time, Tong Xuan master wearing a robe was cut rags into a pile of rags.

He also left a wound body dense, criss-crossing the constantly pouring blood dripping on the floor.

When eight Jianqi split again into sixteen Jian Qi, his face increasingly frightened, his eyes reveal a deep color of despair.

"Xiu Xiu call out!"

Sixteen Jianqi horizon flying, formed a huge golden Jian Wang, enveloped the ten feet radius.

Tong Xuan sword master constantly, has become a blood people, my body is unable to find a full flesh.

The pain is like torture in general cut in pieces, let him greet the arrival of death in despair and pain!

Finally, the master refused to carry the Tong Xuan, crimson-armed Jianmang waving, gradually stopped.

Sixteen golden Jianqi have stabbed his vital, pierced his forehead, eyes, eyebrows and the chest.


After issuing a painful Menheng Tong Xuan master's throat, body trembling shake a few times, and finally slammed down, the Qijueshenwang.

Yard century home crowd, witnessed Tong Xuan Jian Wang Ji master was beheaded days, are they not on the spot stunned.

And they were all exposed face horror of color, looking at the incredible discipline-day trip, can not help but bursts exclaimed.

"Oh my God! What the hell is that?"

"Jianqi even to their own flight, also condensed into Jian Wang?"

"Damn! The old lady lived fifty years, had never seen such strange things!"

"Do not say Tong Xuan master, even if it is strong throughout dan,Jianmang may not be able to manipulate such attacks ah! "

"Damn it! What the devil! Ji-day trip that guy how to master such a scary secret law?"

Ji Jiazai brother of the younger generation who have the means to control discipline day trip Jianqi awe.

Ji wind and a few of those in charge, although well-informed, but have not seen such a strange attack, only that inexplicable horror, opened the eyes!

If not just personally seen, no one dared to believe, Ji-day trip throughout the real strength of the yuan, in order to escape this strange method, a master beheaded Tong Xuan territory!

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