53 Chapter discipline sky sword

53 Chapter discipline sky sword

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Moments later, Ji and Ji sky day trip to fetch the mysterious soldiers sword, jointly went to Ji House gate.

They arrived when the first heavy courtyard, the whole world will see Ling, who has been standing in the wide yard.

Ji House at the entrance, the ground lay the bodies of several dead guard, were down in a pool of blood, has been able to breathe.

Ling universal black robe standing in the middle of the yard, looking cold and chill, covered with thick filled with anger and murderous.

Behind him there are eight middle-aged man holding a sword, are real dollars throughout more than seven heavy martial arts master, it is combative posture.

Around the yard, already gathered a dozen century mansion guard, are holding a sword staring universal Ling et al.

No one calling the shots, the security guard who did not dare to act rashly.

Ji Ji wind home two elders, and several of those in charge of discipline at home, there are some Ji Jiazai brother who was standing in the doorway of procedure of the lobby.

Ji wind pretending sullen loud speaker, continue to persuade Ling whole world pacified, let him down, calm resolve this matter.

He just talking about it, neither come up with swords weapons, there is no security guard who ordered the attack.

Several Ji family and those in charge of young children who are also his lead, but not the slightest Ji family chivalrous bloody.

Until the people saw the sky and Ji Ji-day trip to the scene, this revealing look forward to look, we are focusing on the body.

Ji sky sweep the bodies of a large door at his eyes icy wind Ji, who glanced at, holding the sword to the courtyard.

His sharp eyes of the whole world looked at Ling, and reveals the murderous shouted: "! Ling universal How dare you bring people into the medal government discipline, no discipline at home when I do?"

When he finished, his eyes swept the whole world behind the eight master Ling, thundered again: "?! Just kill the guard who hands me my home discipline discipline sky to let him pay the penalty."

With discipline sky's voice down, he was covered in Bo issued a strong murderous invisible, towards universal Ling et al roll to go.

Ling universal body standing tall and straight as a sword in the court, did not deter murderous discipline sky.

He stared Victim Ji-day trip, his eyes are infected with anger layer of color, deep voice growled: "Ji-day trip Yunfei You killed my children, I want you to cut to pieces, to comfort! Yunfei passed away! "

With these words, he'll be tempted filled with murderous tyranny, sword suddenly shot up.

"Shabu shabu!"

Ling Tong Xuan universal throughout the quadruple, the outbreak of full waving the sword, even cut out three dark blue Jianmang, Taking a kill to five feet outside the discipline-day trip.

Each Jianmang has two long-Chi Yu, three fingers wide, contains a powerful and violent force.

Ji-day trip is being looked at eight master Ling seas and behind him, not preparedness Ling seas just met on the hands.

Seeing three Jianmang speed cut, he looking for a change, subconsciously avoid going back.

At this point, Ji sky a moment and then figure out a Zhang Yuan, stand in front of him.


Ji sky instantly drew his sword, sway out of a dazzling Hanmang Zhanxiang that three Jianmang.

"Bang bang bang!"

A series of muffled sound, three universal Jianmang Ling emitted are cut into pieces.Fengrui violent Jian Qi, Ling seas also forced two steps back, his face ashen.

Ji Xie Zhi ground sky sword in hand, look proudly stand in the field, Chen Sheng shouted: "!! Ling universal child day trip to kill me, I will first Zhanxia your head."

"! Ji sky" Ling seas filled with fury growled, eyes glared shouted: "Yesterday, Ji-day trip for my daughter Yunfei messenger, about to meet her in the evening last night Haishi west of Plum, my daughter would Yunfei. he was killed, died in Meizhuang in. "

"Sharenchangming, Qianzhaihuanqian, it is only right! Ji sky, today, if you do not hand over Ji-day trip, do not blame me slaughter!"

Ji sky immediately sneered: "Oh, Ling universal, you kept saying I killed the child day trip Ling Yunfei, your evidence?"

"There is no evidence, you're smite, is slander!"

"To the evidence is not it?" Ling also diametrically opposed to the universal sneer, he took out a letter from Paoxiu, Doushou fight to discipline the sky.

"This is a day trip Ji Yunfei wrote a letter, which is proof!"

Ji sky eyes flashed touch of coldness, looking the same letter of the hand catch.

He opened the letter glances, they readily throw on the ground, sneered: "?? Oh, what can a letter on behalf of this letter can represent my children Sky Ling Yunfei personally kill you"

"Ling whole world! We were good friends, and almost are marriage. And your daughter Ling Yunfei, despicable murder day trip, which led to his skill has been spent, was also ridiculed people of the world!"

"Do not say Sky did not kill your daughter, even if he really kill Ling Yunfei, that's your daughter deserve!"

Ling Nu Ji anti-laugh the whole world suddenly, his face black rage.

His whole body taut muscles and bones are to the limit, issued a "Kaka Ka" Cui Xiang, apparently has the power pushed to the limit.

"Ji sky! Since you are bent to cover Ji-day trip, then blame me ruthless!"

"Give me all over! Kill Ji sky, scrapping Ji-day trip for Yunfei revenge!"

Ling angry like mad the whole world, on the spot waving under the command of Wei Sha Ji sky.

Eight combative martial arts expert, has long been secretly gathering strength, ready to go.

At this time, the whole world got Ling's command, they immediately face ferocious discipline toward the sky, waving swords launched a siege.

Ling also universal thundered loudly, aggressive discipline fell into the sky, the sky Jianguang sword spilled.

Nine martial arts master surrounded Ji sky, each displaying his secrets launched Kuanggong.

Ji sky but contend without fear, alone sword against Ling universal and eight master, full master style.

He cast ten mysterious sword discipline at home, show a very mysterious kendo skills, Jianguang went, forced people again and again retreated.

Tong Xuan throughout his six-fold strength, ringed audience, Ling universal contempt and eight martial arts master!

After all, the strongest Ling Tong Xuan throughout the whole world only quadruple.

And that eight martial arts master, there are three real dollars Eight, Nine master, master of only five Tong Xuan territory, and are the strength of Tong Xuan territory to a triple.

Even if the whole world Ling, who account there are a lot of advantages, but also a time to take discipline sky helpless, against being forced to rush him, extremely embarrassed.All of a sudden, the hospital swords blows, coldness radiance.

Violent raging Jianqi swept radius of two feet of space, it will also draw lines in the ground quartzite gully.

"Ding clang clang" sword collision voices.

Very intense fight, so that was discipline at home all the people of dizzy spin, held their breath.

Just a few rest time, the two sides will be played against a dozen strokes.

At this time, Ji sky sword master push back around, the crowd jumped out, quit three feet away stood still.

Fighting temporarily stopped.

Ji sky unharmed, still calm atmosphere, just looking a bit pale.

And Ling, who looks like the whole world, but it is a little embarrassed, all of them were injured.

Two master real dollars throughout most miserable, chest, back and shoulders of the sword, and clothes soaked with blood red, disheveled extremely embarrassed.

Tong Xuan territory of several experts who also have twelve Jianshang, but not fatal.

Even the most powerful universal Ling, also in the chest sword, blurry blood wound you able to see the bones of a length.

Seeing this, discipline at home and everyone exposed a deep sense of the incredible facial expressions, bursts of screams.

Ji Ji-ho alone wind and some gloomy face, eyes flashing with color thinking of, I do not know what to think.

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