Chapter 52 punitive expedition Cometh

Chapter 52 punitive expedition Cometh

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When the sun comes out, Ji-day trip ended practice, out of the chamber.

After a night of practice, his strength and sophisticated three percent, sword tire force more powerful.

He wash some, began to eat Zaoshan.

At this time, a young man walked into the breeze guards small courtyard outside the room to look respectfully said:. "Young master, lord sent a message allowing you to study"

Ji-day trip Fangxiawankuai pick pick brow, thinking to myself with: "Father is looking for that thing I do have the results??"

He quickly left the room, quickly rushed to the residence of his father's study.

When he saw his father, Ji sky is the library busy, look dignified and focused.

A day trip to see the discipline, discipline sky just roll down the accounts of the hands, rubbed his eyebrows a little tired.

"Sky, come, father something to tell you." Ji sky look dignified beckoned towards him.

Ji-day trip quickly went to his father beside him, glanced at the book a few books on the desk case, the heart will have counted.

"Father, but in the eastern suburbs Workshop hear about something?"

. "Ah" Ji sky nodded, face some gloomy, low voice said: "I have checked the accounts of the eastern outskirts Workshop, the shipment Zi Ye Wind in the town of trading too, there is no record, nor discipline as the primary Square wind hands deed. "

Ji-day trip had expected this, not surprised, asked: "?? Father, that you looked into Uncle do it is not his beck"

Ji sky pick pick brow, eyes flashed a touch of coldness, "I'm checking up on him to make Jianying Church, temporarily I do not meet him face to face confrontation, the time is not yet."

"But I am sure that 80%, it must be his instigation of this decade, his ambition growing, secretly do a lot of action, and now more and more audacious of."

Ji-day trip again asked: "Father, people with Zi-style transactions, check out who is it?"

"The lead that middle-aged man, long a Malian, features very distinctive."

On this issue, Ji sky silent for a moment.

He seemed hesitant, I would want the results tell Ji-day trip.

After some consideration, he lowered his voice to say the result.

"Sky, Ying Tong has been found out, and the man with the wind Zi transaction is one of the spiritual inflammation Palace diners."

"Ling Yan Palace patrons?" Ji-day trip suddenly eye pupil contraction, eyes flashed a touch of shock.

"Is the little princes in the win over the door of the master?"

That Menke diners, wealthy elite is capable of hosting different persons, mainly family run around their lives.

Little princes Kyi universal human spirit, and courteous, so many experts and talent to win over their lives for him.

Ji-day trip did not think how, trade secret and Zi wind, buy Ji Jiaxuan sword soldiers who turned out to be him!

He frowned, puzzled sky Ji asked: "Father, the little princes these years to buy a lot of mysterious soldiers sword discipline from our home."

"It stands to reason, Luo Yan two states Guanci generals, basically equipped ah. Even if he wanted to add weapons to the generals, they can take the official accounts of the face, why secret deal?"

Ji sky and shook his head, looking dignified said: "dealings official plane is still the same as before,After all royal inspection audit, without any problems. "

"But the little prince purchased mysterious sword soldiers, not generals Luo Yan to two states, but his own private use."

"Sky, there is something a parent never spoke to you. Three years ago little princes had privately approached me, would like to use a large number of cheap bought weapons from Ji Hyun-class home for unspecified purposes."

"The stakes are high, the slightest mistake is aware of the royal family, they will be detained on treason charges, so the father flatly refused."

"Father thought he gave up on this idea, did not think he was secretly colluded with the wind and discipline, in private transactions ...... it seems this person no small ambition, I am afraid that another attempt ah!"

Ji-day trip hearts become more shocking, after a moment, then nodded and said: "! I see."

"Little princes Ji Ling surface Rende virtuous, Ayutthaya did not think so deep!"

"Father, it must be clear that a thorough investigation, and other otherwise became public, I'm afraid Ji family have been implicated, provoked splashed day calamity ah!"

Ji sky endorsed nodded: "! Father understand, is making his sword ying of the Church who fully investigate this matter, we must get to the bottom"

Ji-day trip to his father, and Jianying Church all have confidence, then nodded and did not say anything.

At this time, a middle-aged security guard suddenly stride like a champ rushed to the study, the anxious tone of intrinsic reports: "! Classic, big bad"

"Ling Ling universal primary every family with a lot of experts, blocked the entrance Ji House!"

Ji and Ji sky day trip while his face was downcast, looking one another, have seen the puzzled eyes of each other.

Ji-day trip frowning, think to yourself: "Is Ling Yunfei was I spent, Ling universal fury of revenge your family down?"

"But this should not be ah! Ling even if the whole world no matter how angry, and therefore will not have immediate concern Ji family come?"

Ji is the sky, brow furrowed, Chen Sheng He Wen that guard: "how Langkawi want to do it with discipline at home to go to war???"

That middle-aged security guard quickly handed replied: "Master, Ling said today the whole world must make your hand over the young master, young master let blood for blood, Ling Yunfei to life for a life!"

"Your worship go see it! Ling seas with eight experts, also put the words you if it does not show up, he took the medal Fuchu!"

Heard remark, Ji and Ji sky day trip while his face was downcast, speechless exclaimed: "? Ling Yunfei dead."

"She was dead?"

Ji-day trip severely frowned, his face became gloomy as ice, his eyes flashed too deep doubts.

His heart secretly thought: "!! Last night I just could not scrap Ling Yunfei skill, she was rescued, she was with the injury, not The killed"

"What's more, Ling Yunfei Carry a healing immortality, Langkawi is immortality family, she could never die."

"Someone must have killed her, on charges of deliberately pushed to me!"

Ji sky certainly know that the matter otherwise strange.

He saw a strange look Ji-day trip, he said: "What?-Day trip, you can know how it is."

Ji-day trip not hide, truthfully said: "Father, last night I was about Ling Yunfei in the western suburbs of Plum meet, a fight with her, destroy her pubic region,She spent her skill. "

"However, just when I was going to kill her, she was rescued by a black man. At that time her injuries, categorically not lethal."

Ji sky eyes flashed a touch of naked, actually look happy, "Great! Sky, the parent really did not expect such a fast recovery of your strength turned out to be!"

"There are real dollars that Ling Yunfei territory quintet strength, how you can beat her, but also a waste of her pubic region!"

"Well! Depriving your skill before she was deposed, also suffer great humiliation. Do not say you spent her pubic region, even if your sword to kill her, she is deserved!"

Ji-day trip silence did not speak, his heart was secretly muttered: "My father really is to safeguard the extreme ah ......"

"Ling whole world have brought immediate concern your family, and his father was still in my power to restore something happy."

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