Chapter 50 double death

Chapter 50 double death

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Panic, despair and unwilling, Ling Yunfei full of heart and soul.

She fell to the weakness of the corner of the yard, back against the brick walls, his face full of blood and tears paste water.

Ji-day trip carrying a sword standing in front of her, she looked so miserable awkward appearance, but did not have the slightest pity.

He had only vent, just fun!

Tin House had at the top of the mountain, Ling Yunfei is the case for him!

God wins poached beads, ruined his pubic region, will also be in a coma him up to go to the dyke were the start-up test, let him become a waste of everyone ridiculed!

Later, she also airs the door to break off an engagement, and the issue has trumpeted out!

Ling Yun Fei Qi vicious practice?

Almost vicious outrageous!

Ji-day trip just waste her only, it has been very lenient!

He looked indifferent opening: "! Ling Yunfei, you do not have the slightest grow in real dollars, or five-border power, you do not seize refinery God bead"

"Say! You really put God wins beads to whom? Who sent you against me?!"

Ling Yunfei looked up at him, covered with bloodstained face, suddenly exposed mocking sneer of contempt.

"Oh ...... even if you restore the strength and how? You still can not be compared with him!"

"You're just a country eventually landed gentry Master nothing! And his mind the world, ambitious, soaring nine-day to become a real dragon!"

Ji-day trip increasingly gloomy face, eyes flashing with thick beholder.


Blood Dragon sword strokes, pointing Ling Yun Fei's chest.

"Who is he? Said!"

"Otherwise you'll die!"

Ling Yun Fei sneer his face suddenly froze, eyes flashed a touch of fear.

Her stubborn raised his head, angry screaming: "! Ji-day trip you actually want to kill me you this beastly beast?!"

"Do not you remember? Did you keeps love I have no regrets, for life to protect me ...... you this hypocrisy despicable hypocrite!"

Ji-day trip still look cold, his face contemptuously shouted: "!! I love you, protect you, who are you playing that was previously utilized Ji-day trip instead of me now."

"I take you as my loved ones, love and care, but you ruined my martial arts foundation and reputation!"

"You seem so vicious snake-hearted woman, my sword to kill you are cheap you!"

See his murderous absolutely shattered, really has moved Murder, Ling Yunfei suddenly panic, eyes welled fear of color.

After a brief silence, she suddenly made up my mind, looked up at the century-day trip.

"Ji-day trip! Even if you kill me, I will not tell you!"

"And, even if I die, he will take revenge for me!"

Ji-day trip frowned, looking cold shouted: "That being the case, then you go go die!"

Just as he clenched the blood of the dragon sword, Ling Yunfei to pierce the chest, ear suddenly sounded sharp piercing sound.

"Phew! Phew!"

Two Hanmang pierced the darkness as fast as arrows shot | to the back of his head and neck.

"hidden weapon!"

Ji-day trip hearts surprised, subconsciously dodge to escape, jumped out of twenty feet far.

Two hidden weapon suddenly fall, hit the brick walls,Issued a "ding" twice Cui Xiang, emitting sparks.

At the same time, a figure rushed out from the darkness, and instantly flew Ling Yunfei side.

This road will figure curled up in the corner and threw Ling Yunfei, flash figure to come out more than a foot high walls, got into the plum in.

Ji-day trip quickly followed out of the walls, after landing on both feet, looked sharp eyes search.

However, that road figure has disappeared in the night, the disappeared.

Ji-day trip could see the figure of that road is strong, it would be more real dollars throughout the Seventh master.

He did not catch even chase is useless, impossible to catch up.

He frowned pondered a moment, mouth evoke a touch of sneer, and turned to leave Meizhuang, down hill.

While that road figure dressed in black brilliant clothing, but also with Mongolia washcloth.

But Ji-day trip from the road that figure's body seen, that person must be a young man, tall and thin high pick.

Thought of this, his mind has been answered vaguely.


A black horse, galloped on the Official Road is the western suburbs, went straight to the Imperial Simon away.

Dark compartment, Ling Yunfei was leaning against the corner, his hands clutching his belly full of blood, pale and weak.

There is a person in the car, sitting beside Ling Yunfei, silently thinking something.

This man is a feminine qualities of young men, dressed in black, stripped the Mongolian towel, revealing a handsome white face.

Under Ling Yunfei seriously injured on the verge of a coma, weak voice whisper: "The little prince, I'm so cold ...... ...... I hug you?"

Little princes did nothing, his face grim as ice, still mused.

Ling Yun Fei silent for a moment, then off authentic: "Little princes, Ji-day trip ...... he has returned to real dollars throughout the ...... he began to doubt you and I, you have to be careful ......"

This little princes convergence thoughts, mouth evoke a touch of sneer of disdain.

"Well! Even if he recovers real dollars environment and how? Still are not rival the king!"

"Fifi, it touches your pubic region were destroyed, martial arts foundation has been shattered ...... you for the king, has no use value."

Ling Yunfei suddenly look a stiff, exposing the face of shock of color, "What ...... what? ...... you little princes?"

Little princes smiling, gazing at her, her eyes cold as ice.

"Fifi, you said, love yourself more than you love the king, the king is willing to give up everything-oriented."

"Now, you should honor the promise."

While he was talking, he suddenly took hold of the sword, "shabu" Ling Yunfei sword pierce the heart.

Ling Yunfei eyes suddenly widened, exposing the color of the face fear and disbelief.

How she did not think she had tender loving care, sweet little princes, even personally sword inserted | into her heart!

She stared at the little princes filled with unwilling, mouth constantly pouring Xuemo child, Qiruoyousi asked: "? Why is ......"

Little princes still smiles, hand stroking her cheek, action always gentle, lovingly.

"It's on when before you die, the last thing the king of faith do it."

"The king will take your corpse back to Langkawi, and tell your father,Ji-day trip is to kill you. "

"Do not worry, your father will do whatever it takes, to avenge you."

Ling Yunfei double Yandeng bigger, eyes pouring endless enmity and anger, as well as a deep sense of remorse.

"Ji Ling! You ...... you ...... well ...... despicable !!"

Just a seven words, but she ran out of the last effort in this life.

Large group of bright red blood to spill from her mouth, her clothes soaked red.

Life in her eyes disappeared, the atmosphere has been cut off, his eyes wide with the boss but to uphold the death would not rest in peace!

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