Chapter 49 tooth for tooth, blood for blood

Chapter 49 tooth for tooth, blood for blood

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Dark night, silent discipline within the government.

Each House each room of people have rest, only the guards were still patrolling the vigil.

Wearing a black brilliant clothing Ji-day trip, silently out of the wind small courtyard, away from Ji House back door.

After half a day of closed-door practice, his sword tire strength and growth of four percent, skill further.

He gates west direction gallop at night, Shenqingruyan, such as wind speed.

Albatron Imperial is not a curfew, after Ji-day trip through the Imperial Simon, do not take the main road outside the city of Guan Dao, rushed from the path Plum.

Plum enough to have an area west of dumping thousands, Albatron outside the Imperial biggest clubs to watch the scene.

Every deepest winter season, the imperial city of kings and nobles, will go plum plum, arty.

But now is April, plum plum alone in the mountains, the scene can be no reward.

Plum daytime are sparsely populated, deserted.

At night, Meiyuan is silence, even the ghosts are reluctant to enter.

Ji-day trip to the reason given in place here, first, to avoid the eyes and ears, and second, to facilitate his tentative Ling Yunfei strength.

He knew, Ling Yunfei always wanted to kill him.

So he believes, Ling Yunfei after receipt of a letter will pass appointment.

After arriving in Plum, Ji-day trip up onto the mountains, into a manor.

Manor named Meizhuang, in the plum blossom season, the people will come to plum gathered here and rest.

But now, in Meizhuang Heidengxiahuo, even the shadow of a ghost at all.

Ling Yun Fei Ji-day trip with the agreement, is to meet in Meizhuang years.

He looked around the manor, then leap twenty feet high, jumped on the roof of the hall.

The highest terrain here, if clear line of sight during the day time, overlooking the ten-mile radius.

Even the dark, moonless night, Ji-day trip hid on the roof, but also to observe Meizhuang around the movement.

If Ling Yun Fei had brought experts to the appointment, he can also be found in advance to make preventive measures.

Although this is unlikely, but he had to watch out for.

Time goes by quietly, half an hour passed quickly.

Haishi has to.

Ji-day trip prostrate on the roof, sharp-eyed looking at the Meizhuang outside the gate, waiting patiently.

Sure enough, soon sounded slightly outside the gate footsteps.

A slim black figure, quietly across the door, entered the Meizhuang yard.

Although this road figure dressed in black, with a veil.

But Ji-day trip to this figure too familiar with the road, and immediately recognized them, she is Ling Yunfei!

Ling Yunfei black-clad, clutching a sword, sharp eyes and looked around.

See Meizhuang in no ambush, low voice she said: "!. Ji-day trip here I come, you can come out."

Ji-day trip condescending to observe a moment, see Ling Yunfei no valets and security guards Meizhuang four weeks and no ambush, coming out of this meet.

He jumped from the roof courtyard, lithe body falls outside the front of Ling Yunfei twenty feet.

He ripped the mask towel, cold eyes looked at Ling Yunfei, mouth evoke a hint of sneer.

"Ling Yunfei, you really trustworthy, the appointment alone."

Ling Yunfei also lifted the veil, looking cynical irony: "I'm afraid with the guard came, you would have fled scared, did not dare show up."

"And, you waste a pubic region were destroyed, there is nothing to be afraid of?"

Ji-day trip frowned, eyes flashed a touch of coldness.

"Ling Yunfei, you are so arrogant self-confidence, is already refining the Pearl of wins, got my veins and skill?"

Ling Yunfei body startled, looking slightly changed, heart secretly alert, "bastard, I'm about to meet here tonight is to ask God beads wins something?"

"Do ...... he has found any clues?"

Dark night, her expression changes it is difficult to detect.

Her tone of calm sneered: "Oh, Ji-day trip, do you still delusional snatch wins God beads?"

. "Of course not," Ji-day trip gently shook his head, pondering tone sneered: "?! I just want to see, you really put beads to whom God wins."

When the voice down, he suddenly rushed Ling Yunfei, speed is like an arrow.

People are still in the air, he instantly pulled blood dragon sword, cut out three Bloody Jianguang, head towards Ling Yunfei Zhanxia.

Ling Yunfei totally did not expect, Ji-day trip only speak three sentences, there is no sign on the sword to kill.

How can his self-confidence and courage?

Ling Yunfei immediately recovered, and instantly drew his sword, cut out a few coldness, engaged Ji-day trip.

"Ding Dingding!"

Two swords instant impact three times, broke three crisp sound broke the quiet Meizhuang.

Blood Dragon Sword Ji day trip bounce, body trembling back three steps.

Ling Yunfei also looking pale, he was Zhentui four steps before it stopped.

Tingling shoulders and cracked the jaws of death, she immediately realized an incredible problem.

"You ...... you return to the territory of real dollars?!"

Ling Yunfei eyes widened, revealing an extremely incredible look, can not help but uttered Di Hu.

"Yes, how?" Ji-day trip playful sneer, "you have no lack of progress, really disappointing!"

When he finished, he again toward the sword Ling Yunfei, cast ten mysterious sword onslaught.

All of a sudden, a dozen road Jianguang dazzling lights, and the inky night, also enveloped Ling Yunfei.

The underlying strength and Hanmang blowing cold, so that was Ling Yunfei pressure surge, only to retreat to escape.

At this moment, her heart even delusional.

She discipline if they see a day trip two weeks ago, the Seventh real dollars throughout the first day of the Imperial City!

"Ding clang clang" of metal cross-song burst out again.

Ling Yunfei forced back eight feet away, but still is Janus leaving a wound on his right arm.

Refers to the length of a blood poured from the wound, she soaked her clothes, but she Wuxialikuai.

Ji-day trip looking freezing cold, without a word, full sword attack, and spilled nine Jianguang dazzling.

"Ding Dingding Ding Ding!"

Ling Yunfei bite struggling blocked seven swords, but can not stop the eighth sword.

"Clang" sound Cui Xiang, her hands flying sword hit, fall outside the walls.

The ninth Jianguang struck, she has no power of resistance.


Jianguang instantly stabbed in her lower abdomen, throughout her pubic region.Fengrui very blood of the dragon and sword Jian Qi directly destroy her pubic region.

Her years of penance cohesion of real dollars, an instant collapse dissipated.

Ling Yunfei not only defeated by the sword Ji-day trip, he was also on the spot to destroy the pubic region, waste skill!

Tooth for tooth, blood for blood!

Ji-day trip to recover the blood of the dragon sword, sword standing, eyes staring at the cold Ling Yunfei.

Ling Yunfei looking pale retreated to the corner of the yard, suffering rickets waist, mouth overflow of bright red blood.

Her back against the walls, his hands clutching his bloodied abdomen, frightened eyes staring Ji-day trip.

"Impossible! That can not be!"

"You're destroying my pubic region, waste my skill! Ah ah ah!"

Ling Yunfei Zhuangruo crazy screaming, his face covered with color panic and despair.

Prior to plum appointment, she was confident, I thought tonight could be beheaded Ji-day trip, eliminate the troubles.

But she did not think how, strength Ji-day trip turned out to be strangely restored!

In the end, but she was defeated by the sword Ji-day trip, it was abolished martial arts foundation, from becoming a basket case!

So shaking reversal, she could not afford to believe and accept.

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