Chapter 45 real dollars back territory

Chapter 45 real dollars back territory

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At this point it is noon, the sun hanging in the sky, the air was filled with hot air.

Empty square outside the Church of Yanwu, Ji Jiazai brother of course not under the scorching sun martial arts at this time.

Ji-day trip Yanwu Church stepped into the hall, to see the house empty, then toward the corner of the plateau.

Before looking at the root of the pillars engraved lines, his mood was some apprehension.

Although he has been the combination of a sword child, but Kenshin is a way, after all, different from ordinary people, unheard of martial arts.

He was not sure his strength at the moment have not reached the real dollars throughout.

Only columns with a psychic test to prove that all he guessed before.

After a deep breath, he held out his palms pressed on the pillars, fully pushed vitality in the body.

Suddenly, the golden sword fetal Bo send a powerful real dollars of hard-edged, through his columns in the palm of the influx of psychic.

Black lines on the stone suddenly there was a reaction, two red lights red light.

Red red light on behalf of real dollars territory, while two lines represents a double level.

"Double real dollars throughout ......?!"

Ji-day trip immediately provoked brow, revealing incredible eyes, heart rate also accelerated somewhat.

"I guessed right! Sword tire is my pubic region, I gather the tire sword, the equivalent of real dollars throughout strength!"

"But why do I just cohesion sword child, skip real dollars throughout a heavy, real dollars directly to the Habitat II heavy?"

He was filled with shock, it just feels weird.

Regardless of Renhe Wu who advanced from refining the body throughout the territory to real dollars, real dollars are the first to reach the territory of a weight.

After xiu train hard in order to advance to double, then triple, quadruple ......

This is common sense martial arts, seven-year-old child knows!

But why Ji-day trip from refining the body of real dollars throughout the seventh jumped double, breaking the common sense!

How could he not shocked inexplicable?

Shortly after, Ji-day trip to recover the palm of your hand, calm down.

He frown thought for a moment, he guessed the reason.

"Real dollars throughout a heavy weapons, generally xiu train hard for two years, has accumulated a strong enough real dollars, in order to advance to the double."

"I practice the Kim Sum Road, cohesion is the sword tires, body really is several times deeper than ordinary weapons, so the only real dollars throughout the double jump, definitely so!"

"This is not only extraordinary place Kenshin way, but also helped me reshape the red star flower in turn, enhance the effectiveness of the repair."

So I thought, Ji-day trip will be relieved.

Today his strength through psychic pillars confirms, only a trace of concern myself have vanished.

From now on, he will have to go all the way Kenshin practice, go ahead!

After leaving Yanwu hall, he was ready to return to the small courtyard breeze.

On the way, he suddenly remembered the fox wheatgrass.

"Uh ...... me how the little fox to forget?"

"After I put it back in the room, I did not tell children to take care of it rings, I do not know how it is now up? Probably already hungry, right?"

Thought of this, he went to the kitchen, put a basket of fruit breeze back yard.

Back into the room, he shut the door, this opened a wooden cabinet in the corner.

After opening the door, he really saw wheatgrass fox curled up in the closet,Sleep soundly.

"Little fox, Wake up, I brought you a delicious."

While he was talking, he poked a finger wheatgrass Fox's forehead.

Xiaobing Fox opened his eyes, casually glanced at him, looked at the basket of fruit.

"That first put it, so I'm hungry, eat."

Its tone somewhat lazy, then finished tummy to sleep.

"Ah?" Ji-day trip suddenly frowned, carefully looked at it two.

Fox Mao Faguang wheatgrass covered with bright, full of energy, he did not imagine the malaise and hungry.

"! Well," Ji-day trip Lengheng soon, pointing to it and asked: "Little fox, you honest account of these two days you are not eating something?"

Xiaobing Fox opened his eyes a crack, whisper: "? I just went to the kitchen just ate a chicken, the old record, you do not make a fuss okay"

Ji-day trip certainly do not believe it, sneered: "Oh look at you on the mouth as well as oil, you sure are eating the one!?"

Xiaobing small fox raised his head, for he Samsam smiled and said:. "Well well ...... I admit, I ate a total of two days forty-six chicken"

"However, the old record your home so generous style, I was hungry and ate a few chicken, no big deal, right?"

When he finished, do not worry it's day trip to peek face discipline, whisper: "? The old record, you would not be so stingy."

Ji-day trip frowned, snappily said: "You steal something back nothing, I was worried about you trouble in Fuchu, to discipline the government trouble deserted ......"

"Yes! I tell you honestly, these days there is not trouble?"

"Uh ......" Xiaobing fox suddenly speechless, and turning a pair of silver were rolling eyeball, apparently ready to lie.

Ji-day trip at a glance see through its mind, sneered drink and asked: "? Say, what you've done."

Xiaobing Fox shrink the shrink body, pretending to be cowardly: "The old record you take it easy Well, I was just bored, peep maids bathe, aiming glances guards fall asleep just ......"

"Well you color fox! Even make such a shameless act!" Ji-day trip rage smile, raised hand will beat it.

Xiaobing Fox quickly shrink to a corner cupboard, so he argued: "!! Old Ji, calm down ah we are all woman, Kanji Yan nothing, and will not be pregnant."

"What did you say?" Ji-day trip raised the hand stopped in midair.

"Nothing, nothing ......" Xiaobing fox paws swinging again and again, change the subject: "The old record, you do not call me a little fox, if I could really like foxes after you called me. thousand months, or thousands, month and what can be! "

"And you promised me to protect me, take care of me."

"You let me hide in the closet like anything? I want to live in spacious comfortable big house! I have a lot of delicious food!"

This discipline wroth day trip to dissipate, nodded and said: "??! Thousand months you sure you want to name such a mother I call you thousands it."

"You do not run a good rest here, I'll go to you to find a place to live!"

After appease the wheatgrass fox, he left little breeze hospital, a father discipline the sky.When he saw his father, Ji sky is the business with the library processing.

See Ji-day trip full of energy, have a dignified appearance of walked into the library, meaning discipline sky tired face suddenly dissipated, revealing sincerely pleased smile.

"Sky, you retreat is over?"

"How? Ye mountains to find this to be too red star flowers, and along the way well? There's no getting red star flower?"

After Ji-day walk to the father's side, bend a ceremony, he sat down Telling up with his father.

"Father, this is too Ye mountains of the line, despite the many twists and turns and dangerous, but I came through."

"Red Star Flower I have succeeded, and closed-door practice for two days, also are refining the drug."

"Today, I have pubic region to repair the injury and return to the territory of real dollars!"

Hearing this news, Ji sky suddenly brightened up, startled spirit, could not even said the three "good" word.


"Sky, once you're back again! You really did not let the parent be disappointed!"

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