Zhang Jianqi 37 Fighters

Zhang Jianqi 37 Fighters

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Ji-day trip to the seventh strength now refining the body of the ape red fire no chance of winning.

He solemnly, eyes staring at the slowly approaching wary of red fire ape.

Fox wheatgrass small head lying exposed in the parcel, after seeing that red ape a fire, but disdain Pielepiezui.

"Cut! On bird silly monkey, to have much ability?"

"It then went Xuanbing hole, trying to save its cubs, was I a slap shot flew on down the mountain."

Ji-day trip suddenly frowned, snappily shouted: "?? It's come to avenge you do not you kill its children."

Wheatgrass Fox disapproval and said: "This is what all the fuss?"

"I stayed Xuanbing hole bored silly, but it's whelp jumping tap in the hole, I certainly want to catch the little monkey into the hole and play Hello."

"I did not expect the little monkeys so weak, I did not play twice, it is four legs Yi Deng, dead ......"

Ji-day trip is simply silent, rage and laugh scolded: "You have handled is that you do not listen to the tone, you do not have fun playing, it seems kinda disappointed??"

. "Hey ...... not to mention those old stories of the" Fox wheatgrass a melancholy posture, shook his head and said: "You still think about how to deal with only the fire monkey bars."

"You ......!" Bite Ji-day trip gas, can not wait to wheatgrass fox beaten half to death before the vent.

However, when the red fire ape has been close to five feet in front of him outside.

Red fire burly ape with open arms stays on the ground, eyes staring at the scarlet Ji-day trip, cracked wide mouth, revealing two rows of sharp teeth.

From so close, Ji-day trip could smell it Xuexing Qi thick body, it is clear that the remaining teeth in the blood and bone debris.

He secretly clenched his sword dragon blood, whole body muscle tension, accumulated life force.


Red fire ape suddenly growled, suddenly jumping up, like an arrow-like volley towards me, huge claw severely beat his head to Ji day trip.

Ji-day trip traversing immediately stepping out of a Zhang Yuan, narrowly escaped the fire red ape lap.

"Bang bang!"

Great ape paws red fire shot on the ground, the spot will be a large piece of bluestone tank smash into several pieces.

"This is the first ape red fire power could be so powerful?!"

Ji Sky heart shock, go all out waving the sword, Zhan Xiang back red fire apes.

Red fire ape turned around, waved his arms and then took in the blood of the dragon sword, Dragon Sword took the blood flew out, "call out" bang plug | into a tree not far.

Ji-day trip also collapse, officials inverted flying Zhang Yuan, fall on the grass.

His right shoulder numbness tingling, even for a time so that no half-minute effort.

Red fire ape flash figure rushed over, "bang" a slap shot in the discipline-day trip.

Ji-day line of business ie how far shot flew twenty feet, severely hit a tree, and rolled in the grass.

His clothes were red fire back ape claws tore the whole back bright red blood, burning pain.

Fire is red ape took a paw, he just feel the bones would break, dizzy simply get up again.

Wrapped behind his back in, also fire red ape shot fly, fell in the grass, which are dry food spilled out.Xiaobing fox was left intact, see something bad would have drilled parcel, jumped onto treetops trees, lucky to escape unharmed.

Red fire ape did not chase Ji-day trip, his eyes staring at the blood-red fox wheatgrass on trees, growl Ziyaliezui.


It is once again struggling to bounce, leap thirty feet tall, waving claw toward wheatgrass fox on the treetops.

With the "click, click" of the cracked beneath his feet sounded, stand in between it and the fox wheatgrass stout branches, which have all been shot to pieces.

Xiaobing Fox seeing nowhere to hide, silver eyes, thus revealing the deep color of anger, on the spot roar loudly.

"Damn old monkey, go to hell!"

It desperately waving one pair of front paws, actually he played a two-foot-long ice blue light, like a general Jianmang fired red fire ape.

Red fire ape just flew in front of it, no time to escape, the moment was ice blue light hit his chest.


Muffled sound, the red fire ape upside down from trees in the back, across an arc in the sky, "plop" sound to drop on the grass outside Ji Zhang.

Smashed out of a pit on the grass, earth, and mixed with grass clippings darting off.

Red fire ape to be struggling to get up when, already bloodied chest, revealing a big fist bloody holes.

Although wheatgrass Fox release an ice blue light, hit the red fire ape.

But that ice blue Guanghua Road has exhausted its power, it immediately spirit Weidun fall from a tree, fell into the grass.

Seeing this, fiercely red fire ape eyes Sheng, growl rushed past.

Ji-day trip to see Xiaobing fox unable to escape and resistance, subconsciously rush to the rescue.

But his blood dragon sword went flying, and did not have a weapon, how to block the culling of red fire apes?

Critical juncture, he suddenly remembered last night screen Xuanbing cave.

At that time he was wheatgrass fox ice blue light tied, struggling under even extract a body of twelve Jian Qi, circled around him flying.

The thought that he would fully pushed Jian Qi in the body, will give all twelve Jianqi extract in vitro.

"Shabu shabu!"

Twelve golden Jian Qi suddenly come around rotating fly in his whole body.

"go with!"

Ji-day trip Di heard, manipulate it twelve red fire ape outside the Jianqi towards ten feet to kill.

Red fire ape chest is hit, strength weakened a lot, culled speed slowed somewhat.

It just rushed wheatgrass fox around, raised her large palm-leaf fan larger hands wheatgrass shot to Fox.

At this time, twelve Jianqi lightning fast assassination over, it suddenly forced to withdraw palms, and quickly retreat.


Jianqi across the red fire ape shoulders and neck, suddenly left three slender wounds, have bright red blood coming out.

Although red fire ape's injury is not heavy, but twelve Jianqi flying around it assassinated, it can not close wheatgrass fox.

It roared like mad fury, desperately waving paws flapping around Jian Qi, Jian Qi surrounded by culling want to break Ji-day trip.

Ji day trip pale as a sheet, while dodging later retreated, while engrossed manipulation Jianqi, strangling red fire ape.

Red fire roaring ape ever, mad approaching Ji-day trip, but once again was stabbed Jianqi,Wounds more and more.

Ji-day trip to wrangle with it for a moment, then the whole body sweating, mental fatigue extreme, almost can not hold on to a coma.

Until the moment he came to understand, manipulate twelve Jianqi were fight, the mind is extremely time consuming.

Today, with his strength, can only support about thirty rates will swoon.

After Fortunately, red fire apes have been seriously injured, covered by dense Jian Qi stab wound, then bleeding, rapid strength weakened.

Only about twenty adhere to the interest rate, then indignant roar heard, and turned to escape into the mountains.

Ji-day trip has exhausted mind and physical strength, can not afford to kill red fire ape.

He quickly recovered the body Jianqi the twelve, fell in the grass violent break up.

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