Chapter 36 in big trouble

Chapter 36 in big trouble

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After leaving the mountain collapsed, Ji-day trip to the depths of the mountains with a small ice fox rush.

Hurry on his way, his heart still silently contemplating.

"Today is a red star should blossom time, too Ye town of those weapons who certainly had into the mountains."

"I have to find the red star flower as soon as possible, otherwise succeed other arms makers, it is in big trouble!"

However, Ye mountains is too broad, thousands of miles on the hills, the mountains do not know how many high mountain.

Ji-day trip even though there are psychic astrolabe in hand, a short time it is impossible to identify the red star flower growing land.

Under the anxious hearts, he asks wheatgrass Fox: "Little fox, red stars Which mountain is spent?"

Xiaobing fox curled up to sleep in the parcel, asked to hear the record day trip, replied without looking up:. "Which particular in the mountains, we have to wait to know that area"

"There is still a long way away from that area, anyway, you continue to move forward on the right."

So perfunctory answer, of course not satisfied with Ji-day trip.

A fox he would carry out Xiaobing, solemnly staring at it, low tone said: "! Wheatgrass fox, red star flower is very important to me, I had to get it."

"If you dare to play tricks, I will certainly not forgive you!"

Fox wheatgrass but did not carry out his threat to heart, is still a lazy attitude.

It stretched, smiling at Ji-day trip, "Hey, you get a little confidence in me? I'm too Ye mountains of dominant, entrenched here a hundred years too!"

"A mere one red star flower just before dark I will take you to find it!"

Ji-day trip to see it is not like lying, I believe it will temporarily continue to shuttle their way in the mountains.

Fox wheatgrass not sleep, lounging parcel, small head upturned eyes closed, was kind enough to chat Ji-day line up.

"Hey, what's your name?"

Ji-day trip blankly be a cry: "Ji-day trip."

Fox wheatgrass light laugh: "I will tell you what little discipline A Ji was a little day trip which nicely you choose a bar?????."

"......" Ji-day trip black face, impatient and said: "Can 'small' remove the word it?"

"Well, the old record your strength so weak, why Ye mountains came and went too red star flower?"

"......" Ji-day trip of a darker complexion.

"Hey! Why do not you speak?"

Ji-day trip last straw, frown shouted: "? You old monster lived a hundred years old, and even call me old Ji, do you have the nerve."

"Oh, do not say people Well ......"

Xiaobing Fox chuckled pretending like a baby, sounds prettily said: "!. People do in fact was a child, people only about ten children of you family."

Fox family of voice and breath, has an innate charm of Italy.

Wheatgrass that fox prettily voice, more people tremble darling, could not help but want to care for it.

Ji-day trip may not have this feeling, but the whole body from the goose bumps.

"You are dumb previous life? Or are kept in the cave Xuanbing hold crazy?"

Xiaobing Fox did not get angry, but increasingly proud smile, "Are you angry? Hee hee ...... Do not be so old-fashioned thing,Good boring. "

"Old discipline, you tell me the story of one family in the world you Well! For example, was once a scholar, rescued a wounded fox, then the story They like the bridal chamber."

"......" Ji-day trip completely silent, simply ignored wheatgrass fox, keep our noses to hurry.

He was secretly muttered: "No wonder the legend are extremely cunning fox, the fox wheatgrass only live a hundred years, even so eloquent."

"If it grow thirty-five a hundred years, it would not be disastrous harm the world?"

Unconsciously, three hour later.

Ji-day trip and never stops on their way, turned over seven consecutive mountain, and finally into the depths of the Ye mountains too.

Although his impressive strength, endurance long, when the shuttle jungles and mountains, but also to have legs.

However, he continuously hurry for so long, but also the whole body sweating, great physical exertion.

In the evening, he stopped at the foot of a peak, sitting on the foot rest of a small stream.

He took the kettle from the parcel and dry food, eat a few pieces of beef jerky, a few sips of clear, sweet mountain spring water, a lot of physical strength will be restored.

Xiaobing Fox also pulls from two meat parcel, learn to look Ji-day trip, with relish to eat with a small holding claws.

Ji-day trip to rest for a while, then said: "What? Little fox, you are sure to spend on the brown spot on this mountain."

Small fox dissatisfaction glanced at him, nodded and said: "!?! Of course you how I do not believe I have to smell the flowers a breath of red star"

"? Smell the smell of flowers red star" Ji-day trip pick pick brow, somewhat surprised and asked: "? Have we been close from it."

When he finished, he gazed glances.

"Cut!" Wheatgrass Fox disdain Pieliaopiezui, "Do not look, we took away from the brown spot at least there is ten miles away yet."

"Across ten miles away, you can smell the red star flowers smell?" Ji-day trip apparently do not believe, look at his face looking at it.

Fox Xiaobing proud sowed small head, smiling: "I told you, my five senses how keen, that you simply can not imagine."

"In addition, the red star flowers need to learn the essence of the sun and moon to grow, of course, will not grow at the foot of the mountains is certainly long on this mountain. But you have to this hill, on the hill behind the cliff to find it ...... "

If not finished, it suddenly startled a little, eyes flashed a different color.

But it is good to cover up, smiling Ji told Sky: "Old discipline, the hour is late, we hurried up the mountain."

Ji-day trip to see it looks a bit odd, then wrap back and blood of the dragon sword rush to the mountains, and whispered: "?? Small fox, is not how the Red Star took what happened."

Wheatgrass fox curled up in the parcel, muffled, he said:. "Red Star took only noon and midnight, learn to move after the sun and the moon essence, you have to find it before midnight."

"But now Well, we may have to encounter little trouble, you have to speed up."

Ji-day trip frowned, silent accelerating rush toward the mountains.

However, after just a quarter of an hour and a half, he had just rushed at the hillside behind it came a "crashed"Foliage shaking sound.

He turned and looked unconscious, to see a whole body dark, evil appearance as apes, is as fast as the winds out of the woods, rushing toward him.

Wicked the other end of great size, more than ten feet high, stout limbs like a bucket, apparently contains extremely surprising strength.

"This is ...... red fire ape?" Ji-day trip immediately frowned, his face became solemn.

"Adult red fire ape, comparable to the strength of real dollars throughout the six heavy weapons. And red fire ape intelligence is high, and mighty, among the most intractable in order Wicked years!"

"Little fox, which is also called the Little trouble? We in big trouble!"

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