Chapter 34 depends given you

Chapter 34 depends given you

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I do not know how long, lengthy awoke Ji-day trip.

He just felt some dazzling light, subconsciously reach out and rubbed his eyes.

The next moment, he suddenly woke up, "shabu" from the ground to sit up.

He looked up, they saw in the sky round the sun, shed burning sun.

"I have come to the noon? I do not trapped in the cave?"

He turned and looked around bewildered heart, to see around the scene, can not help but stunned for a moment.

He remained in that huge empty cave, but the cave has collapsed broken.

Are huge cracks and ravines around on the ground, still littered with many huge gravel.

Wall collapse four weeks are broken, exposing a section chasm, there faint light coming from crevices.

A huge crack from his far away, a full few feet wide, like a canyon-like.

Ji-day trip through the eyes of "Canyon", can clearly see the opposite of a green mountain.

"What happened? How this cave collapsed?"

He got up from the ground up, while activity with sore neck and body, while observing the situation around.

"This seemed to cave in the mountains of the interior, away from the high mountains at least have little knowledge to my present situation it is difficult to climb out ......"

"But the cave collapsed, the whole mountain seemed to have broken up, and I can go out from the cracks drilled."

Ji-day trip soon calmed down and decided to escape from cracks in the widest piece.

He looked around for something, found a pile of rocks fall in blood and wrapped Dragon Sword.

He picked up the blood of the dragon sword and was about to pick up the parcel, the parcel was turning a few times, the probe from inside a furry little head.


Ji-day trip suddenly surprised, subconsciously pull out the blood of the dragon sword, waving sword cut in the past.

That furry little head, but immediately retracted the parcel, but also filled with anxious shouted: "!! Do not kill me ah"

Ji-day trip suddenly "Hey," a cry, facial expression staring at the strange parcel little head.

That furry little head was ice blue eyes is silver, reveal a sly means.

Ji-day trip immediately recognized it, "You ...... you're not the bloody fox do? How do you become like this?"

While he was talking, he Linzhu ice fox little head, pulling it out of the parcel.

It is whole body covered with ice blue hair looks like, there are still twelve big fluffy tail.

However, its size was reduced to the extreme, only a cat so big, power is also very weak.

Ji-day trip carrying wheatgrass Fox looked carefully, the expression became increasingly erratic.

Even if he again how cool wit, also do not understand how this is going.

He had been certain death, to become a giant ice blue fox food.

He can sleep half-day coma, he woke up only to find the cave collapsed, the mountains also cracked.

Even so powerful, cunning and Xiemei giant ice blue fox, also turned into a mercy to let the "cat."

His only handicap to eat ice fox, Ji-day trip without the slightest compassion, pinched its neck to drink and asked: "? He said, when I was unconscious of what really happened."Xiaobing Fox rolled his eyes out, my heart thought to himself: "! Well, it seems that this guy does not know that the mysterious black hole hee hee ...... I have saved."

It is symbolic of the struggle of the two, tone of anger: "I can tell you what happened, but you have to promise not to kill me!"

Ji-day trip frowned, sneered: "?! Oh, do not you dare tell me I now believe it or not conditions sword to kill you."

When he finished, he used the blood of the dragon sword tip against the forehead of wheatgrass fox.

Xiaobing Fox has no fear, but also haughty raised his little head, disdain and said:. "If you kill me, never shall know the truth."

"That thing is very mysterious, very scary! Your body is definitely the biggest secret, do not you want to know why?"

Ji-day trip some hesitation, quietly put down the blood dragon sword.

Cave collapsed, crushing a huge mountain, the demon king of habitat ice blue fox into a giant kitten, skill lost ...... these strange things related to him about?

Of course he wanted to know the truth.

Fox wheatgrass to see him back the blood of the dragon sword, his face puzzled wondering, he proudly smiles: "! That being the case, I'll promise you, not allowed to go back ah."

Ji-day trip snappily glanced at it, he shouted: "! Enough talk, quick to say"

Wheatgrass Fox dissatisfaction Pielepiezui, slowly, said: "After you unconscious, the body will pop up a black hole, I put my skill all swallowed up."

"So, I became like this now, You are a fucking bastard!"

"Black hole?" Ji-day trip slightly hesitated, eyes flashed a different color.

He instantly understood, wheatgrass Fox said the black hole, the black hole is at his pubic region.

Is certainly a black hole in the tomb of Jian Shen, at the crucial moment to save him, swallowed skill wheatgrass fox!

"I did not expect, Jian Shen's tomb there is such a magical effect until after I go back, I will have to conscientiously study."

Ji-day trip made up his mind, and to drink wheatgrass Fox asked: "? That is how it was this cave"

Xiaobing Fox blinked, without hesitation: "I do not know, ah, I was lost skill, but also fainted."

Ji-day trip cold eyes staring at it, to see it the day students cunning eyes, I know it is definitely lying.

"Well! You get yourself!"

He Lengheng soon, carrying the blood of the dragon sword and take up the parcel immediately went to the mountain not far from the cracks around.

Xiaobing Fox quickly followed up, footsteps behind him.

Ji-day trip immediately stopped, turned and glared at it, asked: "?! Do you follow me away."

Xiaobing Fox did not get angry, but also confidently said: "! You swallowed my skill, ruined me like this, of course I want to follow you."

Ji-day trip suddenly sneered: "! Little things, I did not kill your sword, kind enough, you do not challenge my anger."

Xiaobing Fox frowned immediately deflated with a straight face, revealing a huff aggrieved look.

"You bastard, you do not trust! You people are like family perfidious do?"

"What do not trust?" Ji-day trip frowned, Chen Sheng shouted: "I only promised not to kill you, I did not promise to take you!"

"I do not care, you have to take me, but also to protect me!" Xiaobing Fox a given Lai Sapo his posture, depressed muttered: "You ruined me like this, they want me here, just want to kill me! "

Ji-day trip Jian Mei a pick, Victim shouted: "What do you mean I rely on is not it??"

"So, I'll sword to kill you, to save you entanglement!"

He spoke, as if to pull out his blood Dragon Sword.

Xiaobing Fox held out little furry paws, the wearer to keep his ankle, aggrieved cried: "! If you really want to kill me, even though you kill it."

"Anyway, I stay here, will certainly be other Wicked revenge, drawn and quartered me. I might as well die under your sword in it, at least I can into Wraith, a lifetime pestering you!"

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