Chapter 33 mysterious black hole

Chapter 33 mysterious black hole

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Giant Ice Blue Fox seems to have been said to move Ji-day trip, even endorsed nodded.

"Ah, you are right, the food is not clean enough, it does affect my appetite."

When he finished, it waved his front paws, shot a beam of light ice blue.

That beam of light at once a heap crest of the water, and wind erosion Ji-day trip together.

"Shabu shabu!"

Blink of an eye, Ji-day trip was the icy water washed from head to toe again, the dust off the blood had vanished.

This satisfied the giant Ice Blue Fox nodded, smiling and said: "ah, now clean, and I want to enjoy the food."

"......" Ji Sky silent, hearts full of frustration.

In the face of such powerful strength to terrifying demon king, even if he calmly think of ways to stall for time, but also no trace of escape possible.

That being the case, he can only break out full force, mad to struggle.

He gritted his teeth, the use of the life force, so that the whole body muscles protruding burst, bones also issued a "click, click" Cui Xiang.

He even can clearly hear your own heartbeat, the body of refined gas, like flood waters and issued a dull sound.

Refining the body throughout the seventh of weapons, broke out when the life of strength, can easily lift extremely heavy weight of the tripod.

Body strength Ji-day trip, more than double the normal refining the body Nine Warrior, at least there are two extremely heavy Juli.

However, his body wrapped in ice blue light beam, like a snake generally tough, can not shake.

Giant Ice Blue Fox to see him struggling, but not in a hurry to devour him, smiling, he said: "! My food, hard struggle it."

"The more you struggling, covered with blood on the increasingly hot, the flesh and more full-bodied essence. I can taste more fresh and full of flesh and blood, that's delicious ah."

"I looked at my favorite prey stubborn struggle, then the worth of desperation is swallowed my belly, hey hey ......"

Giant Ice Blue fox is very cunning smile, eyes staring Xiemei Ji-day trip, seemed to enjoy and expect.

Ji-day trip hearts of grief, but clenched teeth off not utter a word, blooming full of struggle.

His body began to distort, musculoskeletal expansion increases the power of the outbreak apparently to the limit.

Ice Blue light beam finally loose some, slowly turning.

Giant Ice Blue Fox pick pick brow, interesting tone and said: "Oh, you did not think there is sort of ability."

"I'll give you a chance to survive, if you can break free, then I will spare your life. If you Zheng Butuo, it can only be obediently eat me."

Ji-day trip to see a live hope, desperately broke out more violent force, are covered with skin congestion became crimson.

Even, in order to enhance the power of the outbreak, he does not hesitate to use the body's twelve Jianqi.


Jian Qi burst of tremor hum, the twelve Jianqi all flying out from his body, around around him.

"Shabu shabu!"

Twelve golden Jianqi fast spinning, lit up bright golden light, bursts piercing sound.

On the occasion of life and death, Ji-day trip was inspired endless potential, only to find the body of the original Jianqi also be rigged.

He calmly manipulate twelve Jian Qi,Rotating cutting wrapped around the body of ice blue light beam.

"Tinker clang clang!"

However, twelve ice blue light beam impinges on Jianqi, issued a series of Cui Xiang, failed to achieve any results.

Ice Blue light beam indestructible, no matter how Jianqi Fengrui can not shake.

After all, the strength of Ji day trip far more than poor fox ice blue giant, power level a big difference!

Just a short time, mind Ji-day trip would not support, it is hard to manipulate twelve Jianqi.

"Shabu shabu!"

Twelve Jianqi have to drill back his body and hid twelve orifices crypt quiet down.

Strength and mental discipline day trip overdraft double, only to find black eyes, consciousness gradually blurred.

"Am I going to die here, to be the damn fox as you eat food today?"

"I am not willing! I have not found red star flowers, there are large avenge ah ......"

Ji-day trip filled with unwilling thought, finally shut our eyes and fainted.

Giant Ice Blue Fox showing a touch of a little disappointment to himself and said: "!? Well you only this capability seems I overestimated you!"

When he finished, it opened a long pointed mouth, revealing two rows of sharp fangs toward Ji-day trip to bite down.

Ji-day trip into the unconscious of the unconscious, seeing it must be swallowed ice blue giant fox bite.

But at this critical moment, his abdomen at the pubic region suddenly cropped up in a dark light group, Bo issued a freezing cold breath of death.


That dark times light group instantly expand into a big black hole palace, enveloped the giant ice blue fox.

Black Hole exudes the chill of death, as well as very strong terrifying mystery.

Giant Ice Blue Fox suddenly be scared face became pale, silvery eyes, revealing a deep sense of panic in the eyes.

"what is this?!"

It could not help but screamed, subconsciously stepped back, away from that road mysterious black hole.

However, the black light in the black hole spin speed, Bo issued exquisite terror engulfed forces, the giant ice blue fox enveloped.

Ice Blue giant fox unable to move, frightened eyes suspended in the air, only to suffer despair engulfed mysterious force.

Numerous road ice blue Guanghua fly out from its body, like arrows fly like a dense black holes, are swallowed into the dark vortex.

Ice Blue Fox immediately aware of the giant, majestic power of the body is the rapid passage of time, the body is gradually narrowing.

"The black hole ...... it turned out to devour my power?!"

"Ah! Not ah! Damn bastard! How could this be?"

Ice Blue Fox angry and frightened giant, fire-breathing eyes glared at Ji-day trip, he hated.

Can discipline Sky is in a coma, unconscious floating in the air, all this is not known.

Giant Ice Blue Fox strength goes by faster and faster, her body is growing at the rate of visible narrow.

After half an hour, it's the skill of the passage of four percent, size reduced by half.

An hour later, it's most probably the passage of skill, size shrinks to the size of the room.

It is still shrouded in a black hole, continuing to absorb its skill, it's the volume continues to shrink.

Not only that, the giant ice blue fox face dismay discovered that the mysterious black holes not only swallow its skill,The world of strength in the cave were also swallowed up.

Terror engulfed forces, even blowing wind in the huge cave, raging wall and swept the floor.

The surrounding wall, there are many inherent in the world of strength gem.

Gem in the world of strength was hit by a black hole swallowed finished, sparkling gem has become a useless broken stone.

More terrible thing happened.

The cave began to violently shake up, cracked a wall around the seams, there are numerous gravel rolled down.

Enveloped the whole cave of ice blue "bubble", surprisingly turbulent up, ripped round after round of cracks.

"Kacha Kacha" broken voices, "thundered" dull loud sound fierce echoed in the cave.

The whole Jufeng, shaking, shaking the earth was a huge movement, so that the giant ice blue fox extreme panic.

"How could this be? That black hole in the end is what?"

"Do not even the tactical deployment of personal enchantment under the cloth, but also by the black hole destroy it?"

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