Chapter 28 Collateral

Chapter 28 Collateral

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Zi Ji family of wind skeleton staff is under the command of two elders, by the two elders of the trust and esteem, has been managing the eastern outskirts of the workshop.

He has repeatedly before entering the House Ji, reported the case to the Second Presbyterian Workshop.

Ji-day trip to Zi is no stranger to the wind, in his impression, this smart and capable person, acting athletic cardinal, indeed worthy of reuse.

But he did not think how, Zi wind actually occurred in the town of Ye too, also with a group of mysterious sneaky soldiers sword mysterious person trading discipline at home!

"Is this man pocketed, theft workshop in the mysterious soldier sword with selling?"

"Mysterious box that soldiers sword, worth more than 1.002 million ...... No, I had to be researched!"

Ji-day trip secretly clenched his blood dragon sword, his eyes flashing with breathtaking coldness.

At this time, the wind and the black youth Zi side by side out of the ruined temple, going down the hill.

Ji-day trip suddenly jumped down from the treetops, "Shua" is heard on the meadows, he stopped his path Zi winds and black youth.

Zi winds and black youth did not prepare someone fell from the sky, immediately started and looked alert staring Ji-day trip.

After Ji-day trip to see the face, the wind suddenly looking Zi upheaval, stammered: "The? Big, big ...... young master how are you?"

Ji-day trip eyes staring at him sharp, Chen Sheng drink and asked: "!!! Zi wind Hello great courage dare steal Ji Hyun home soldiers sword privately transaction"

Zi wind's face became very ugly, quickly argued: "!? Young master you misunderstood my loyalty to discipline at home, how can you make such a thing."

Ji-day trip looking cold stepping towards him approaching cold again shouted: "?!! Misunderstandings good deed that you just hand out the transaction."

Ji family unit under the command of forging workshop, every business dealings to be on the books.

Those who deal worth more than million taels of silver, needs Square, the main deed issued by hand.

Especially that mysterious soldier sword box, worth more than 1.002 million, or master of the house needs more elders personally hand deed issued by the job.

Zi hear the wind "Hand deed" word, suddenly face more ugly, evasive eyes, not with Ji-day trip in the eye.

Ji-day trip even more convinced that the deal in question, then majestic tone shouted: "!!?! Zi-wind of the young master was convinced that you do not have the guts to make such a thing, to say who sent you."

Zi wind eyes flashed a touch of hesitation, and for black youth, as one after, they bite made up my mind.

He then looked up at the sky row discipline, his face covered with hideous sneer.

"Young master! Now that you have found, then blame me ruthless, this is what you forced me!"

"kill him!"

Zi Di heard wind of black youth, one bound toward Ji-day trip, such as hands like talons grab his head and neck to discipline day trip.

He has real dollars throughout the double strength, in his view, even if there is no weapon can easily kill "refining the body environment," Ji-day trip.

Black youth are also real dollars throughout the strength of a heavy, red flashing light fists, mercilessly pound the chest Ji day trip.

"court death!"

Ji-day trip looking Chill Di heard, and instantly pull out the blood of the dragon sword greeted.


He's done everything cut out the sword,Push back the murderous Zi wind.

See black youth menacing rushed over, he changes the pace of the retreat sideways, fists escaped the black youth.

When a black youth with his pass, he did not hesitate palm shoot, he pushed his arm will be cases Xue Li Jianqi.


Ji-day trip palm shoot in the back of the black youth, Jianqi shock from palm | shot out, got into the black youth in vivo.

Suddenly, a black youth staggering pace rushed forward six paces came to a halt.

When he turned toward what no want to hate, they are are looking pale, mouth dripping out of the blood, the whole body rapidly dissipate forces out.

"you you!"

Young black eyes glared at Ji-day trip, his face covered with incredible expression, but could not say a word.

His body shaking the tune, he refused to carry "plop" sound down on the grass, getting a Qijueshenwang.

Zi wind saw black youth being beat up Ji-day trip to spike, surprised and bewildered face suddenly exposed color, fists attack speed slowed somewhat.

Take this opportunity, Ji-day trip again and again waved blood dragon sword thrusts at him a few Jianguang, directed at the door in his face, throat and chest.

Zi wind forced the rush, only to escape back again and again.

After seven strokes, he exposed a flaw in panic, immediately Ji-day trip sword stabbed in the shoulder.

Conquering sword dragon blood directly to his shoulder stab a hole in the blood, revealing a dense white shoulder bone.

Zi wind uttered a screaming, looking pale, his forehead cold sweat.

Despite his disbelief, but had to accept the reality, the strength of Ji-day trip is by no means refining the body throughout the rumors, is likely to return to the territory of real dollars!

Thought of this, no trace of wind Zi war, leap quit two feet away, they fled down the hill clutching his shoulder.

But he has not escaped feet away, it was Ji-day trip to catch up.

"Where escape!"

Ji-day trip thundered loud, sharp as a blast of wind rushed behind Zi, Doushou sword in his lower back, he stabbed the spot will be overturned.

Do not wait for Zi wind struggled to get up, Ji-day trip to a foot in his shoulder, he stepped on the floor, and with the blood of the dragon sword against his neck.

"I say! Who sent you doing?!"

Zi wind is pressed onto the grass can not move, knowing doomed, even showing a trace of grim sneer.

"Ha ha ha ...... I did not expect, Ji young master hidden so deep!"

"But you want pressed clues from my mouth? Next life!"

She spoke, his breath more and more weak, nose and mouth are also gushing bright red blood.

After just a few moments, he closed his eyes and not a sound.

Ji-day trip quickly turned him over and explore a bit pulse rates only to find that he had shattered heart vessel, alienate the death.

"Damn! He actually would rather die than let it go mouth! Who he became slain, so at life?"

Ji-day trip looking gloomy recover the blood of the dragon sword, murmuring to himself.

Zi wind committed suicide, he let the hearts of cage layer of haze, increasingly feel that the matter at stake.

If the matter is directly associated with his second uncle, fear of jeopardizing Jijia Ji industry!He Zi in the body of the wind and the black youth rummage again, to see if we can find clues.

Unfortunately, only a few pieces of silver on them and debris, there is no useful clues.

Ji-day trip helpless sigh, had to leave the dilapidated temple down the mountain.

After a quarter of an hour, until he went down to the foot of a mountain, dilapidated temple and figure out two.

Who was wearing a Qingpao headed boy, tall and straight valiant, noble extraordinary temperament, is the discipline ho.

Middle-aged man behind him, a bodyguard dressed, wearing a black leather armor carrying a sword.

Middle-aged man glanced at the two dead bodies not far, looking gloomy and said: "ho young master, it has been found that the young master, how can we do want to do ......??"

He spoke, he made a Mobo Zi gesture.

Ji Hao frowned, looking gloomy and said:. "We shot, regardless of things to do and more covert, will eventually leave marks, far less Collateral"

"This is Cloud State, Gu site. While cloud governor spared far in the Imperial City, but I remember, Gu Hao's mother lived a hundred miles away weeping Cloud City."

"News release to Gu, said Ye Ji-day trip to the town too, and into the mountains to find the red star flowers. I think, Gu Hao's mother will not let this opportunity of revenge for his son!"

"In addition, remember to remind Gu, Ji strength day trip appears to have returned to the territory of real dollars."

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