Chapter 26 concerns, identity exposed

Chapter 26 concerns, identity exposed

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Back to the third floor room after Ji-day trip was to remove the mask.

His face some grim, sadness.

Although he had expected, when the red star flower in full bloom, there must be many forces of fashion, too rushed to grab Ye mountains.

But he did not expect, just a tavern in the town of Ye too, she had gathered hundreds of numbers Warrior.

These weapons are real dollars throughout the basic strength, of which there are several real dollars throughout more than sevenfold master.

As Warrior territory of refining the body, it does have several, but they are along for the ride, basically no hope to win the red star flowers.

For Ji-day trip, this inn Warrior, are his potential rivals or enemies!

Only live in the inn on the Warrior so many who did not live in the inn, hidden in the dark forces and weapons and how many?

The thought here, Ji-day trip increasingly feel my heart heavy.

After nightfall, he had dinner then sat cross-legged on the bed to practice, continue concise Jianqi.

Although the number of Jianqi has reached the limit, but he draws the world of strength, so that each Jianqi more condensate real, might be more powerful.

When he put all twelve Jianqi concise strengthen again, already three hour later.

Middle of the night to the blessing Inn, plunged into silence.

The vast majority of tenants have been resting up, remaining lit lobby has a lighted lamp.

Ji-day trip after closing function, then went to the window, ready to close the window to sleep.

But his sudden glimpse corner of my eye, the corner of the backyard seems to prescribe figure, it is quietly crawling around.

The two weapons are dressed in black, seems to have brought a washcloth Mongolia, actions very carefully, did not issue the slightest sound.

Despite the dark night, but vaguely see Ji-day trip, two men carrying a big box, quietly touched the back door.

They quietly opened the back door, lifted out of the box.

Ji-day trip frowned, vaguely feel that there is something wrong.

His subconscious out the door, silently toward the back door of the yard touch.

He was wearing a black cloak wearing a mask, nor fear of being discovered sneak in the night.

At the back door waiting for him to catch up, we can see that the two weapons carried box, got into an alley along the walls.

He crept in following them, in order to avoid being found each other, not with too close.

Shortly after, two masked warrior carrying a box touched the depths of the alley, the boxes carried into a dark room.

Then back out quietly went back to the inn blessing.

Ji-day trip hiding in the dark corners of the alley, the breath did not make the slightest sound.

Once that both weapons were to leave, he got into the dark room.

The room seemed to many years no one lived, filled with a decadent atmosphere, with cobwebs everywhere knot, the ground was still covered with dust, covered with debris.

Ji days into darkness looking groping for a while, just in the corner of a pile of firewood, find a big box that mouth.

He tried to put a little, a large component of the box is very heavy, like which installed steel or stone.

Under doubts, he took Huozhe Zi lit the fire, by the faint firelight view box.

Just one look, he frowned,The eyes reveal deep doubts.

Cast-iron box is locked, the latch is a palm-size gear to be rotated to a corresponding position to open.

Ji-day trip is very familiar with this case!

Because the Ji family's blocker in this workshop is to install the boxes of weapons and equipment!

He tried to turn black gear, screwing it into the corresponding position, latching really "rattling" sound opened.

Ji-day trip open the lid and saw box impressively stocked with more than twenty shark skin sheath of the sword.

Shark fish in the sea beasts high order, discipline at home is forging workshop generally to the sword with scabbard mysterious class of this material.

Ji-day trip just to pick up a sword, he checked the hilt, we can see a Zhuanti hilt engraved with "Ji" word.

His face increasingly grim, the color of the eyes of even more puzzled, looked a pattern on the blade.

That thorn flower-shaped circular pattern so that he immediately concluded that the mysterious sword level, from the mysterious sword in the eastern outskirts of Imperial Workshop.

"I discipline at home is really forged sword! This twenty-four mysterious sword level, worth more than 1.002 million, How could there be here?"

"Workshop eastern outskirts of the mysterious sword, it is not Uncle charge of it?"

Ji-day trip was filled with doubt, always felt there was something strange.

In order not to be found, he put the sword back into the box intact, and locked latch.

He then exterminate Huozhe Zi, quietly returned to the blessing Inn.

However, when he returned to the blessing Inn, the lobby has been heard arguing and condemning drink.

Ji-day trip walked into the lobby, he saw two rabbits from the falcon figure of the struggle, the more impact sword "jingle" constantly ringing.

He listened to two to understand, the original inn Azeri has lived, leaving only the last room.

There are two sets of people just arrived at the inn at the same time, so he began to argue for that room.

In which a group of people are the three young people from Albatron Imperial City.

Three dressed, distinguished momentum, naturally proud and arrogant, domineering speak.

Aside from the other four states pretty sturdy folk, dressed in animal skins clothes, all of them are bearded and braids, arms and chest full of tattoos.

Four people were headed is a hot temper, he can regardless of the other is the Imperial nobility, does not deal with two words on his sword broke.

The sound of fighting between the two sides quarrel, awakened a dozen guests, one after another went to the lobby to watch.

Ji-day trip this would not blending such things, we must lobby through the stairs to his room.

But unfortunately, that real dollars throughout the young man in white, sword Zhan Xiang forehead tattoos bald Han time, was severely knifed on a blade that bald Han.

Suddenly, that flickering in the cold deviated from the direction of the sword, went straight to Ji-day trip from.

Young man in white on this day trip from Ji close, only five steps away.

This sword is both sudden, fast speed electro-optical.

Although Ji-day trip back in time to escape, but failed to avoid the sword, the blade suddenly be designated in the cheek.

"Clang" sound Cui Xiang, wearing his black iron mask in the face, the spot was cut in half sword, "Barang" soon fell to the ground.

Ji-day trip suddenly looking somber, his eyes flashed a coldness.That young man in white and bald Han glanced at him, expressionless change, and continue blows up.

However, the two companions of the young man in white had been spectators to cheer, then eyes fell on his face Ji-day trip, suddenly audible sound surprised and bewildered.

"Hey! It's not ...... Ji-day trip? Ji young master do?"

"Hey, it really is once the first day, and now the great discipline waste ah! Not even have a sword not avoid, and that if the discipline of harming young master's face, we can not pay ah!"

Obviously, those two young nobles know Ji-day trip on the spot to see through his identity.

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