Chapter 25 is too Ye mountain, cohabitation

Chapter 25 is too Ye mountain, cohabitation

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After leaving the Imperial City, Ji-day trip to the West will be on horseback gallop.

From Imperial to cloud states too Ye mountains, in the middle to cross a Qingzhou, a full two thousand miles away.

Ji-day trip can even ride on line eight hundred years of cynicism Herd horses, we have two and a half to reach.

This time he went too Ye mountains looking red star flower, for safety reasons, to act especially careful.

In addition to his father and his discipline sky, absolutely no third person to know.

In order to hide their identity, Ji-day trip wearing a black iron mask, also wearing a large black cloak.

He was speeding all the way on the Official Road leading to the state of the cloud, the way the team have encountered a lot of business travel.

While most people out of curiosity, and more will be looked at his eyes.

But in Qingyun domestic Wudao Sheng row, while wearing masks to hide their identity or veil is not a big deal.

The next evening, he finally entered the territory of the cloud state, in the city to find an inn stay.

At this point, he left too Ye mountains there are more than three hundred years, from the red star flowers appear there four days.

On the third day at noon, Ji-day trip finally arrived too Ye mountains, into the entrance of a small town in the mountains, too Ye town.

Although he safely along the way, did not encounter any obstacles.

But he was two and a half consecutive hurry, after all, some faint and be weary, in urgent need of a good rest.

Ye entered the town after too, he can find the inn to stay in the town.

But the location of the town too remote, backward town is small and old.

Only two streets in town, home to more than two hundred families, is narrow and crowded streets.

Ji-day trip searched the whole town, only to see an inn.

This red brick and gray tile and assembled to the blessing Inn, regarded as one of the largest of several buildings in town.

After all, the inn has a three-story house, there is a fairly wide yard.

Master weekdays little town, and there are few traders and shop, in front of the inn is deserted.

But the arrival of Ji-day walk blessing front of the inn, but to see the first floor lobby sitting three tables of people being rude bold eat and drink.

Those who are related to him, like a busy schedule, and all saber knife, gestures vaguely murderous emerged, rivers and lakes are clearly walking the Warrior.

Ji Hanglue a day to contemplate, guessed his intentions of these weapons, but also to most of Ye mountains too in the red star flowers.

Then, dressed in linen Tsing Yi servant ran out of the lobby, smiling asked if he wants to stay.

Ji-day trip to the never ending one, then quietly stepped into the lobby.

Servant towards the lobby crying loudly, holding on frost Herd horse from the side into the backyard, feeding the horses get to go.

Ji-day trip just entering the lobby, a few tables are hard at eating and drinking of arms makers, they have cast look at the eyes.

He wore a mask wearing a black cloak, people not see the ins and outs.

Those weapons were soon recovered eyes, continue to bow to eat and drink.

The lobby was quiet, the atmosphere seems a bit dull and depressing.

Ji-day trip took out two hundred pennyworth to the treasurer, and the treasurer ready to make a few side dishes, then it upstairs.

Inn second and third floors are residential rooms.

He's never ending to the third floor, near the left side of the backyard fence,Not far away there is a window of twenty feet tall big tree.

Etc. After the servant brought food, Ji-day trip only remove the mask began to eat.

After eating the food, he took a shower with hot water, sitting on this bed rest, silently considering the next plan.

"Red Star flowers appear from three days time, today or tomorrow into too Ye mountains are inappropriate. Red star flower in full bloom yet, too early to go in hard to find, but also more dangerous."

For a moment, he decided to rest two days blessing to the inn, and so the day before the Red Star blossom again into the mountains.

Unconsciously, in the past few hours, and soon night fell.

During this period, there are several call people into the blessing to the inn, the inn has made it more and more lively.

Ji-day trip stayed in the room does not show up, even to eat is a servant to make room.

The next day evening, the inn's rooms are almost occupied by fast.

Coming and going of arms makers laughing out loud, Yaowuheliu, making the lobby and backyard are crowded, very noisy.

Ji-day walk in the room stayed too long, feel a little oppressed, then went downstairs to walk around freely.

He is still wearing a black cloak wearing a mask, just walked into the back yard, you can see the yard put a few tables.

Next to each table sat twenty-three breath lean Warrior, hands are holding the sword, also loudly shouting.

"Xue Ren demon hunting team recruited players it! We hunted all year round Xue Ren Wicked major mountains, adventure experience is very rich ......"

"Damn team to recruit people! Where strength to reach real dollars territory who can join this team, we work together to explore too Ye mountains, searching for the red star flower!"

"Warriors! Come and our brave regiment ah! We are the famous adventure group Cloud State ......"

Ji-day trip adventure team glanced at a few of the arms makers, the mouth can not help but evoke a touch of sneer.

"Well! These people really ridiculous!"

"Material to treasure, everyone wants to own. Strangers who form a team, even if the red star flowers and find how? Not to break the final fight?"

He has no interest in a few adventurous team, he was about to turn away from the backyard, but was a stout burly youth stopped.

Burly youth wearing a brown leather armor, hand carrying a sword, grinned: "! Brothers, join our group now Warriors"

"You're a man acting alone, I'm afraid not find the red star flower, she died in the Wicked claws. Let people act together, have a chance!"

Ji-day trip away quietly sideways, with a gravelly voice, said:. "Do not have the"

Burly youth watched him leave the back, and some regret muttered: "Is is a master?"

"Experts who like to act alone ...... this tour came to spend too much red star of people, experts and more, is unlikely to succeed ah!"

Ji-day trip leaving the back yard, walked into the lobby.

At this point in the lobby, it is already overcrowded, full sit twelve tables of guests.

Many arms makers around the table to eat and drink, continue to move out of a another altar altar wine, glasses and dishes rattle of voices.

Ji-day trip stroll through the lobby to listen out for a moment, then found that these arms makers from around the world, each of the local accent in there.Moreover, many people come to the blessing Inn just to get to know, either formed a team of like-minded, or start a business matchmaking.

All in all, to the blessing Inn has never been so busy today too.

Gathered in the inn of hundreds of numbers arms makers, is part of everyday everything, the size of the complex forces.

But all share a common goal, that is too Ye mountains in the red star flower!

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