Chapter 22 Jianqi horizon

Chapter 22 Jianqi horizon

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Ji Yun-day trip leaving the rear, facing the cool night breeze out of the spirit of inflammation Palace, he embarked on a carriage parked on the roadside.

He told no need to open, the driver Redknapp natural knowing, driving into the darkness, to return to the discipline office.

Ji-day trip sitting in the carriage, pulled a cloth simple dressing of wounds of the lower leg, and then you frown just thinking things.

Soon, a wagon into the dark matte bluestone path.

Although some remote road near only a few families, but this is the only way back from the spiritual discipline of the government palace inflammation.

Path covered with trees on both sides, it is dark and depressing in the night.

Carriage unhurried driving the night sky can only hear the "da da" hoofs.

Suddenly, a sharp piercing rang.

Redknapp driver uttered Menheng, carriage rolling down the body fell to the ground.

Ji-day trip instantly awakened, and immediately opened the curtain of the carriage, he jumped out of the carriage rushed to the side of the driver.

I saw, the driver Redknapp lying on the ground motionless, has to be able to breathe.

He stuck a lever chest, blood gushed from the wound, stained wet clothes.

Ji-day trip became very gloomy face, his eyes flashing with cold kill.

He knows that there are assassins in this ambush.

Sure enough, a small road immediately in front of footsteps were heard, two black-clad figure is gallop.

Ji-day trip hesitate to burst into small roadside woods, toward the direction of hair enough to rush Ji House.

He broke the dense foliage, issued a "crashed" sound.

Na Liangdao lithe also wish the winds rushed over, did not hesitate to chase into the woods.

It murderous rush off, sword in hand, lit up the coldness in the night.

Although Ji-day trip mad rush, but he injured left leg, the speed simply is not up soon.

After just a few breathing, Na Liangdao lithe form behind him to catch up, Di soon attacked.

"Shua! Shua!"

Two coldness radiance sword raised high, his head almost simultaneously Zhan Xiang Ji day trip.

Block between two rows killers and Ji day foliage instantly sharp mountain of slag Jianqi fire in darting.

Critical juncture, Ji-day trip can only be stopped, his hands holding the blood of the dragon sword, turned and swept the sword to fend off the other's assassination.

"Clang! Clang!"

Three sword fierce collision, broke crisp metallic cross-song.

Upload powerful impact force from the blood of the dragon sword, the good Ji-day trip earthquake arms numb, can not help but stepped back.

He instantly be able to conclude that the other side of the border are real dollars Warrior.

Sure enough, he found a closer look, the sword two killers, are shrouded in a touch of brilliance real dollars.

From the red, yellow and white Guanghua real dollars of view, the other should be a real dollars throughout, double strength.

"A real dollars throughout, double strength also want to kill me?"

"However, it can not determine the killer in the end there are a few, I must be careful to deal with!"

Ji-day trip heart secretly sneer, in the eyes of the beholder surging rich.

He lost to pretend, to continue to look hurried escape.

Two black-clad masked killer really fooled, desperate jumped,Full sword stabbing him in the back.

Probably they are too self-confident, and eager beheaded discipline or day trip away from the place as soon as possible so as not to be identified.

Both his ace assassination Ji-day trip, but ignored its own defense, the door wide open to expose a lot of flaws.

Just two filled with excited, thinking that the spot will be able to kill Ji-day line, but they see Ji-day trip suddenly turned, revealing a playful sneer.


Ji-day trip murderous awe-inspiring Di heard, suddenly bent to a squat, insurance, and insurance escaped the assassination of two swords.

Two swords are grazed his head, only a difference of two inches away, but at the same vain.

Moreover, two masked killer in the chest and abdomen vital, but also unsuspecting presented in front of him.

Ji-day trip and so is this moment!

He did not hesitate to lay down their blood dragon sword, raised his palms to his chest full shot two killer.

"Bang bang!"

Muffled sound, his palms solidly hit two killer.

Two dark golden Jianqi, projection out of his palm, without hindrance pierce the heart of the two killers.

Two masked killer body suddenly startled, rush of footsteps stopped.

He turned and stared in disbelief, staring down Ji-day trip, the mouth vague low Sheng.

"You! You're not ......"

"how can that be?!"

Both eyes full of horror and anger, how can not believe They even defeated by a "triple refining the body" waste men.

He knew that certain death, but also not willing to wield the sword, stabbing forehead Ji day trip.

But Ji-day trip has been holding the blood of the dragon sword, waving sword swept out, we put the sword bounced off.

Two killers stepped back, feeble leaning trees, mouth constantly pouring blood, all the Mongolian washcloth soaked.

They could not say a word, throat issued a "giggle" sound, life in the eyes of quickly disappeared.

Blink of an eye, the two body softly down, lying in the grass, never a sound.

After Ji-day trip with a sword quickly pick open their Mongolian washcloth, see their appearance, so they really revealing a touch of sneer.

"Humph! Ling Yunfei, you really still would not let me!"

Because he recognized one of the killers, it is often followed Ling Yunfei side guards.

He feared killers ambush nearby, you can not stay turned to continue to escape.

After passing through the dense woods, he fled along the path Ji House.

After a quarter of an hour, Ji-day trip back to the discipline witness to the government, there is no longer an ambush on his way.

Back to the breeze after a small hospital room, he let children ring brought the medicine chest, careful handling sword wound on the leg.

After the food is good the injury, he let children ring withdrew to rest himself into the secret room, and went to the closed-door practice.

A few things happened tonight, made him aware of the opponents can not wait to get rid of him.

Now he not only can not be out of the city, not safe even inside the Imperial City, was ambushed on the way home the killer will.

He can not help wondering, the next opponent will not send anyone to sneak into the house to assassinate him discipline?

A thought to this,He increasingly strong desire to enhance the strength.

"Practice! Sword tire must unite as soon as possible, back to real dollars throughout!"

Ji-day trip will soon enter the state practice, practice focused Kenshin Road, concise new Jianqi.

Night time passed quickly.

When the next day early in the morning, he was concise two Jianqi, stored in two orifices point in vivo.

He restored the strength of twelve Jian Qi, and cut in pieces like fighting back pain, try carrying Jianqi, the pubic region to gather.

The result is obvious, he failed.

Twelve Jian Qi stored in the crypt of his twelve orifices of the body, the distribution of these orifices point in his back, arms, shoulders and chest.

Those who want to Jianqi are transported to the abdomen at the pubic region, it is almost impossible!

His weak meridians, simply could not carry Jianqi tear cut!

Ji-day trip forced to suspend the practice, some lying prostrate on the secret room to rest.

He was lying on the ground with eyes closed, my mind constantly thinking about, exactly where is the problem?

After twelve why he excel Jian Qi, she has tried a dozen times, never been able to unite the sword tire?

Is the practice has gone wrong? Or practicing the wrong way?

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