Chapter 20 she shot

Chapter 20 she shot

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Hua Yunfei face of provocation, Ji-day trip turned out to be a fight.

The main hall where all the people were shocked and surprised, staring two people, waiting to see Ji-day trip was torn Hua Yunfei.

Ji-day walk to the main hall | Central, ten feet away stood in front of Hua Yunfei, his right hand clenched the blood of the dragon sword scabbard.

Hua Yunfei also pull out Darksteel sword, covered with cold murderous issue Bo, Di soon to wield a sword to stab Ji-day trip.

"Ji-day trip to see the trick!"

Dark matte Darksteel sword, Fengrui Jian Qi burst out, with a sharp piercing sound, assassinated in front of Ji-day trip.

Ji-day trip hesitate to sword fight back, holding fiery crimson blood of the dragon sword, and Hua Yunfei close fight up.

He did not use the body of twelve Jian Qi, just by refining the body strength of Nine, ten mysterious sword play what they do best.

Two swords collision cross-shot, suddenly burst out, "rattled" Cui Xiang, echoed in the hall where.

Blink of an eye, and Hua Yunfei Ji-day trip will be played against the three measures.

They marching the foot of exquisite footwork, figure flash turn maneuvers in the hall, the rabbit from the falcon.

Two sword also whipped up and down, like the sea dragon, and if the crane wings, bursting out continuously brilliant coldness.

The house of the many young people who were a little dumbfounded, face complex and strange expression.

Who would have thought, Ji-day trip can escape the Yuan Hua Yunfei really heavy Habitat II tie, a time close call.

Someone whispering sound of low voices.

"Three measures passed, Ji-day trip and how not lost?"

"Impossible ah! Even if he has the strength of refining the body of the seventh, it is impossible tied with Hua Yunfei ah!"

"Is the strength of the recovery Ji-day trip to the territory of real dollars?"

Most people do not understand, filled with confusion and shock.

But several top ten of genius, but it is to see the clues, many look relaxed, his face showing a smile.

Black Baishuang Ying Ji looked haughty look day trip with Hua Yunfei fight, to adopt a condescending attitude with reviews.

"Ji-day trip did not practice real dollars, he has not yet returned to the territory of real dollars, only a maximum of refining the body Nine."

"The reason why he sorted Hua Yunfei tied, it is because Hua Yunfei not use the full."

Many bright young people who, after hearing the explanation of black Baishuang Ying, suddenly realized.

Sure enough, Hua Yunfei Liangong recipe failed to account for cheap, Kuangyong anger suddenly broke out full strength.

His face clouded ice, covered with breathtaking burst of cold, dark palm is also surging real dollars blue light, Darksteel sword blade also cast a glaucoma.

The real power he pushed to the limit, so that the power of the sword more violent, accelerated speed doubled!

"Clang clang clang!"

After Darksteel sword with the blood of the dragon sword pay strike three times in a row, Ji-day trip really collapse, officials opened, staggering steps back a few steps.

Seeing this, the main hall where many young people who were loud cheers for Hua Yunfei applauded.

Hua Yunfei as if by a great encouragement, more ferocious expression, momentum has become more ferocious horror.

He did not give Ji-day trip respite, immediately culled in the past,Kuanggong sword again.

Ji-day trip was suddenly enveloped a dark blue ying, ying are each pointing to his eyebrows, and other critical throat and chest.

His situation is very dangerous, the slightest mistake will be blood spattered on the spot.

But he still unhurried, quiet calm of the blood of the dragon sword wielding, Hua Yunfei withstand the onslaught.

With very exquisite ten mysterious sword, he again and again Dangxia Hua Yunfei Sha Zhao.

However, Hua Yunfei outbreak of real dollars force more and more violent, more and more fierce offensive.

Ji-day trip alone ten mysterious body strength and swordsmanship, has been overwhelmed Hua Yunfei onslaught, but to keep retreat to escape.

Hidden in his body twelve Jian Qi, began to stir, ready to go.

But he choked back the idea to use Jian Qi, indomitable supported.

He would not in front of everyone and Ling Yunfei face, and the maximum exposure to the real strength of the cards secret.

The main hall where everyone can be more and more excited, cheering mood.

Whenever Hua Yunfei sword to hit the key Ji-day trip, the crowd will be issued a gasp, exposing his face looks on their faces.

Hua Yunfei more and more furious, as they could not beat his own record day trip to feel affronted.

Finally, his patience depleted, and desperate cast lore sword.

"Ji-day trip, go to hell!"

His murderous thundered loudly, and instantly towards Ji days to assassinate the nine ying, enveloped the whole body of the key Ji-day trip.

Ji-day trip not Yingjie this trick sword, not head-on with Hua Yunfei, can only retreat to escape.

However, he fled from the slow step, a glaucoma Jianying was stabbed in the left leg.

Immediately appeared a wound on the left leg, blood flooded out, dripping on the marble floor, glowing bright red color in the light, shocking.

Body Ji-day trip of a stiff, slow speed backward a little.

Hua Yunfei cheeky ecstasy of color, immediately kill up, sword thrusts nine glaucoma ying again.

"go to hell!"

This time, the key nine glaucoma ying shrouded Ji-day trip, so he simply nowhere to hide.

Seeing he will be Jianguang sword stabbed the spot in Hua Yunfei's going to die.

The nick of time, Ji-day trip eyes flashed a murderous Senleng, did not hesitate to make a decision.

He wants to use Jianqi body, not only to block the Hua Yunfei lore, but also to complete the anti-kill!

Even if public exposure strength and cards, he can not attend to it!

However, they give birth to this idea in his mind, he was about to pushed Jian Qi, suddenly a bright golden Jianmang, coming from the second floor of the hall, in front of Hua Yunfei moment of immediate concern.

It was a two meters long, wide slap huge Jianmang, contains a very scary power, instantly defeated Hua Yunfei of nine ying.


Muffled sound, while nine glaucoma ying collapse broken, immediately dissipated.

Huge Jianmang pierce the ground, the marble floor sting out of a huge crack and disappear.

Hua Yunfei also Zhenfei out forces of terror, vomited blood drop out of thirty feet.

Sudden scene, so that everyone stunned, totally dumbfounded.

Even Ji-day trip did not expect,Turned out to be a master at stake to save him!

He subconsciously looked up at the hall on the second floor, his eyes fell on a screen blocked the room.

At the same time, it is coming out of a room, clear and melodious, female voice without the slightest pyrotechnic gas.

"Exchange views and learn it, why kill people?"

Nice to hear the Word and familiar voice, Ji-day trip microseismic body, eyes flashed a hint of a smile.

He knew that she was shot!

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