Chapter 19 dare to fight with me?

Chapter 19 dare to fight with me?

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Wu Chang, nineteen years old this year, refining the body throughout eight heavy strength, imperial elite military family two young master.

Ji-day trip before heard of this person, in some cases have seen a few faces.

But Wu family just imperial city of the rich and powerful family of second-rate, and Wu Chang qualification mediocre talent, nothing to recommend it.

This person simply can not enter the eye before Ji-day trip, he is being ignored.

And tonight, but Wu Chang on goal feast, in front of witnesses so humiliated him!

Ji-day trip stood up, went to the hall deadpan | Central, Wu Chang turned to look.

He did not speak, but everyone knows that he fight it!

Basilica | empty area of ​​Central, this is left to the young genius demonstrate their contest.

Close to a hundred young people who immediately reveal excitement and emotion smile, schadenfreude watching Ji-day trip, with a smile talk together.

And they were all waiting for him to make a fool in public, I would like to see him get on the ground to play Wu Chang, and then be thrown out Qingyun temple.

That picture is certainly very exciting!

Ji-ho did not follow the talk, but did not succeed for Ji-day trip, but on the head down, quietly drinking.

No one saw him mouth brought back a touch of rising arc.

In the crowd booing sound, Chang Wu Ji rushed to his face sneer day trip.

"Waste, to I lie down!"

When rushed to the front of the five-step outside the discipline-day trip, he suddenly burst drink soon, raised fists mercilessly pound the head of Ji-day trip.

Wu Chang on this majestic burly, this attack is full outbreak, fists contains a powerful force, actually shot a piercing sound.

He has absolute confidence, a move will be able to get on the ground Ji-day trip bombers.

However, Ji-day trip did nothing, looked at him blankly punches, did not see the horror and dignified color.

Wu Chang fists until the boom to three inches in front of Ji-day trip, Ji-day trip was lightning shot back.

His hands still holding the blood of the dragon sword, just back half a step sideways, he escaped the Wu Chang fists.

Just when Wu Chang with his pass, he suddenly raised his right leg, kick fiercely to Wu Chang's waist.


Muffled sound, Wu Ji Chang directly out day trip flying kick, across an arc in the air, and then a heavy fall on the ground twenty feet away.

Wu Chang is like a heavy bull, "bang" hit the ground, rolled several times and came to a halt.

His mouth came a Xuemo child, angry eyes red, his mouth issued a roar and roar.

"No! This can not be!"

"Ji-day trip, You waste! How can you be my opponent?!"

However, Wu Chang struggled to get up, but it felt terrible the waist tingling, even steps are lumbering, stations are shaky.

Obvious to all, he was a record day trip kicked, hit the waist bone has been broken!

And they were all shocked exposed inexplicable facial expressions, laughing and buzz are gone, staring in disbelief Ji-day trip.

Ji-day trip sword arms, face expressionless, walked in front of Wu Chang, indifferent tone: "You are entitled to sit here?"

Before Wu Chang publicly insulted him, and now he has it back intact.

Wu Chang gas suddenly vomiting blood, whole face distorted.humiliation! Big humiliation!

World there is more ironic than this, it is more humiliating?

Wu Xiu Fen Chang-stricken, to say a word, not even rolling his eyes, ran straight down to the ground, unconscious.

Ben soon have guards came in, lifted the unconscious Wu Chang anymore.

Ji-day trip back seat to sit down, got into the hall, where the silence.

Everyone secretly look in his eyes full of surprise, apparently can not accept this fact.

Habitat triple refining the body waste, how could kick put eight re-refining the body of Wu Chang played to a serious injury?

Many people suddenly come to understand, the strength of discipline has been restored a little day trip up.

He is now refining the body than triple the waste, likely to restore the eight heavy refining the body!

Thought of this, those who had wanted to provoke, humiliate Ji-day trip throughout the youth of refining the body, immediately died down, listless down.

Pan Ling Yunfei face some cold, pulsing with murderous eyes, heart secretly thought: "! Damn how he recovered so quickly just a few days on the back of refining the body eight heavy??"

"I will never let him live peacefully, not to let him recover the strength to take revenge ...... Fortunately, I've done the arrangements, hum!"

The hall where the young people who achieve real dollars throughout the strength of more than 30 people.

Even if they saw a move to beat Ji Sky Wu Chang, did not mind.

The top ten of several geniuses, still dismissive of Ji-day trip.

General real dollars throughout the youth, still confident, playful facial expressions to talk with.

"Oh, I never thought ah, Ji-day trip turned out to be so soon restored to the eight heavy refining the body."

"He is the true element before Seventh-strength, battle Akira contest experience more powerful, Seventh strength even if he only refining the body, it can still end abuse Wu Chang."

"Well, even if he returned to eight heavy refining the body and how? But still refining waste throughout the body fills real dollars throughout a heavy person can easily abuse him!"

"Yes ah, refining the body to recover eight Nine is easy, but he wanted to quickly return to real dollars environment, it is absolutely impossible!"

"Brother Lee, you're not real dollars throughout a re-do? Why do not you talk to discipline Sky fight, try to restore what he actually level up?"

"Well ...... I told Ji-day trip no injustice Wu Chou, why go to humiliate him? You feel at ease like a theater, people will doubtless shot."

While many people were talking about the occasion, Ling Yunfei without a trace of twisted turned, a dark teenager winking on behind.

That tall, thin dark teenager suddenly knowing, immediately stood up.

He held a black Darksteel sword, looking gloomy day trip to discipline.

When people see the dark youth, they are showing a playful smile, eyes full of expectation.

"Look, Hua Yunfei to be shot!"

"Although Hua Yunfei only real dollars throughout the double strength, but beat Ji-day trip was a breeze."

"I bet, will be able to get on the ground Ji-day trip to play in the three measures of Hua Yunfei!"

"Three measures? You also too high to see Ji-day okay? I think the trick is enough!"

Hua Yunfei come to the hall | Central, contemptuous eyes looking at the corner of Ji-day trip, the cold voice said: "Ji-day trip,Dare to fight with me? "

Ji-day trip slightly Taiqiyanpi, deadpan glanced at him, then look to the left's first sitting Ling Yunfei.

When his cold eyes look Ling Yunfei, Ling Yunfei is also looking at him, mouth hanging a touch of playful sneer.

Hua Yunfei see Ji-day trip silent, contemptuous tone he shouted: "Ji-day trip, if you can not fight, then obediently kneel down to beg for mercy, maybe I'll put you on a horse ......"

Ji day trip deep eyes flashed a touch of coldness, Hua Yunfei immediately got up and walked.

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