Chapter 15 psychic chart and red star flowers

Chapter 15 psychic chart and red star flowers

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Ji sky certainly understand the dreams and aspirations Ji day trip.

When he heard Ji-day trip make his blood heated words, but only a wry smile.

"Sky, you did not pass the entry test cases dyke, how to qualify for next month's majority?"

"Even if you can participate in a large majority, you can now power realm, how could win a majority before ten, thanks to the Atlas were?"

Ji-day trip was silent, looking down at the mahogany table, his eyes flashing with unyielding shirt.

He was so confident of relying, of course, is a tall mysterious tomb Jian Shen of the body, as well as his practice Kenshin way.

But this is his biggest secret, how can you say to his father?

Father and son are silent, the room atmosphere somewhat oppressive.

Ji Ji patted the shoulder sky day trip, solemn tone: "The day trip, since you do, as decided to worship into the dyke cases, the parent does not stop you."

When he finished, he took out a tin from Paoxiu in purple, in front of Ji day trip.

"Sky, which is one of our century family heirlooms, psychic astrolabe, now father handed him over to you."

Ji-day trip doubt open the tin, he took out a dark golden compass, carefully looked at.

"My father, for no reason, why you want to psychic astrolabe to me?"

Ji sky explained: "psychic chart, we make every effort to discipline at home Need forged a mysterious spiritual element is capable of sensing the air between heaven and earth, tell the feng shui of both spiritual pulse, pointed out that the ore reserves of the mountains. and the treasures hiding place. "

"Since you pubic region damaged, the skill has been spent after the parent access to numerous books information, and finally found a way might be able to save you."

"Sixty years ago, too Ye mountains appeared a red star flower, this flower is the rare material to treasure, six decades before opening time, each bloom only three days."

"After there was a strong grab a kindred red star flower, this flower gave his pubic region innate damaged son took his son to eat this, not only to repair the pubic region, but also to reshape the body qualification, then on the practice goes well, eventually becoming master Tong Xuan territory. "

Hearing this, Ji-day trip exposed naked eyes, was so shocked.

"Father, that red star spent much such a powerful effect?"

"! Of course," Ji sky nodded, smiled and said: "Sky, you know who who the strong man?"


"Ji Ji family ancestors God night, the grandfather of today's emperor! Innate damaged young man pubic region, it is today the emperor's father."

Ji-day trip hearts increasingly shocked by Red Star took also had a strong interest.

He was an hour listening to the legendary royal Kyi's house, knowing Kyi's house there was a mysterious ancestors, named Ji God night.

Ji said to God night as early as thirty years ago reached dan territory, and since then has been no retreat, basically not been seen.

Albatron country the royal family Himekami night mysterious statue strong to deter twelve state governors and the strong who can not make it subservient to give birth to dissent.

Ji-day trip immediately guessed his father's intention, and asked: "Father, that you give me psychic astrolabe, wanted me to go too Ye mountains looking red star flower?"

Ji sky smiled and nodded and said: "!. Yes, if you can get a red star flower, your question will be able to be solved, and the strength of the recovery will be quick."

"The speculation is calculated according to the parent, and then there are about ten days, it is the red star flower in full bloom. Will certainly be mobilized all forces, to find a lot of strong, grabbing red star flower."

"You've got psychic red star chart to find flowers in their hands, there is great hope."

Ji-day trip, holding hands psychic astrolabe, look excited: "! I see, thank you father."

Ji sky look dignified told: "Sky, this is the perfect opportunity for you, but you all have to be careful, all with their own lives as the most important."

Ji-day trip nodded their understanding, solemnly will close up psychic astrolabe.

After Ji confessed sky and a few other things, he left the room.

The father, left, Ji-day trip will open the underground passage corner into practice the secret room.

He put away the psychic astrolabe, he began to practice Kenshin Road, cohesion Jianqi.

"Only ten days up! Within ten days, I have to gather the twelve Jian Qi, sword forged tire!"


The black as ink night, somewhere in the old house Imperial positive lights lit it.

A hidden room inside the house, was sitting a burly, middle-aged man wearing a purple brocade robe.

Tsing Yi middle-aged man standing beside a teenager of fifteen or sixteen, lanky tall, fair and handsome face.

His face was just very gloomy, eyes the color of pernicious contains age does not match.

Wearing black tights, with a towel Mongolian man, is kneeling on one knee on the ground, to hand over his intrinsic reports: "ho young master, under Damn, did not kill Ji-day trip, also he died four brothers ......"

Ji Hao face twisted with rage, fists pinch creaked and tried to kick the masked men kicked to the ground, low shouted:! "Waste four of eight heavy weapons refining the body, not even that of refining the body Ji-day trip triple waste does not kill, the young master support you with what?! "

Filled with horror masked man lying on the floor, quickly mercy explained: "! Hao Master appease the matter another misfortune ah"

"I then went under the mountain view over the four dead were brothers weapon pierced his head, like Jianmang caused sword and are killed."

Ji Hao frowned, puzzled eyes, muttered: "! Can not alone Ji-day trip that waste, how could kill them?"

At this time, middle-aged man opening a purple robe, sensual majesty of the masked men said: "You first withdraw."

Masked men suddenly, such as amnesty, towards the middle-aged man salute Kouxie, quickly exited the room.

Purple middle-aged mouth evoke a touch of sneer, playful tone: "The children Hao, Ji-day trip was apparently a master saved."

"But you obviously did not take the time to go to the southern suburbs of the guard, who is secretly shot rescued Ji-day trip? Is discipline sky secretly arranged a master to protect him?"

Ji-ho resentment squeezed fist, murderous said: "Dad, a failure does not matter, next time I'll find a real expert to solve him!"

Purple middle-aged shook his head, the tone of dignified said: "Hao child,Do not underestimate Ji-day trip, he was very intelligent and very alert. Today you plan fails, he must have suspected you, you go looking for opportunities to kill him, almost impossible. "

"And, Ji Sky now has become a waste, there is no threat to us. His biggest discipline is relying on the sky, the best thing to do is to find ways to eradicate discipline sky!"

"Just kill Ji sky, and so we took control of discipline at home, Ji-day trip is to fish on the chopping block, not let our mercy?"

Ji Hao eyes suddenly exposed naked, nodded: "Yes! Father said is absolutely right."

"However, Ji sky crafty and want to deal with him easier said than done?"

Purple middle-aged wisdom beads in hand exposed face, sneered:. "Sly fox have omissions, the parent solve his own way."

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