Chapter 13 turned out to be her!

Chapter 13 turned out to be her!

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Ji-day trip is very clear, white beauty of strength is definitely far more real dollars throughout.

Real dollars throughout the Seventh Warrior, although putting real dollars to be able to form their strength attack, but most vitality in vitro Zhang Yuan is the limit.

Tong Xuan territory only to master in order to gather strength Jianmang, murder within a hundred feet.

Such as the White Lady of Heaven's enemies sword of hundred meters away, it is definitely more than Tongxuan territory Seventh great master.

After all, he is the father Ji Tong Xuan sky throughout sixfold master, but definitely not white beauty is so terrifying strength.

Ji-day trip in the hearts of shock, secretly try to figure out the analysis on the occasion, the mountains behind him suddenly there came a dull sound.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Every dull sound was like a drumstick-like, shock the heart Ji day trip.

He felt the earth with a dull sound and tremor, not far from the forest foliage is shaking constantly separated toward both sides.

Look at posture, like having a powerful beasts being rushed out from the mountains.

Ji-day trip vigilant mind, subconsciously clenched his blood dragon sword.

The next moment, a huge terrible shadow out of the woods, mountains straight from the open space.

When Ji-day trip to see the shadows that, suddenly pupil contraction, covered with fine hair all fell erected.

I saw, it was a monster like appearance of the brown bear, great size such as housing, more than ten feet up!

Monster covered with red hair was red, still vaguely emerge little fire, a pair of fist big brown eyes, flashing a daunting coldness.

Ji-day trip no doubt that the bear-shaped monster is most likely higher-order Wicked, a slap in the face can smash walls, extremely powerful force!

He became even more shocking is that tied to the back of a similar monster fur saddle pad, is sitting wearing a black brilliant clothing, a young man carrying a red Sword.

The young man in his early twenties about as young, tall, strapping tower like a general.

His bare | exposed arms thick as a tree, his arm muscle Qiu knot, the skin was bronzed, exude aggressive atmosphere.

Bear-shaped open space monster rushed in from outside the line discipline day feet stopped.

Burly young condescending looked at Ji-day trip, glanced at the killer's corpse on the ground, his face showing a playful smile.

At this time, the jungle and rushed out of a monster, the monster in bear-shaped side stopped.

This is the first monster is a silver Julang, bear-shaped body is not as big as the monster, heavy footsteps not so frightening.

Julang hair shining silver, about ten feet in length, how much one person, exude a cold chill.

Silver Julang back, also sat a young man wearing a white robe.

But this young tall and slim, his face was sickly pale, gentle looks very weak, frail like a wealthy son of a general.

Of course, it is by virtue of people riding silver Ju Lang, Ji-day trip is absolutely not underestimate.

Burly young and thin young fellow apparently, the relationship between each other a great deal.

See emaciated young pale gasped, burly young then grinned: "Hey, white senior, you always say your Silver Wolf as fast winds, how this road trip, the faster and slower,I have not red inflammation storm bears fast is it? "

White brothers wiped his mouth with a white handkerchief, smiling and said: "Hao fellow, my silver to kill the wolf only when speed was not fast your red inflammation storm bears, violent force and patience long, nearly running all the way thousands of miles. also open in front of the mountains. "

Hao burly youth Young proud grin laughed, pointed to the top of the head, face the envy said: "But white brothers, even if we go even faster is to run on the ground, unlike the big senior sister apprentice so chic pleasant, riding a crane Spirit flying in the sky ...... "

White brothers nodded, still smiling appearance, when white crane spiritual beauty look back, eyes contains imperceptible touch of tenderness.

At this time, Hao Young pointed to the floor of the four bodies, dialogue brothers said:. "White Brother, we come one step too late, just big senior sister apprentice and chivalric, killed several masked thief"

White brothers smiling and said: "The big senior sister apprentice Raisin, kind-hearted kindness, which is Shixiongdimen all know."

. "Ah, that is quite" Hao fellow nodded, then looked Ji-day trip, meaningful smile: "Boy, the identity of our cloud Yao big senior sister apprentice repeat itself noble, how you can get her hands extended, this is your last generation to repair a blessing ah! "

White brothers just glanced a discipline day trip, then looked up in the sky look white beautiful woman, she did not even looked down on the record day trip.

Beautiful woman in white spirit crane back, his face still calm water, indifferent tone of opening:. "Young two, you do not forget this trip we have events in the body, do not delay get down to business."

Hao fellow suddenly restrained smile, Stern said:. "Big senior sister apprentice, we are just a short break, then continued on our way now."

When he finished, he rode storm bears red inflammation from Ji-day trip came by, the brothers also rode Silver white wolf to keep up.

They crossed the mountains open space, continue to rush towards the north.

Ji-day trip hearts thoughts crest, vaguely guessed anything but calm and collected on the surface.

Tsurumi spirit in the sky have to leave, he quickly hand over Bese Road to the White Lady: "! Thank you, Miss come to the rescue, bearing in mind that this grace Ji-day trip, his life did not forget."

"Needless ceremony, just little things."

White Lady response to an indifferent tone, then ride the Spirit of crane flew away.

After a few breathing, spiritual Crane disappeared in the sky, red inflammation storm bears and wolves silver on the figure disappeared in the mountains.

Ji remaining open space one day trip, surrounded by silence down.

"This young trio, but there are enigmatic strength, but also reveal the horse riding, listen to their call, all cases should Disciples."

"Listen to them talk, it seems shoulder important task. They hurry direction seems to be toward the Imperial City Albatron go ......"

"Cloud Yao? Cloud Yao ......" Ji Sky heart meditation names of several white beauty, always feel a bit familiar name, it seems to have heard of it.

Suddenly, his mind flashed a Emmanuel, his eyes burst out of thick shirt.

"Cloud Yao! Turned out to be her? Atlas were the chief disciple?!"

"She is the reputed Tianchen domain, with a youthful genius sword easily rolled Ten first Tianjiao?!"

Ji-day trip finally came to understand,No wonder the White Lady is like a fairy-like heaven do not dye Qian Chen, has a kendo is so superb attainments.

He's calm down, immediately think of another question.

"Atlas ...... they were the disciples to Qingyun country to do?"

After a long, Ji-day trip recovered, remembered Ji-ho was also wrapped around two killers.

So he quickly left the mountains, to the foot of the Official Road rush.

After a quarter of an hour, when he returned to the foot of the Official Road, only to find Ji-ho and two killers were gone.

Even his white horse riding and Ji-ho, do not know where to run.

Remnants of a few drops of blood on the ground, there is a piece tore the sleeves debris.

Ji-day trip a recognized them, it is a piece of blue cloth Ji-ho.

"Do not know how the situation of her second child, there is no escape?"

His heart a bit worried, but not do anything, then running all the way back towards the Imperial City after weighing a moment.

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