Chapter 12 Spirit Crane and phoenix

Chapter 12 Spirit Crane and phoenix

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Critical juncture, seeing Ji-day trip will be crucial sword stabbed.

Ji-ho suddenly thundered loudly, anxiety, scenes leap out.

"Brother careful!"

He threw himself on the flash figure Ji-day trip around, waving that sword burst open the sword.

Ji-day trip lucky escape unharmed, successfully jumped into the woods.

Ji-ho to help him block the sword, immediately came under attack several masked killer.

As he resist the masked killer sword attack, he did not forget urged:. "! Brother, these killers are coming at you you run ah, I'll stall them."

His voice faded, on the left arm in a sword, and immediately blood stained blue clothes.

Ji-day trip to see he was besieged several killers, the situation is very dangerous, throwing him alone this would not escape.

But Ji-ho stronger than his strength, he left behind will only delay Ji-ho.

Under such circumstances, Ji-day trip to make decisive decisions, immediately turned and fled.

He got into the woods bolted together, sensitive stature as the Bobcats general, the shuttle in the dense bush, much slower than on the ground.

Two killers entangled Ji-ho, the other four are rushed into the woods, go all out to kill him.

Dense woods full of thorns and weeds, Ji-day trip was to draw upon many wounds, blood stained clothes.

But he had no time to care, only desperate rush toward the distance.

Four killers can be stronger than the strength of his speed faster than him, did not take long to catch up with him.

Ji-day trip to see the front of the cliff, only desperation fled to the mountains.

Interest rates time after about ten, he fled to the mountains on a vacant lot.

There are more than ten feet radius of open space, the ground covered with a thick layer of leaves, surrounded by dense woods.

Four killer also caught up, spread out surrounded by open space.

"Boy, then escape ah?"

"Well, This time I see you where to escape!"

"Subject to go die you!"

"Kneel down to beg for mercy, Lord I give you enjoyment to die!"

Several killers were joking sneered, looks like a cat and mouse.

Ji-day trip nowhere to run, and the hearts poured out a trace of despair, look bad to the extreme.

But he absolutely refused to give up the struggle, rather desperate one stroke will not beg for mercy.

He clenched the blood of the dragon sword, cold eyes staring at several masked killer, thundered: "?! Who sent you to kill me."

"Oh, so you know the dead!"

The lead masked killer sneer, brandished a knife and severely discipline neck Zhanxiang day trip.

Ji-day trip quickly wield a sword to resist, but was sword shock stepped back in the hands of the blood of the dragon sword almost get rid of flying.

Take this opportunity to wield a sword to kill the other three killers, left in him deep the sword cut the bone a few.

On his back and thighs have a long chopsticks wound, constantly out braving the blood, the white clothes stained blockbusters.

Ji turned pale day trip, such as paper, covered with cold sweat, struggling pain did not fall.

As long as four killers then attack two strokes, he would have died on the spot, spared no possible.

However, the hand again killers, To Qutaxingming, the crowd buzzed overhead a clear crisp sound of birds.

Birdsong on that road over the mountains ringing,And Ji-day trip can listen to them, it is no ordinary bird sounds.

The next moment, a giant flying overhead crowd, obscured sun in the sky.

A radius of more than ten feet of space, and the discipline and the four-day trip masked killers, it has been shrouded in shadow.

Everyone stopped their attack, subconsciously looked up at the sky.

I saw, a great size as the white giant bird houses, is the one hundred meters from high in the sky, condescending overlooking them.

Whole body white bird giant bird, only the tail is black, also red head red crest, white crane with almost the same shape.

But, Ji-day trip had never seen such a large size crane amazing!

There are houses that crane body so much, after thirty meters wide white wings to start!

He suddenly remembered, had seen in a book had been introduced in this giant bird.

"This is the spirit ...... Crane? Is probably the book said, they reveal crane!"

Mountains and wilderness survival of mammals, mostly Xiongshou and evil, even if they are difficult to catch people domestication.

And they reveal different, are spiritual, humanity, can be domesticated.

Ji Yun-day trip heard a few country fed on royal head they reveal, it is said there were many powerful Atlas they reveal.

But these are only heard about him, and now witnessed the legendary spirit of the crane, of course, is eye-opening, mind tremendous shock.

Then he suddenly saw the white bird on the broad back of the crane spirit, even still stood a man!

Ji-day trip hearts more shocked, careful observation only to find it was a graceful posture, snow white wins stunning beauty!

The young girl approximately seventeen or eighteen, wearing a white dress, tall, and a black hair down to his waist.

Her hands holding a black sword scabbard, look indifferent spirit cranes stand back and being condescending overlooking the crowd.

The high-altitude wind blowing her clothes and hair, so she Yi Mei fluttering, temperament Chu Chen, as if unaware of the fairies in general!

Ji-day trip staring at her, revealing a deep sense of stunning eyes, heart beat fast bit.

He was sure, even searched the entire country Wun, absolutely can not find one like her so relaxed and God jade bone Bing Ji Xue Fu Yan Allure of stunning beauty!

So Pina, if fleeting, riding volley virtual white fairy, do not exist in the mundane world, but should Asgard over nine days in!

At the same time, four dumbfounded killer who recovered, were recovered amazing eyes.

They have not forgotten shoulder the task, thundered again soon sword to kill Ji-day trip.


"Go to hell!"

Swords blows, murderous overflowing on the mountain clearing.

Ji-day trip struggling with injury, and quickly sword to resist.

However, the spirit of the crane back stunning beauty but suddenly the sword.


Verge sword scabbard, blade bursting out cold as ice coldness, like a rainy youthful.

"Shabu shabu!"

Stunning beauty waved his sword, there will be four feet long Jianmang heaven, stabbing four masked killer.

Just a moment, four Jianmang simultaneously pierce the top of the head Tian Linggai four killer.

Killers body stiff stay still,Hand holding the sword still held in the air, out of the head but had Biao Xuejian.

Suddenly four people at the same time gave up the ghost, the corpse "Putongputong" fell to the ground, lying on the thick leaves and never movement.

Ji-day trip also shocked, stunned looking at the bodies of the four killers, heart off a stormy sea.

"She is a gross understatement of a sword, escape across one hundred meters high, with four Jianmang instant spike killer?"

"Her strength has reached the realm of what?"

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