Chapter 7 why kill with a sword

Chapter 7 why kill with a sword

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Blue robe and juvenile approximately seventeen or eighteen, stature touches grow tall and straight, handsome face, hands in her lap a white folding fan.

But he was covered in a kind of dissolute frivolous atmosphere, and also revealed the wretched and dirty between facial features.

"Oh! This is not our first century genius young master do?"

Askance askance juvenile blue robe with Ji-day trip, cynical sneer.

"Ji young master, you have today? Xue bothered to see you master this waste ah! Gee, refining the body throughout triple, even my horse's I do not like ah, ha ha ha ......"

Ji-day trip face darkened, his eyes staring at the cold, Chen Sheng shouted: "? Gu Hao, who gave you the courage, the courage in the face of the arrogance of the young master."

"How? Last lesson to you, you've forgotten it?"

Gu Hao, Gu Yun provincial governor three young master, refining the body throughout the five-power, is a famous imperial city Dandyism young master.

Although not as powerful Ji Gu's home, but also second only to the rich and powerful family of four big family.

Last June, Gu Hao child beauty coveted ring, ring in the street publicly molested children.

After Ji-day trip to know about it, the horse burst into the brothel in the is drinking Huajiu Gu Hao beat Mandizhaoya, lying in bed for three months.

It was the whole town, the people who Gu Hao has become a staple of jokes.

But no matter how humiliating Gu Hao, did not dare to look for revenge Ji-day trip, only to fight back today!

Now, listen Ji-day trip to bring that up, Gu Hao gas suddenly looking livid, furious Hema said: "Ji-day trip you waste a son of a bitch!!"

"Last year I just take liberties with your maid of it, you actually put my broken four ribs, also broke my leg! I always remember this hatred of!"

While he was talking, his face Yin Xiao approach towards the ring children.

"Ji-day trip, you do not shield their mistakes? Not very pet ring children do?"

"Today, we not only molested her! Also your face indecent assault her, I think you can me how this waste?!"

When he finished, Gu Hao suddenly grabbed the ring child's wrist, the other hand arrested at her chest.

Outside the gate of the sons of the rich and powerful, to see the behind the scenes are exposed gloating expression, have come around to be spectacular.

Everyone knows that Gu Hao forbear for a year, today finally revenge.

Maid molested Ji day trip is just a pretext, the real purpose is to force the Gu Hao Ji Sky shot, then beat him in public storm!

Gu Hao ring child was caught wrist, scream from panic, desperately struggling.

Although she martial arts, body territory quadruple strength but only refining, power weaker than many Gu Hao, Zheng Butuo at all.

Seeing, Gu Hao big hand to grasp the Central children that the chest full of towering.

At this time, Ji-day trip face cold drink burst out: "Gu Hao, you court death!"

Thundered the same time, he severely beat his chest to beat Gu Hao.

Although he dropped to the triple border of refining the body, the power of the extreme weakness, far worse than Gu Hao.

But after all he is a martial arts genius, practicing a sophisticated martial art, combat experience is rich enough.

He beat it as fast winds, and instantly Gu Hao shot in the left chest.

"Bang!"Muffled sound, Gu Hao body shake a few times, but did not fall, but never back half a step!

He let go of struggling ring child, he turned looked at Ji-day trip, his face showing contemptuous sneer of color.

"Ha ha ha ...... ah Ji Ji-day trip day trip!"

"You really are the body's waste refining the triple border! So poor strength, and even gave me a tickle enough ah, ha ha ha!"

Gu Hao proud and rampant, laughing, look Ji-day trip eyes full of sarcasm.

The crowd of dignitaries children who also burst into laughter, pointing to Ji-day trip unbridled laugh together.

If done before, Ji-day trip this beat to turn his shot fly, but also seriously injured vomiting blood, or even lose their lives!

And now, Gu Hao in his palm, but did not feel completely, not hurt nor itch.

However, no one was found, palm shoot in an instant Gu Hao Ji-day trip, he flew out of the palm-sized golden Jianqi a toothpick!

Golden Jianqi fleeting, and instantly got into Gu Hao body.

At the same time, Gu Hao laughter screeching halt.

His body suddenly stiff, his face pale as a sheet.

He just felt a sharp pain came at the chest, mouth also quietly overflow with blood.

He bowed his head in disbelief, look to his left chest.

I saw, there is blood hole the size of a grain of rice on the blue robe left chest, is out braving the blood, the stained blue robe.

Gu Hao frightened eyes staring Ji-day trip, off and said: "Ji-day trip you ...... you ...... How dare you kill me!?"

After that, he will be a soft body and fell to the ground.

The audience silent, all the talk and jeers are gone!

Crowd of people have been scared silly this scene, staring at the incredible Gu Hao, did not understand how it was.

Ji-day trip also shocked, his face grim look Gu Hao, looked at his right palm, his eyes flashed a touch of color doubts.

He said he had just learned Gu Hao meal, never thought to kill him, not to kill him in front of many of the children of the rich and powerful.

Even if Gu Hao again how darn dandy, after all he is the third son of the provincial governor cloud.

Ji-day trip to kill him in public, Gu will not let go, be sure to revenge Ji family!

And now, Gu Hao was lying on the ground, completely out of the movement, apparently barely able to breathe!

Ji-day trip would not understand, he just shoot beat it, did not use weapons, how could Gu Hao's chest was bleeding, died on the spot?

After a few seconds of silence the crowd of onlookers, suddenly raged, they have exclaimed cried out.

"Ah! Murder! Murder Ji-day trip in the street!"

"Quick! Go and inform Gu, Gu Hao Ji-day trip is to kill!"

"How is this possible? Ji-day trip obviously become a waste, how could spike Gu Hao beat up?"

Instant, more than 40 children of the rich and powerful who are anxious, the gates become extremely noisy.

Ji-day trip of extreme gloomy face, eyes glued to the Gu Hao's body, my mind also flashed countless thoughts.

He had expected to, then he will have to face very homely revenge.

Ring children also scared stunned, then he recovered, tearful voice: "The young master,I ...... all my fault, that I hurt your! "

"Young master, you are making me catch up to the homely, let me apologize to the dead, was quick!"

"Central children, what nonsense you say it?"

Ji-day trip frowned, took her got into the carriage.

"Central children Do not panic, we go home to say."

Carriage quickly left the hall elixir, seemed to vanish at the end of the street.

Elixir entrance hall two Tsing Yi guard, this time to collect myself, quickly flew forward into the yard, Xue message to report it to the master.

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