Chapter 6 Hardships never

Chapter 6 Hardships never

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Zaoshan run out, Ji-day trip took the ring child, sitting in the carriage went elixir Church.

Ji-day trip on his way to the ring child sitting in the carriage chat, inadvertently talk to the new master Xue Make immortality.

Ji Sky smiled and said:. "Central children, elixir Church today to ask to see Xue master will certainly many people, and in which there must be several other large family of people."

Ring child blinking eyes, he asked: "? Young master, why you"

Ji-day trip, explains:. "Because the mysterious immortality top grade level too scarce, not to mention real dollars Warrior territory, even if it is also a master of Tong Xuan territory heartbeat"

"If we can take the mysterious top grade level of immortality, real dollars throughout Warrior will certainly big breakthroughs, even if the territory is a master of Tong Xuan, can get a great benefit."

"I know immortality grade, divided into ordinary immortality, and immortality Hyun-level meta-level immortality are three for each class is divided into immortality beneath contempt, the goods, top grade and best."

"Like I usually just take the meta-level immortality, taking twenty few month, must spend tens of thousands of ounces of silver. And Hyun-level immortality is more expensive, and every single must be tens of thousands of ounces of silver."

"The Master Xue Make mysterious immortality top grade level, I'm afraid each tablet can be sold for 000 silver, and he may not be willing to sell ......"

"Immortality 000 silver? Would not it be able to buy ten Zhaizi in the Imperial City?!" Ring child suddenly shocked, disbelief Zhang mouth.

Ji Sky smiled and said nothing more.

Before long, the carriage arrived elixir hall, stopped at the gate.

Ji-day trip not out of the carriage, I heard at the door and came a loud buzz.

He stepped down from the carriage and saw elixir Church outside the gate has been full of people, at least there are more than forty.

These people are the imperial city of aristocratic family, all of them are dressed, dignified appearance.

Ji-day trip casually glanced glances, we see a lot of family children know, hands are carrying a luxurious gift box.

Although the elixir Church door open, the door guard guarding only two Tsing Yi.

But more than forty dignitaries are afraid to go in, only lined up outside the gate waiting.

Ji-day trip out of the carriage, with a ring children to the front door.

The presence of the crowd suddenly turned to look, are exposed sneer and joking expression.

"Ha ha ha ...... we Look Na, Ji young master come home!"

"Gee, Imperial first day ah, the night becomes a waste not to say, Langkawi also break off an engagement, his face where to put ah!"

"If I ah, simply hanged himself forget!"

"You stupid ah? Why commit suicide ah? Ring children have little beauty to accompany every night can Merry happy, of course, people want to live and enjoy ah!"

Many powerful sons of cynical talk with, enraptured speak, the extreme gloat.

Ji-day trip to ignore them, without blinking an eye went to the gate, the guard on Tsing Yi said:. "Troublesome informed soon, Ji-day trip came to visit Xue master"

That Tsing Yi guard glanced at him, blankly say "wait", he turned and went into the elixir Church informed.

Church elixir of hospitality in the lobby, wearing a purple robe Xue guru was sitting in the main seat while tea while talking with the guests.Master Xue approximately sixty years old, white hair and beard, chin beard down to his chest.

Although he was elderly, but with Tong Xuan territory of strength, beauty and often take immortality, so ruddy face with a middle-aged man of forty similar.

He ends up sitting on the guests, and is wearing a white dress girl, born beautiful and moving, elegant and refined temperament.

Her hands holding a luxurious Bai Yuli box, handed it to the master Xue, smiled and said:. "Master Xue, Yunfei hear that you exit last night, early in the morning they came to celebrate."

"Both the Millennium Yu Fu fruit, Junior's is a little something, please kindly Xue master!"

Master Xue suddenly brow of a challenge, his eyes flash of color surprised, smiling Bai Yuli took the box.

"Oh, really determined the niece of Yunfei!"

"If this is the Millennium Yu Fu goodly portion of the top herbs, a niece also got two, the intention of the old lady jotted down."

Ling Yunfei shallow smile, voice tactfully said:. "As the saying goes donated sword hero, the only way of top-name drugs, was worthy of Xue master your identity ah"

"In addition, Xue master Langkawi and we always befriend, Yunfei also on behalf of my father to come here to greet you elderly."

"Ha ha ha ...... that old lady would like to thank Yunfei niece."

Master Xue hearty laugh or two, also took out a vial of white Paoxiu from inside.

"Yunfei niece, here are two Dan Ling Yun, it is the old lady last night was Tempered, Dan, this must make you big breakthroughs to help you smoothly thanks to the dyke cases by a large majority ......"

Ling Yunfei look happy, quickly took Xue master's return.

She had just accepted the white vial, was about to say a few kind words of thanks.

After this point, a guard walked into the lobby of Tsing Yi, a bow ceremony intrinsic reports: "Qi Bing Xue old, young master Ji Ji Sky asked to see."

"? Ji-day trip" Master Xue pick pick brow, wondering: "What did he come?"

When he finished, he looked secretly Ling Yunfei look.

Ling Yun Fei is looking slightly changed, eyes flashed a hint of mockery of color.

She quickly smiled, Xue explained to the master said: "Master Xue, you retreat alchemy three months off last night was out, probably you do not know what discipline day trip ......"

Ling Yun Fei immediately to Chi-day trip turned into waste, and the dissolution of marriage matter with her to say it again.

Master Xue complexion changes several times, will be on guard Tsing Yi Chen Sheng shouted: "!? Coax him waste away a face disgrace, the old lady would like to ask you to attempt to save him."

"Yes, sir!"

Tsing Yi guard hand over a gift, turned out of the lobby.


Ji-day trip elixir Church stood at the gate, looking calm patiently waited.

Although, next to the powerful sons of whispering from time to time we cast a look of contempt, issued sarcastic chuckle.

But he turned a blind eye, a deaf ear, trying to suppress the hearts of anger.

He knows that when he was first Imperial genius, these dignitaries children, who can only look up to him, jealous of his heart, but did not dare to offend him.

These are the children of the rich and powerful before him groveling before, also flattery too.

So, now he became the laughing stock of the waste and, these people would ridicule double insult him.That is the reality, but also the humanity!

At this point, Tsing Yi escort back to the gate, looking cold looking at Ji-day trip, contemptuous said: "Boy, you want to see Xue master, you can go!"

Outside the gate of the sons of the rich and powerful, suddenly burst into laughter sound, and gloating talk together.

Ji day trip looking slightly changed, secretly clenched fists.

Gas ring children Qiao Lian pale, Tsing Yi to that guard snapped shouted: "!? Darn you know you're talking to do this is our family's young master discipline ......"

She would not finish, then Tsing Yi will escort exposed contemptuous sneer, joking tone: "The young master Ji Well, how could I not know?"

"Now the whole Imperial people know him, the first day of refining the body throughout triple Well, hey hey ......"

Gas ring child suddenly trembling, hands-silver Yayi Yao will teach him a lesson.

Ji-day trip, but looking cold and said:. "Central children, well, we go."

Children stormed the ring guard Tsing Yi stared at, this day trip along with discipline and turned to leave.

However, Ji-day trip just out of the crowd, the crowd burst into a luxury clothing out of the blue robe teenager, stopped his way.

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