Chapter 4 eighteen mysterious tombstone

Chapter 4 eighteen mysterious tombstone

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Black Sword monument standing between heaven and earth, exudes a very forceful momentum, repression breath of heaven and earth.

Ji-day trip to see the tall black sword monument, weathered and covered with traces of etching the years, it is very old.

This monument sword I do not know how long after the years, it seems the world with life, eternal existence.

He looked up at the high lofty monument sword, sword see the monument engraved with four mottled characters.

Every word stroke complicated, appears vigorous and effective, seems to contain a sharpened sword unparalleled intended to tear through the monument out of the sky.

Ji-day trip just saw two more, was suppressed contains four characters meaning the sword, hearts give birth to a deep sense of awe.

It is very mysterious ancient words, not at this time of writing, he has not even seen.

The strange thing is, he did give birth to mind hazy sense, recognized that before.

Jian Shen Tomb!

"Jian Shen's tomb? Here is a graveyard?"

Ji-day trip in the heart of doubt, secretly thinking: "No wonder looks so desolate gray, but also full of the breath of death."

"But I only heard some strong numbers from fencing master, Albatron country first kendo strong, only willing to call themselves Gladius."

"Someone was actually called Jian Shen? What strength that he is the realm?"

Ji-day trip would not understand, what is the strength of Jian Shen state title.

But he guessed, Jian Shen tomb is so forceful, strong top before his death is certainly beyond his imagination!

He withdrew the sword monument looking eyes, continued to journeyman sword toward the monument.

Shortly after, he came under the sword monument, looked around in the wilderness.

I saw, on the left and right sides of the sword monument wilderness, lined up in the stands a few dozen black tombstone.

Ji-day trip counted a total of eighteen tombstone, left and right sides of each nine.

He walked around the left side of the row of tombstones found on each tombstone are inscribed the ancient text.

Some large monument text, number as many as hundreds.

Some small monument of the text, only a sentence or two, more than twenty words.

For Ji-day trip, these mysterious ancient text, it should be strange.

But he stared at the first observation of a tombstone for a while, mind and give birth to a hazy sense, actually recognized the complexity of those obscure text.

Look at those old words, his heart could not help meditation together.

"Kendo beginning of the territory, Kenshin."

"The so-called Kenshin, is grown up sword body, cohesion Kenshin This extremely Road, up sword in hand, sword in the heart of the territory ......"

See here, Ji-day trip could not help but stopped, filled with shocking and unbelievable.

These two phrases he had never heard of, and with his experience and knowledge completely inconsistent practice, even subversive!

Ten mysterious child he was practicing swordsmanship well-known from the first day of swordsmanship, sword in hand is to practice.

Not only him, even Albatron domestic kendo masters, should display their sword to the sword.

Even the country's first Kendo strong Albatron - Jian Zong adults, but also the sword their hands, day and night of hard training.

The text on the tombstone, says the first step in practicing Kendo is Kenshin realm, after excel to achieve sword in hand, sword in effect heart.This is not nonsense it?

Not the hands of the sword, then also how to fall asleep? How to display their swordsmanship?

Ji-day trip subconscious thought: "! Tombstone on this case, eight is whimsical insane lie, totally inconsistent with the Budo practice common sense ah."

But he then I thought, here is the tomb of Jian Shen, the text is likely monument Jian Shen who leaves.

If not, certainly with Jian Shen related.

So he skeptical and curious attitude, and read on.

"The first layer Kim way, self-destruct pubic region, is the root of its own essence, combined with world strength, concise Jianqi bred sword tire body."

Ji-day trip a bit dumbfounded, I just feel these words made him an eye-opener, 10 years of knowledge and Three Views are subverted.

"My God! What is this way Kenshin evil power? Kenshin want to practice, you have to first destroy the pubic region?"

"Warrior pubic region is the foundation of practice, more important than the lifeblood of who would self-destruct pubic region to practice this evil power? Unless it is crazy!"

Thought of this, Ji-day trip stunned for a moment, my mind coming out of a crazy idea.

"Hey! Ordinary weapons can not self-destruct pubic region to practice Kenshin, I do not like ah!"

"My pubic region has disappeared, this life can not achieve real dollars throughout this life can only be a waste of refining the body throughout ...... maybe I can try to practice it?"

Kim Ji-day trip and always felt perverse way, do not meet the common sense Budo, most likely vice evil power.

But he has been cornered, and want to restore strength to revenge Ling Yunfei, he would not miss any opportunity to let him become strong.

Next, he carefully read the text on the first piece of tombstone, try to figure out after a while probably know.

"If I Kim way to practice, it is necessary refining the body of gas, and with its own essence world strength, condensed into Jian Qi, Jian Qi then bred in vivo sword Tire."

Ji-day trip pondered think this is very novel cultivation methods, open up strange, perhaps really likely to succeed.

He put the first piece of text on the tombstone firmly in mind, look to the second tombstones.

Less text on the tombstone, only more than twenty words, the record is a meditation practice is to exercise our powers route.

He put more than twenty words practice formulas down, and they look to the third, fourth and fifth tombstones.

He found a few words on the tombstone behind more and more esoteric.

Even if he can recognize the text on the tombstone, but those words do not understand what that means.

He barely more than glances, I felt tired mind, thinking has become confused them.

Ji-day trip know, his strength is too low realm, has not yet begun practicing Kenshin way.

If forced to watch the profound metaphysical practice of law, probably insane, deranged madman becomes.

So he hastened to look back, no longer see those tombstones.

"Bite off more than you can chew, regardless of Kenshin way is not evil power, should be gradual practice and study and understanding."

"I'll leave here again, Kenshin way to try the first layer of the practice of law."

Ji-day trip and my heart just leave out the idea, mysterious space, and eighteen ancient tombstone, immediately becomes illusory blurred.Mind homing the next moment, Ji-day trip, sober him.

He sat up in bed, opened his eyes and looked around, found himself still in the room.

The window is nightfall, the lights have lit up.

He took the tea cup to drink a cup of tea in bed, tired and rubbed his brow, murmuring: "The? How I slept like a dream."

"Do not know, Jian Shen of the tomb and eighteen tombstones, in the end is true or a dream?"

Ji-day trip frown recalled a moment, the monument of the first and second block of text, and clear surfaced in his mind.

He hesitated for a moment to consider, then decided to take a risk, try practicing Kenshin way.

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