Chapter 1 original everything is a conspiracy

Chapter 1 original everything is a conspiracy

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Spring in March, it is the grass sprout, flowers are blooming on the occasion.

Tin House on the mountain, a pair of young men and women standing side by side being an ancient Panasonic, affectionately snuggle together and watch the distant mountains and scenery.

Teenage approximately sixteen or seventeen, born Jian Mei Star eyes, handsome face, slender body is upright.

He wore a robe of silk, gestures quite a bit valiant and distinguished atmosphere, apparently born in wealthy family.

Nestled in his side's white dress girl, though only fifteen-year-old age, they are are tall and slim, beautiful face, the whole body there are kinds of delightful and elegant temperament.

Teenage girl looking at the side head slightly, revealing a faint smile on Qiao Lian, mildly crisp voice said:. "Sky brother, three days is the day we dyke were to recruit disciples Albatron country when the youth of the country to Talent will Qiju Huang city, to participate in the dyke were entry-examination. "

"Sky brother, you have to worship into the dyke were targeted, how about now to prepare it?"

Ji-day trip holding small girl's hand, revealing a touch of self-confident smile, "Yun Fei sister, Atlas is the first large doors we were Tianchen domain, control of ten of the Kingdom Tianchen domain, every three years to recruit from our country Qingyun ten disciples. do you want to worship into the dyke disciples were simply impossible and! "

"But, in my now qualified strength and talent, thanks to the Atlas cases should be no problem."

Heard, Ling Yunfei rebuke glared at him, smiled and said: "Sky brother, you are too humble you, but one of the young master Imperial discipline at home four families, it is a young Imperial City! the first generation of genius ah! "

"Three years ago, you're still refining the body throughout the seventh time, it is already the imperial city's top martial arts genius. Since I put our Langkawi heirloom treasure God beads presented to you, you mysterious sword blood was completely inspired. you took only three years, from the seventh to reach the territory of refining the body of real dollars throughout the Seventh. "

"With your practice speed, not to mention ranked first in the imperial city, even in the entire country Albatron also called the first day of all the days brother, this time you will not only be able to easily pass the examination, and even get the first firmly one, to become the core of the dyke were disciples of it. "

Ling Yunfei was so touted, Ji-day trip also did not arrogance impatient, looking remained calm.

He touched Ling Yun Fei's head, smiled and said:. "Yunfei sister, your daughter is also very good ah Langkawi is not only one of the four families, or young generation the most outstanding genius alchemy teacher to you real dollars throughout the five-strength, than I am that far. "

"After three days, you certainly can successfully pass the examination, and I worship into the dyke were together. We have been engaged for three years, after which we were successful thanks to the dyke and so on, I let my father down dowry to Langkawi, you marry early to go home. "

"Oh, brother, you do not say a day trip, good Xiuren ......"

Hearing this, Ling Yun Fei Qiao Lian suddenly flushed, embarrassed bow fell on the shoulders Ji day trip.

Ji-day trip smiled and stretched out his arms, held her in his arms, gentle voice said:. "Yunfei, if not met you, I would not have today's my first day of imperial name, you have half credit."

"Yunfei, the future of our worship into the dyke were together, weddings married again, we will be able to stay together, and still practice together, the pursuit of martial arts pinnacle ......

Ji-day trip expectant tell, did not see nestled in his arms Ling Yunfei, eyes suddenly flashed a contemptuous coldness.

Ling Yun Fei right hand, seems no intention of pressing on his lower abdomen at the pubic region, suddenly burst into force tyrannical yuan, palm burst out of a mass of crimson fire.


Muffled sound, caught off guard Ji-day trip, which was to make every effort Ling Yunfei beat up, playing down how far flying ten feet, looking pale fell to the ancient Panasonic.

Ji-day trip struggled to get up, wipe the mouth hand spilled blood, incredible look Ling Yunfei, cried aloud: "?! Yunfei, so to me why you ......"

He could not believe, and he fell in love three years, Ling Yunfei, even shot attack him.

Ling Yun Fei at the moment, like a different person, who is fresh and elegant temperament disappeared.

She exude a cold, contemptuous eyes staring Ji-day trip, step by step, walked toward him.

"Ji-day trip, do you think you alone, Ji family of wealth and power, Ling Yunfei heart I can make it?"

"Do you think you are alone, three years ago, and I can make when you first met, your heart a good impression on you?"

"Oh, Ji-day trip, you are too naive!"

Ling Yunfei voice filled with disdain and mockery, Qiao Lian also full sneer.

Ji-day trip pale leaning against the ancient pine trees, looked at her in disbelief.

He suddenly discovered that this has always been gentle and elegant fiancee in front of him, actually become so strange.

Ling Yun Fei walked over to him, look at him mercy, sneered: "Ji-day trip, I tell you, the reason why these three years I fall in love with you, you often gift of immortality, to spare no effort to help you practice, is to Pearl of sinking! "

"God in your body beads, the real name of God wins beads! I put it in foster care in your pubic region, it will be able to draw your talent cultivation and blood. The more senior, the more powerful blood talent, upbringing God wins the stronger the effect of beads! "

Ji-day trip suddenly looking upheaval, exposing the stunned face and the color of anger, shouted aloud: "?! Ling Yunfei, you should take advantage of me, take away my talent with wins God beads and repair"

"You ...... Hello vicious heart!"

Under Jinu hearts and minds, splitting the pubic region colic Ji-day trip, his mouth has cropped up Xuemo child.

His subconscious force to use yuan, want to live in the pubic region of repression injury.

But he suddenly found pubic region seems to be some kind of seal of power, there is no hint of the yuan force.

In desperation, he struggled to escape, only to find that the whole body is paralyzed and can not move.

He saw the site looks like, Ling Yunfei exposed deep color ridiculed, sneered and said:. "Ji-day trip, do not struggle, give up resistance to it."

"Before the mountains, I've already made in your tea in a sealed yuan loose, your real dollars have been sealed, paralyzed stiff and could not escape."

"Do not forget, I'm the first Imperial genius alchemist! In order to deal with you, I spent a full two weeks time, and only then sealed yuan scattered Make it!"

"All right,No nonsense with you. God wins beads have been raised in your pubic region for three years, which also brought to light, huh, huh ...... "

While sneer, Ling Yunfei hand abdominal pubic region towards Ji-day trip to the beat, palm and crimson flames burst out.

Ji-day trip angry canthus was killing, but unable to resist, only shouted: "!!! Ling Yunfei you this insidious despicable villain I will not let you."

Ling Yunfei face more cold, burst out of the palm element force three percent surge, crimson fire and more bright.


Ji-day trip was beat up hit the pubic region, suddenly mouth emitting a blood.

Blood in dark red beads the size of a peanut, whole body transparent as glass, exudes a touch of red.

This is what God wins beads, which contains a record three-day trip for the repair, as well as a deep sense of the mysterious sword of blood.

Ling Yun Fei picked up wins God beads to observe a moment of joy when he exposed his face.

"Mysterious sword blood really extraordinary, took three years to seize Pearl of parenting to the point!"

"Ji-day trip, I really have to thank you, ah!"

Qi Ji day of teeth, struggling with serious bodily injury, angry growled:! "Ling Yunfei Even if you took away wins God beads, mysterious sword with my blood talent, I still the martial arts genius, soon restored strength."

"At that time, I will revenge today's ten times your money back!"

Ling Yunfei suddenly disdain laughed: "Ha ha ha ...... Ji-day trip, you Tai Xiaoqiao seize the power of God beads!"

"Not only does it take away your skill, but also captured the mysterious sword your blood! From now on, you are a basket case can not practice, but also to talk about revenge?"

"You ......!" Ji-day trip to this was seriously injured, but suffered such stimuli, suddenly blood reflux, two and one black fainted.

At this time, behind trees out of a handsome face, temperament feminine young man.

Ling Yunfei see the handsome youth, immediately showing a touch of charming smile, quickly greeted, handed him the God beads wins.

"Little Royal Highness, it's done, Fengyun Pearl also won the restitution of God."

Young handsome wins accept God beads, the Ling Yunfei hug in his arms, smiled and said: "Fifi, you order the king, these three years by a lot of grievances, do not worry, the king you never negative."

Ling Yunfei exposed face happy smile, handsome young arms around his neck, and whispered:. "Little princes, and for you, Yunfei willingly"

"Little prince, you want to seize refining God beads as soon as possible. Soon, you will Mingyangtianxia the ......"

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