Dragon-Marked War God

By Su Yue Xi



Breathing heavily of big mouth.

Longyang this time is relaxes thoroughly, but also let alone, this strength must look for the own localization insufficient, this is the highest good name.

Shows off power this matter, places body this of Longyang absolutely can be said as a giant pit, he jumped also to flood one share thick unwillingness on the body.

The solid condition adds on nowadays mood, after causing was suddenly relaxed, this fellow does not have the origin is fear.

Un, is good because of oneself also a little skill, otherwise had not insisted that like that the long time has hung, can that disgraced lose to the grandmother family/home good?

Some things, in front of you your oneself does not treasure, once after losing, the vigor of your whole person completely will also vanish, such time, how many people also there are, in the innermost feelings can balance in the true sense?

Temporarily that don't asked stronger with strength on many, this, in the heart of Longyang is the fact, fact that does not allow to refute.

The nature, coming up of not sufficient big end did at this time, this is best choice.

May no matter what, in his heart aggrieved, you can count on the youngster who a more than 10 year, can have such strength in meditation?

„Promotion strength, must promote the strength well, otherwise, don't asked after that boy surely again, bullies does not die I, before that was fat the hammer, did not say him, I also had a vivid memory.” Under the Longyang heart starts to calculate.

Really is because before seemed like some dai Chinese zithers is excessive.

This group of fellows, said that is also a being in direct line disciple of purple cloud python clan, the bloodlines and talent are not.

You can count on that they have stayed in the beforehand strength like that wait for you to go oppressively? Although some yellow dog also has bloodlines inheritance, there is a talent, but, after all in his here also is the unknown.

In situation that what ability, what method has not known, goes to very oppressive don't to ask, this does not clarify after to oneself, looks for the stimulation?

At this moment, Longyang was wants to understand, sometimes dai Chinese zither, cannot do according to own idea completely, only if you were any so-called first under heaven Chosen, otherwise, the falling miserably in a very easy task possibility forever will have.

And looks at had insisted with hardship, the actually as before suppressed opposite party, in don't asked in the hand does not pass through simply falls, that feeling, but also let alone, even if Longyang knows the result, unavoidably somewhat eats the taste at heart.

Before, he with don't asked that the strength disparity may not be big, even , to be oppressive he, this also by no means very difficult matter.

Punches one fat is evidence is good?

May turn the head, this situation had the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, surprised? He is not surprised.

But must say that a point mood like that does not have this not possible.

However to present, in his heart somewhat is also has balanced some, no matter what, oneself have the growth space, let alone, if really said that this fought the space that oneself displayed also to reach the limit, in wants not to have with some, did not have any meaning.

Sometimes, the person must study are going balanced, particularly balances at heart, often sees a strength compared with the young people who you stronger, your difficult non- achievement to be hard to accept, such psychological endurance, this whole life estimated that will not have any big prospect.

„Conclusion bird!”

Turning head of dai Chinese zither, don't asked that until had determined thoroughly the concealed day raises not to have the battle efficiency, he is called a halt.

No matter what, this time matter for him is also a big capital of showing off, the inheritance ultimately was obtained, Longyang that fellow discovered first, has not had the possibility of slight inheritance like that.

No doubt in his heart knew this what's the matter, but generally speaking, that superiority feeling also braved.

The matter that this year the head, oneself can achieve your could not achieve after all, regarding this by the fellow who punches fat, but, this is one feels proud and elated absolutely, enough dai Chinese zither some time matter.

„Oh! Smelly dog! Wants us to compare one now?”

„I discovered, fights or compares notes with whom, not with the happiness that you come.” The grinning villainous smile, don't asked now is wants at heart very well left that foul odor.

A Longyang supercilious look lost.

fuck, this thinks oneself were inexpensive enough, the fellow who actually unexpectedly bumps into also wants inexpensive many.

At this time must compare notes with, this did not clarify wanted the oppressive deceased person baa? Even if we are a fool cannot comply?

Longyang at this moment, in the heart don't to shameless somewhat has understood, this fellow who asked solely was not words discusses, let the popularity did not hit one fellow.

The skill that „you just obtained, remains is dealing with other people! Here may not arrive at the peaceful time.” Helpless speaking.

Longyang heart perception in like that already investigated around this all places.

Although, this person does not need discretion like that sometimes, but where is here? Refined appearance in the true sense crosses the place of inheritance, does not know many the expert hero seeks for the good fortune in inside.

They are also this all living things one of the, the general idea may be able slightly body dies and Dao disappears.

In such situation, even if has liked playing inexpensive Longyang, this discrete must enhance.

But his perception to danger, essentially compared with many that this crowd of snake clans stronger, similarly, the investigation of so-called treasure, is named the dog nose, naturally also on keen many.

Also is because he can the earliest possible time discover that like this treasure can the earliest possible time discover the danger.

But now, he does not think here peace, already can the eyes eyeball of sensation around as if to this stare at them, and perhaps this strength raises that concealed day is stronger.

Actually did not have take action to the present, is this what's the matter?

Thinks of here, Longyang oneself started somewhat curiously, compelling him to come out, this is the present Longyang thought matter that must handle.

Even if really said that such situation is actually very difficult to give one to explain, if has been concerned with, what god knows that eye in secret has to plan, at that time, their this group of people, will fall into to what kind of passive in?

„Un? Also some people?”

First starts the sensation, don't asked that has not actually discovered slightly exceptionally.

immediately, this is very doubts looked to Longyang.

„Buddy! Comes out! Difficult to be inadequate also wants to work as turtle continuously with us?” Longyang had not replied words that don't asked that at this moment, has actually proven own guess with the practical action.

A spoken parts shadow, appears from the thick patch of grass of that sight of green abundancy gradually.


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