Dragon-Marked War God

By Su Yue Xi

The sword 24, stop the regeneration certainly

The sword 24, stop the regeneration certainly

Ba Zhe (tyrant) Monk item of reveal golden light, but has a nightmare black the Buddha method, as before has not actually stopped, Buddha Golden Body, the powerful is incomparable, a palm makes, black demon chaotic dance, demon qi vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered.

„ten thousand Hunjue shade!”

Jiang Chen calm and composed, at a moderate pace, facing the Venerable Emperor rank has a nightmare black Buddha, does not have slight retreat, Golden Body Buddha, making Jiang Chen incomparable enforces, but actually may not defeat itself, can only explain, this has a nightmare black Buddha, indeed is enough powerful.

ten thousand Hunjue the shade, the sword potential startled great wild goose, with has a nightmare Buddha giant palm to interweave black vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, giant palm is reduced to ashes, the sword potential dissipation all does not have, Jiang Chen withdraws to go, the complexion is dignified, but has a nightmare black Buddha is also the incomparable anger, roaring, is roaring lowly, seems divulging the anger of innermost feelings.

A Jiang Chen sword has exterminated his Golden Body palm, although the injury is not big, but makes him feel that the dignity was extremely provoked.

The black fog again changes, the giant palm regeneration, toward the Jiang Chen's form, horizontally grasps to go again, Jiang Chen retreats in order to advance, fortifies at every step, sword two thirteen at this time were incomparable blazing, was wrapped by this black fog, the sound of sword recitation, unceasing buzz was calling, the air/Qi of vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered expansive sky black demon, Jiang Chen angrily roared, displayed Dragon Transformation, incarnation hundred zhang (333 m) Dragon Body, with had a nightmare black Buddha unceasing interweaving together.

golden light puts greatly, Dragon Transformation nears, along with has a nightmare black the Buddha inundation darkness fog, Jiang Chen shouts one, Dragon Prestige is intermittent, among instant that hundred zhang (333 m) Dragon Body and has a nightmare black Buddha Buddha Golden Body, the mutual collision, impacts, Jiang Chen's hundred zhang (333 m) Dragon Body, the prestige is irreversible, charm unparalleled, tears unceasingly is having a nightmare black Buddha hundred zhang (333 m) Golden Body, scene terrifying extremely.

„Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique!”

Jiang Chen displays Soaring Dragon Technique once again, the strength rises dramatically instantaneously, with had a nightmare Buddha Golden Body to attack black several times, has victory in the hand, that Golden Body Buddha is tattered and torn, under Jiang Chen's Dragon Transformation, definitely is unable to continue to run amuck.

„Big Buddha palm!”

Has a nightmare Buddha to strike black shockingly, drops from the clouds, the palm is exceedingly high, like a raging fire, is ordinary just like heaven collapsing, earth shattering, the direct impact looks like Jiang Chen to go, the Jiang Chen dragon roar is intermittent, an seal offers a sacrifice, dizzy, the wind and cloud changes countenance, profound Heavenly Seal, along with the strength of Dao Accumulation, sweeps across the expansive sky, even if has a nightmare black the big Buddha palm of Buddha, cannot defeat Jiang Chen.

The big Buddha palm and profound Heavenly Seal shell together, terrifying the strength of Dao Accumulation, is like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds ordinary, swallows the big Buddha palm thoroughly completely, has a nightmare Buddha to explode black draws back to go, the distressed color, let Jiang Chen is under decides has killed his determination.

„Golden Body Buddha, heaven and earth treasure shape!”

Has a nightmare black the Buddha incarnation diamond, zhang (3.33 m) nine Golden Body, black light is cold, undying and unextinguished, body like mighty bell, motionless as mountain.

„Sword two thirteen!”

Jiang Chen holds the sword in it, but sword two thirteen are actually how regardless of unable to break has a nightmare black Buddha Golden Body Buddha.

Heavenly Dragon Sword destroys the hardest defenses, Sword of No Realm does not have the thing broken, sword two thirteen have achieved peak of Sword Realm, but Jiang Chen then thought that very early in the morning sword two thirteen odd/surplus Shi completely, have not had the sword 24 births surely.

While this opportunity, Jiang Chen evolved sword two thirteen unceasingly, the strength promotes Emperor Realm late stage, was bravely irreversible, Heavenly Dragon Sword divine might, has urged to send to the boundary of extreme.

„Sword 24! Stops the regeneration certainly!”

The Jiang Chen heart not gets off one's main subject, becomes aware the sword with single-hearted devotion, long ago, sword two thirteen in his opinion are Sword of No Realm extreme, ten thousand Hunjue the shade, becomes extinct Nine Heavens! But this time, he when the sword two thirteen swords in the potential had discovered Sword of No Realm extreme changes, ten thousand Hunjue the shade, heaven and earth extinguishes, during must soon extinguish the rebirth, Sword of No Realm, then another level higher.

Sword 20 four take action that moment, in Jiang Chen heart incomparable pleased, excited inexplicable, he knows, sword two thirteen, breakthrough, Sword of No Realm, the sword was finally without limits, at this moment, in his heart has filled fighting intent, invincible.

„Comes well!”

In the Jiang Chen hand Heavenly Dragon Sword flutters recklessly, the sword 24 in that moment of drawing a sword, have been doomed, stops the regeneration certainly, soon during extinguishes has a new lease of life, air/Qi accumulated and power and influence of sword, promoted ten times to continue, sword two thirteen, substituted for by sword 24 completely.

Sword of No Realm, destroys the hardest defenses!

Sword 24 awe-inspiring, the sword swings the universe to be limitless, cut to break instantaneously has had a nightmare black Buddha Golden Body, at that moment, had a nightmare Buddha to explode black draws back to go, the blood spurted crazily, could not suppress the sword 24 offensive completely, the distressed stance, compared with before, did not know many on weakly.


Has a nightmare Buddha qi and blood to turn black wells up, the method completely leaves, but had still been broken own Buddha Golden Body by Jiang Chen, at this moment, the sword 24 go through vertically heaven and earth, lets have a nightmare Buddha to complain constantly black, Sword of No Realm, peerless unparalleled, even if Venerable Emperor has a nightmare black Buddha, in his hands was defeated.

„Good Heavenly Dragon Sword, good move of sword 24!”

Jiang Chen incomparable gratified, this war, it may be said that completely suppressed has had a nightmare black Buddha, at this time, Ba Zhe (tyrant) Monk was also loose impure air, Jiang Chen unobstructive, they then unobstructive.

„Buddha Pagoda, mediocre, it seems like you have exhausted the bag of clumsy tricks, in the future, I looked that who also dares to look for my Jiang Chen's to be troublesome, the person of Buddha Pagoda, I sees one, kills one!”

Saying of Jiang Chen domineering, has a nightmare simply black Buddha.

Black in an extremely difficult situation has a nightmare Buddha, sneers, came to a stop as before the waist, coldy and Jiang Chen looking at each other.

„Can compel this step me, calculates that you are in luck. Jiang Chen, I have a nightmare today black Buddha, must seize Buddha Pagoda you inevitably, Buddha, was unable to be few.”

„Dies to being imminent is too stubborn to admit a mistake, making me have a look at you also to have any skill.”

Jiang Chen raises the head to hope, has a nightmare black Buddha unexpectedly also so rampantly, this Jiang Chen must make heavy losses to him surely cuts to kill, to a Buddha Pagoda profound lesson.

„Demon has a nightmare changes, black extremely Buddha!”

Has a nightmare the Buddha whole body to move black, black armor proliferates the whole body, cold wind comes, has a nightmare Buddha to swallow the decency rain black, the figure transforms unceasingly, finally turned into the color of incomparably luminous bright silver, black light surged, radiant dazzling.

„Demon has a nightmare changes! You after all had a nightmare the demon change refining.”

The Ba Zhe (tyrant) Monk complexion slightly changes, before innumerable years , when the Buddha sect time, has a nightmare black Buddha was received the Buddha sect, becoming a buddhist time, once was the tumultuous times big demon, its demon had a nightmare demon art that changed, making one dread, was is really extremely tragic cultivation method, injured the enemy 1000 to damage 800, the demon had a nightmare changes the incarnation is Kuang Mo, black extremely Buddha that was his final state.

„Demon has a nightmare changes is my given name divine art, as eight Buddha, if has not selected presses the bottom the method, how to place on a par with other seven Buddha? Hahaha.”

Has a nightmare black the Buddha just liking diamond, firm, if the rock is common, black Buddha, fights with the fists extremely, howls, three thousand black clouds cover in the sky, has a nightmare Buddha to grasp the heavy blows black, endures gold/metal iron to be ordinary, compares favorably with Heavenly Dragon Sword, own strength, is unceasingly breakthrough, has achieved the Venerable Emperor middle stage rank.

【The dragon marks Divine World main text will terminate this month, because many pits must fill, therefore update will not be quick, a day one or two . Moreover, the sword immortal 300 chapters, Old Su then also will shift all centers of gravity to the sword immortal on, the brothers who has not seen, can open butchered, Old Su needs brothers' support.】




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