Dragon-Marked War God

By Su Yue Xi

Tyrant won

Tyrant won

„Now I then pass on the strength of your thunder essence, the strength of this thunder essence, may endure compared in the world most terrifying Heavenly Lightning, as the ancestors of ten thousand thunder, all Heavenly Lightning, I all may control, pitifully I now am too only weak, the strength of Dao Accumulation is the loss completely, rebirth heaven and earth, already not unparalleled prestige, otherwise, will not easily lose to your.”

The small god of thunder as if also somewhat takes to heart about into the Jiang Chen's defeated.


Jiang Chen shows a faint smile, Ancestral Dragon Emperor has not come, because possibly some words he do not want to tell, actually Immemorial fought has what kind of secret, Jiang Chen had also once asked Ancestral Dragon Emperor more than once, but Ancestral Dragon Emperor was dodges each time, said that one day will tell Jiang Chen's, Jiang Chen, although the heart had the doubts, but has not pestered with Ancestral Dragon Emperor continuous, perhaps when oneself breakthrough Emperor Realm, he will tell himself.

„My thunder essence, is very succinct, wants to branch out thunder essence to you, was too difficultly was too difficult, this step, possibly at least was year, I first went to Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to separate the strength of essence.”

The small god of thunder the five thunder imperial orders in hand, throwing that did not abandon extremely to Jiang Chen.

„These five thunder imperial orders condense five Heavenly Lightning time, is it most fearful time, you have four Heavenly Lightning now, but also is all-mighty, looked that you can display several tenths. Although is inferior to Heavenly Dragon Sword of Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in your hand, but it wins in aloofly, so long as there is a Heavenly Lightning support, physical strength that then five thunder imperial orders can the eruption of an unending stream the strength of Heavenly Lightning, consume, is minimal.”

Small god of thunder meaningful saying.

„If one day, heaven rotation, land change, past and present with toward, although nine die also regretless. heaven and earth Great Tribulation is not far, without the prestige of Emperor Realm expert, how you to resist? We hope that Ancestral Dragon Emperor will not misread you.”

Then, the small god of thunder was then inhaled in Ancestral Dragon Pagoda by Ancestral Dragon Emperor.

Jiang Chen grasps five thunder imperial orders, deeply inspires, expression is dignified, from heaven and earth Great Tribulation, entered one? heaven and earth Great Tribulation, he listened already more than once, on that day, was really heaven and earth transforms, did the myriad things subvert?

„Nine Heavens should Yuan thunderclap general Huatian revere is subdued by you, the boy, I am thorough took you. Always said that I candidly admit defeat. These five thunder imperial orders, whether taking advantage of my view? Initially I real”

„Go away!”

Jiang Chen killing intent like rainbow, stubbornly stares at Wu De always saying that Wu De old hollow laugh, subconscious withdrawing goes.

„Hahaha, good, good has not thought that these harvests time actually many, five thunder imperial orders, thunder essence, the Craftsman God inheritance, cannot be few.”

A height ten chi (0.33 m) grandiose man, walks slowly in dark(ness), expression, the forehead is proudly solemn, the look is blazing.

„Is his grandmother, you tramples me?”

The Wu De old say/way turns the head suddenly, looks to that grandiose man, suddenly a little instigated.

„Can see this dead end, you are also a little skill, only pitifully, collapsing, is not you, but is this Craftsman God inheritance, if you perished together were good, my take action of province, but now looks like, I must tidy up your not to know the so-called fellow after all.”

The grandiose male subring chest stands, stands in Jiang Chen's not far away, in the look, as if was only left over Jiang Chen.

„Who are you? Also wants to bluff and bluster in front of my Brother Jiang, even Nine Heavens should Yuan thunderclap general Huatian revere, is defeated in front of my Brother Jiang, are you what?”

Wu De always said that among immediately closely grasps the Jiang Chen's thigh, rampant getting down that if at this time also acted willfully, it is estimated that the embarrassed person can be he.

„Under diamond Buddha place big disciple, tyrant won! Can be adopted by us, you are also being convinced that tenth cultivates.”

Tyrant won very proud saying.

„Buddha Pagoda! Also is Buddha Pagoda!”

The Jiang Chen complexion is cloudy, item of zi wants to crack, remembers Yan Qingcheng and Wu Ningzhu, his anger, unquenchable combustion.

„You have been listed as my Buddha Pagoda must kill the object, Jiang Chen, takes your body to go back today, perhaps I can also receive to seal/confer Shang also perhaps. Hahaha.”

Tyrant Chaoyuan laughs saying that look sharp like blade, looks at each other together with Jiang Chen, must obtain the Craftsman God inheritance is five thunder imperial orders, is living thunder essence, first, when necessity, then first butchered Jiang Chen this reckless thing, has him to span before, the fact is not satisfactory!

„Originally all are the ghost who your fellow does, Brother Jiang, withers him, I give you keep it up.”

Saying of Wu De old face domineering, Jiang Chen stared his one eyes, among immediately the Wu De old say/way withdrew to go, was not saying.

„This called the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. If you present kneel beg for mercy, I can also keep your entire corpse, Jiang Chen, how do you look?”

Tyrant won expression cold say/way.

„Keeps you to lull, day your for Heaven's sake, must fight then fights, wordy, simply is mental handicap.”

Jiang Chen coldly snorted, the hand grasps Heavenly Dragon Sword, draws a sword, ice empty in the sky, the sword 20 anger fight above the arched clouds.

„Comes well!”

Tyrant won eyes one bright, soars, the hand grasps giant battle axe, brandishes to come, the breadth of spirit soars to the heavens, irresistible.

The junction cry of sword and axe, sonorous unceasingly, mammoth, comes in waves, facing a tyrant won impact, Jiang Chen obvious some are weak, his strength restored 50%-60%, is facing the God Sovereign Realm late stage tyrant won, actually becomes fortifies at every step.

Even oneself heyday, it is estimated that to tyrant won, still very difficult, under diamond Buddha place big disciple, is really out of the ordinary!

Jiang Chen displayed Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, the strength increased unceasingly, facing tyrant won Thunderclap battle axe, the imposing manner did not reduce, two forms flew high, interwove unceasingly together.

Thunderclap battle axe has divided side Jiang Chen's, the separate is void, retreat, does not dare to neglect step by step, Sword of No Realm, fails to finish what one has started, castrates unparalleled, fierce of two people fight, startled is Celestial, the God Sovereign Realm late stage tyrant won, facing the Jiang Chen's impact, also vowed solemnly that does not reveal is defeated slightly.

„diamond axe, breaks Vault of Heaven!”

Tyrant Chaoyuan both hands grip tightly Thunderclap battle axe, chops to fall, heaven and earth is limitless, enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water.

„proud Jianzhan reaches the clouds!”

A Jiang Chen sword cuts, attacks together with the tyrant won, rays of light four shoots, power and influence cover Tian, both people were shaken draw back to go, but Jiang Chen's complexion, actually very ugly, his strength had been weakened much, before after experiencing the war, is difficult to sustain completely, at this time fights the tyrant won again, is an arrow at the end of its flight.

Reviews the latter, the diamond Buddha big disciple dominates the won, actually very indifferent, the hand grasps giant axe, calm and composed.

„Never expected that you can also meet my axe, is not simple, again come!”

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