Dragon-Marked War God

By Su Yue Xi

Strange soul storm

Strange soul storm

Spectre Valley as the Profound Connection Divine Palace four big cultivation treasure troves, even if the teacher, is unusual being partial, even if the teacher, not necessarily several people can spend money like it is going out of style, a practice is one year.

Gu Maolu and Jiang Chen in Spectre Valley, have only practiced on the 10 th, was departure of incomparable heartache.

Spectre Valley is very very big, surrounding area among hundred miles, Divine Origin Energy in air, exceptionally rich, hammers the practice of body compared with Heavenly Fire, must powerful, the merit of cultivation, ten thousand li in a day not be overrated.

The innumerable Divine Bird low cries, ten thousand beasts spit the breath, making Spectre Valley an advantageous practice treasure trove.

The Spectre Valley everywhere bird song, the flower fragrance overflows, completely relaxed. Here cultivates for one year, indeed compares outside hundred years more, moreover is different from placing the time speed of flow in Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, but is true realm changes, cultivates under this situation, is many person of yearn for something even in one's dreams.

The deep valley is elusive, the tone is long, quiet side Yuan, the spirit thinks to flutter.

In Spectre Valley, Jiang Chen altogether only saw five people, the strength all above oneself, even if not God Venerate Realm, is powerful exist(ence) of Half Step God Venerate rank. Moreover Jiang Chen also saw a person, has seen only the both sides female teacher.

Seeks one wonderfully, Jiang Chen then once again entered during the practice. Happen to these days, Jiang Chen can seize the chance to practice Soul Seizing Divine Art, but this Soul Seizing Divine Art, actually cannot make the bystander know, if were known by the bystander, then also strikes to kill the Hun Shaoqian matter to him, confessed without being pressed, therefore, Jiang Chen will not display unless it is absolutely essential.

Soul Seizing Divine Art as the method of soul attack, Jiang Chen has also experienced its terrifying, three moves can seize to abandon the Emperor Realm soul expert, is nothing less than formidable. Soul Sect can depend upon this Soul Seizing Divine Art, stands erect between this Blissful City and Profound Connection Divine Palace not but actually, is by no means lucky.

„This Soul Seizing Divine Art, was the time quite sacrifice refining up one.”

In the Jiang Chen heart thinks that put into during the practice wholeheartedly.

Cultivation in Spectre Valley, regarding Jiang Chen, is of great help, although his present soul realm, wants to be promoted again, the countless sufferings and hardships, is the unceasing warm and nourish consolidated Emperor Realm soul, makes Jiang Chen benefit greatly, particularly the beforehand Emperor Realm soul, was really too frail, so long as used a method of secondary dead decisive battle, surely will cause heavy losses, is not all steady because of soul realm that the Jiang Chen strength caused insufficient, relieved practice in Spectre Valley, was not disturbed by the nonego, indeed quite comfortable.

Jiang Chen gradually entered the condition of sitting in meditation gradually, the body is elusive, the Emperor Realm soul unceasingly is also deducing Soul Seizing Divine Art, this grade of killing strike, the critical moment, Jiang Chen has the confidence to strike to kill under God Sovereign Realm all expert, but the price actually is also extremely huge.

Jiang Chen's soul realm, reached Emperor Realm, cultivates Soul Seizing Divine Art to come, is twice the result with half the effort, therefore the Soul Seizing Divine Art first two types absorb the soul and Dead Soul Kill to the soul, shortly after was refine by the Jiang Chen sacrifice successfully, but third type Extinguish Immortal Soul, Seize Mortal Soul was not easy, the Jiang Chen practice for a long time, cannot perceive through meditation profound and abstruse principles, but cultivates the first two types now, absolutely was incomparable terrifying trump card.

More than two years of time, quietly, practice of Jiang Chen in Spectre Valley, never interrupts, he biggest harvest is no different is the stability of soul realm.


Jiang Chen thought in suddenly the mind had huge trembling, the stir of terrifying in Spectre Valley, but occurred in his soul.

Jiang Chen has held breath a cold air/Qi, however his Emperor Realm soul incomparable keen, in Spectre Valley, dreadful soul storm, curls the seat, the invisible rough sea waves, have raised disturbances layer by layer, is ordinary just like the judgment day, the storm in soul, making Jiang Chen have a lingering fear, but he is first wakes from the relay of practice, if late one step, could be passed to the crush by this soul storm, but by the Jiang Chen's Emperor Realm soul, he protects oneself self-confidently does not have the issue, but will certainly be seriously battered.

„How can like this? Such will the terrifying soul storm, how silent blow in my mind? It is not right, must have trick!”

Jiang Chen face the color of Yan Jun (severe). But entire Spectre Valley, actually as before uneventful, fine spring day.

However the Jiang Chen boldness because of one's skill, after all is the Emperor Realm soul, therefore he decides to sit in meditation once more, to investigate its reason.

When Jiang Chen enters in the practice condition once again, that terrifying soul storm, is the complete crush is excessively less than half Spectre Valley.

Jiang Chen saw that five sit in meditation the form of practice, in this moment, like getting sucked into the mire bog is hard the trapped/sleepy beast that extricates oneself, away his recent female teacher, is whole face the color of pale, corner of the mouth overflowed a blood, Jiang Chen, although could not see her to experience anything, but guessed that surely was also similar to oneself general, by that terrifying soul storm crush, but their soul realm, were actually inferior to itself.


A female teacher blood spurts crazily, expression even more ugly, Jiang Chen deeply inspired, has sent away the chaotic storm in that soul world, the bracelet, calm and composed. But these sit in meditation the person of practice, was unlucky, the Jiang Chen's Emperor Realm soul has swept five people of instances, they all are fall into ling to be sleepy, are hard to extricate oneself. Continuously for a long time hence will get down, they will be swallowed by that soul storm inevitably, comes as for this soul storm from where, is also unknown including Jiang Chen.

„Wakes up to me!”

Under the sound of Jiang Chen's soul, calls out, five people awake from the relay of practice completely, wakes first, is the female teacher, is looking at present Jiang Chen, her complexion also even more dignified, has a lingering fear.

„Is you awakens from practice me?”

The female teacher looks to Jiang Chen, said in a low voice.


„Many thanks.”

The female teacher nods to thank, if not Jiang Chen, she did not wake, that terrifying soul storm, as if there is endless charm to be common, anybody was inhaled, the crush, is unable to work loose, but Jiang Chen by terrifying soul power, is awakens completely their five people, has saying that has saved the lives of these five people thoroughly.

She felt a moment ago since extremely fearful soul storm, blew from own mind, easily accomplished, the storm, she has been hard to resist radically, even if were the God Venerate Realm strength, was not enough to support that storm the volume seat, was similar to the death arrives general, had flash that she thought really must fall from the sky under that soul storm.

„Qian Renji, did you know a moment ago what's the matter?”

„Soul storm, swallows the world, the place visited, is infertile.”

„Yes, a moment ago was really the narrow squeak, in Spectre Valley, can it be that to have what irresistible exist(ence)?”

„Spectre Valley is as before uneventful, but once enters during the practice, actually just like world Purgatory, was really too fearful.”

Four people are the dignified colors of whole face, even does not know that had anything a moment ago.

„If a moment ago were not he, we probably must by this soul storm swallowing.”

Qian Renji face the color of Yan Jun (severe), looked at Jiang Chen one.

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