Dragon-Marked War God

By Su Yue Xi

Nine force to abdicate

Nine force to abdicate

Heavenly Star Boundary, Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect.

The maple leaf is everywhere vast, the snowy mountain is back, backer ten thousand/myriad Ren.

900 miles palace in groups, three thousand li (500 km) besiege a city four to gather, 80,000 miles river passes through, ten side Laishi completely gathers in this.

Heavenly Star Boundary ten big sect, nine big sect come to visit, it may be said that is the occasion unmatched in grandeur.

Above main hall, is the person of head, azure armor, the forehead is swift and fierce, the bearing is calm, the strength is the forcing outstanding heroes.

„Sect Master Ling, this time, we must congratulate your honourable sect.”

„Yes, can double happiness descend on the house, how not come to congratulate?”

„What said is, Sect Master Ling, I and others hoped after the saddle lead horse, becomes the prestige of Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect.”

Eight side Xianshi, performs to congratulate, but Ling Yanyu above main hall actually cannot smile, eight side Laihe, seems like double happiness descend on the house, is actually his Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect 100,000 year the biggest shame.

Ling Yanyu has a dream cannot think that past with own conflict fiercest person, at this time, will come own Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect unexpectedly, visits to discuss marriage.

The posture of Ling Yun, the peerless grace and talent, entire Heavenly Star Boundary, is known to everybody to be known to everybody, all youth talents, perform all are to the Ling Yun admire for a long time, but actually nobody can be joined to Ling Yun, because she was really too splendid, in entire Heavenly Star Boundary, can some people be able to compare favorably with Ling Yun, absolutely not over three people, moreover performed is that ten thousand people evildoer/monstrous talent above the extremely.

The Blood Tool Sect strength is not too big, can only be the positions of ten big sect last stages, particularly Blood Tool Sect Sect Master, is the sinister deceitful generation, but now, is actually the geomancy class rotates, unknown Blood Tool Sect, actually welcomed own first spring, starts recruitment Heavenly Star Boundary and even surrounding domain consecration expert of wantonly, at once, entire Heavenly Star Boundary, goes after like ducks, Blood Tool Sect, is becomes to be able with the large amount that Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect meets as an equal.

Originally in Heavenly Star Boundary, only Divine Puppet Sect and Transforming Qi Sect, can with it to comparing favorably with, Blood Tool Sect rises now suddenly, including Divine Puppet Sect and Transforming Qi Sect, remained silent, choice the default, the confrontation among three forces to turn into four points of world, but Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, bore the brunt, became the Blood Tool Sect biggest goal.

„Celebration after is the celebration, but my Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, but also needs to consider.”

Ling Yanyu cold voice said that as Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect Sect Master, particularly the Heavenly Star Boundary large amount, he naturally cannot weak the bearing, however nine big sect completely all laid out the God King Realm elder to come to congratulate, meaning of, naturally was thought-provoking, to put it bluntly, Blood Tool Sect obviously in force to abdicate, compelling Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect to obey.

„Sect Master Ling, the Chu no talent, comes to discuss marriage for grandson Chu Yunji here, to the unsurpassed awe of Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, my Blood Tool Sect Sect Master, makes me bring the good news, how doesn't know under the Sect Master Ling intent?”

Chu Wang said with a smile that his grandson Chu Yunji, is the Blood Tool Sect genius evildoer/monstrous talent, goes out for hundred years, learns unsurpassed divine art, makes the entire Blood Tool Sect powerful rise, became sect that Heavenly Star Boundary wields great power with great arrogance, presses up to occupied Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect of first three seat, Divine Puppet Sect as well as Transforming Qi Sect.

„This matter, but also allowed that I consider slowly. After three days, I must answer in Elder Chu.”

Ling Yanyu said pale with a smile that appeases anger not to show, freely this time he, is angry incomparable, but nine big sect completely all are sends out the elder to come force to abdicate now, this meaning already in obviously, Blood Tool Sect, this is giving Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, issues the ultimatum.

„three days then three days, after three days, my Chu Wang will come to discuss marriage with no talent grandson Chu Yunji, when the time comes, but also looks at Sect Master Ling again should not be this excuse, hehe, other nine big sect, but approves this wedding vigorously, if Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect insists on not being willing, that has stroked the public opinion?”

Person who „my Ling Yun Junior Sister must marry, must be this Divine World genius extremely, can the talented person line of achievement Emperor Realm, if mortal, but also does not have this qualifications. Snort.”

Ling Changsu is cloudy the face saying that he is looks at Ling Yun grows up, is the Ling Yanyu complacent disciple, entire Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, except for the Ling Yun accident, only has the Ling Changsu strength to be strongest. Naturally, he with Ling Yun is also the friends from childhood, grows up together, naturally has been full of the love to Ling Yun, now the Blood Tool Sect person wants to come to discuss marriage, the anger in his heart, was lit thoroughly.

„Is this then the your honourable sect family education? The elders spoke, how to accommodate him hurriedly.”

Some people spoke the ridicule to say.

„Thing of lacking prospects, has not rolled out to me.”

The Ling Yanyu sinking sound shouted to clear the way, flicks the sleeve, rumbled Ling Changsu directly.

„Hehe, I crack a joke, Sect Master Ling may not probably be offended.”

The Chu Wang words, making Ling Yanyu expression slightly one cold, but has not actually manifested suddenly, corner of the mouth smiling face, even more made one ponder.

„Right, after three days, was the date of engagement, we once more will certainly go, Hahaha, was Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect congratulates, was Sect Master Ling congratulates.”

„Present Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, may differ from the past, Haha, if becomes with Blood Tool Sect marries, surely will become our Heavenly Star Boundary eternity charming story.”

„Who didn't say? Blood Tool Sect Chu Yunji strength powerful, compared with Ling Yun, but has no time to let, Sect Master Ling then not must hide contraband, hehe, will be many in the future a such son-in-law, how could it not be quick?”

„The Blood Tool Sect genius evildoer/monstrous talent, are our Heavenly Star Boundary proud, may be called evildoer/monstrous talent that the 100,000 year sees.”

Other nine big sect elders, on the face have also piled up with the smiling face. Ten big sect come force to abdicate, does not believe you not to obey!

Although the Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect strength is strong, but is actually not strongest, moreover one against ten, that is also the impossible matter.

Blood Tool Sect unites nine big sect, is, must make Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect unable to get out, gives them demonstration of authority, what is more important, future Blood Tool Sect, will be promoted first three inevitably, but sect that must reject, impressively is Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect.

Ling Yanyu expression is indifferent, at this moment, his Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect is attacked front and rear, ten big sect, that is not the generation of commonplace, in Heavenly Star Boundary, can fight with Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, then more than 12, now directly make Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect ugly.

Double happiness descend on the house, said is discussing marriage and several years of later Blood Tool Sect Profound Connection Divine Palace. The Profound Connection Divine Palace quota only then one, that is Ling Yun, but Blood Tool Sect actually must get married Ling Yun, was equal to breaking the Earth Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect genius escape route directly, gave it a palm of the hand maliciously, Ling Yanyu has been able not to get angry? Was only a pity that he can only withstand silently.

Ling Yanyu is constraining the anger of innermost feelings, looks to all people, indifferently said:

„After three days, my Ling Yanyu, decides however to Elder Chu, will give a Heavenly Star Boundary confession.”

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