Dragon-Marked War God

By Su Yue Xi

The posture of Great Emperor

The posture of Great Emperor

„Young brat, what bird thing are you? Also dares to shout and wrangle in front of Master Dog, eats my fart!”

Big Yellow Dog may, no matter that many, turn around, fart is astonishing! Stinks to high heaven, Ren Chen withdraws to go rapidly, the complexion goes through fluctuates, the ozone is incomparable, even his whole body felt that is shivering to be the same, this fart is Ren Chen has not expected completely, because he has not thought of this Big Yellow Dog to be able shameless to this grade of situation!

„Dead dog, I must defeat the bone to raise you today grey may not!”

Ren Chen is in an uncontrollable rage, no matter who, such stank to high heaven actually the domineering incomparable smelly fart smoking, will feel that feels sick, moreover this is insulting this one generation of God Sovereign simply.

Obviously, the pride of Ren Chen is insufferably arrogant, throughout also lives in own world.

„gā gā gā, that look at you to have this skill. Also really thinks oneself were peerless God Sovereign, now you will be one soul of person of dying, but also dares to bluff and bluster?”

Big Yellow Dog coldly snorted, has filled disdaining to Ren Chen.

„Did Big Yellow, with this person, why say? Breaks wind to collapse him.”

Jiang Chen shows a faint smile to say.

„Yes, this goods, can grasp Monk, it seems like that this fellow, does not have anything to progress, was really too disgraced.”

Saying that Big Yellow Dog disdains, has later rescued Monk, is certain well dirties him one not to be possible.

„You have really gone too far, I must kill you.”

Ren Chen shouted angrily, the direct impact goes, in the hand the lance, the agitation was void, ear-splitting.

A Jiang Chen brow wrinkle, True Dragon Great Handprint, the sound of dragon roar, whooshes, the terrifying seal Secret Art, hit directly on the body of Ren Chen, Ren Chen flying upside down went, phantom was getting more and more weak, looked that was seriously injured.

A palm compels to draw back Ren Chen, in latter's look, alarmed and afraid incomparable, he has not thought that a trivial Void God Level initial stage fellow, can actually give to shake has drawn back, moreover is seriously battered deeply, this was really too unthinkable.

Jiang Chen shook the head, although this fellow is also God Sovereign, but the strength, with Xianyu Hu quite, Divine Soul expert, the strength is at most irregular, this Ren Chen is considered as on is talented, but could not have called true expert! In God Tomb, is at least impossible to have such strength.

„It seems like, this fellow was really too weak, unable to withstand a single blow.”

Mo Ling Dongchen said with a smile.

„Yes, offends Jiang Chen, it is estimated that his time of death is not far.”

Luo Wenhao also with saying with a smile.

„You wait, the shade Kui mountain, is not you can visit at will.”

Ren Chen clenches jaws, escapes rapidly, but after he escapes, blood-colored stele in shade Kui mountain mountain ridge, rises straight from the ground once again, in-line clouds.

Bang the sound, is ear-splitting, this time, deeps frown including Jiang Chen, a singing in praise of the Buddha of blocking the sky, reverberates in the shade Kui mountain, a blood-colored cave entrance, revealed from blood-colored stele, appeared empty and towering, an inexplicable pressure, covered in the hearts of all people.

„Our young children, catches up in the shade Kui mountain acts unruly, it seems like you do not know the immensity of heaven and earth. That small Monk I have killed, you came late one step.”

A gloomy sound resounds, one group covers in the dark clouds of top of the head, is floating unceasingly, gathering, is seeing only its, has not seen that person.

„Since Monk had been killed by you, then you want the blood debt blood to recompense, today I then conquer by killing the shade Kui mountain, Blood Dragon Cave.”

Jiang Chen indifferently said, stares at the void above that group of dark clouds to say.

„Big tone, did not fear that the wind dodged the tongue greatly, here, you will certainly die without the burial ground.”

In the dark clouds makes the low and deep and sorrowful sound.

„Plays tricks, has the skill to come out to Master Dog, Master Dog my fart collapses you.”

Big Yellow this voice has not fallen, was covered by the dark clouds, a Jiang Chen sword cuts to fall, the dark clouds gathering, is covers Heavenly Dragon Sword, Jiang Chen wants to draw out Heavenly Dragon Sword, but actually does not help matters, reactionary forces in the ascendant, between Heaven and Earth, as if by this dark clouds controlling, everyone becomes scruple, thinks take action, actually discovered that simply is unable to start.

„Get lost to me!”

Jiang Chen roars, the prestige of Heavenly Dragon Sword, ripples to open, sword-light cold 14 states, the dark clouds were compelled to draw back finally, Big Yellow Dog was frightened.

„Mother, these time kicked the sheet iron.”

Big Yellow said in a low voice that muttered.

„This person, feared that is somewhat strange, is difficult to be inadequate is?”

The Luo Wenhao sinking sound said.

„Has the possibility very much, we by that pressure the fear, simply are unable to start a moment ago, was too formidable, is hard to hope to attain the situation that to us formidable.”

Mo Ling Dongchen said that in the spoken language, has filled the true fear and trembling.

„Is emperor prestige! But is actually incomplete emperor prestige.”

Luo Nushen indifferently said, is heaviness in its spoken language, is actually self-evident.

Big Yellow at this time, threw the corner one to throw in the bosom of Luo Nushen.

„Mother, Master Dog my first time has the feeling of fear, the gushing, you must protect me.”

The spirit that Big Yellow Dog is not concerned about face extremely, in the incisiveness that this moment manifests, Luo Wenhao wishes one could to live to feed the dog meat, but this dog can also select the time.

Jiang Chen coldly looks at that is rolling the terrifying dark clouds, his pressure is relatively small, after all the prestige of Heavenly Dragon Sword, cannot be underestimated, Primal Origin Treasure Tool, that is the true prestige is also irreversible, even if this group of dark clouds, is some quite dreaded.

„, Is he really the Great Emperor soul?”

Jiang Chen brow tight wrinkle, sinking sound said.

„Will the Great Emperor soul, how appear here? The prestige of Great Emperor, undying and unextinguished, no matter God Tomb or the god prison, cannot control them, moreover jumps out three Outer World, in Five Elements, the prestige of God Emperor, is not we can guess.”

Luo Nushen has tapped the Big Yellow Dog's head, seems is comforting him, said in a low voice.

„The little girl experience is actually good, was only a pity, you know was too late, since came, that then remains.”

Then, the dark clouds condensed a human form slowly, the male stature overwhelming power, the look was sharp, a black robe, the imposing manner obstructed the day, as if turned the hand, can fight to extinguish the stars, the moving mountains to fill the seas, the agitation universe.

„Is this, then emperor prestige?”

In the Jiang Chen heart thinks, male whole body regarding everywhere dark clouds, long hair shawl, eyes, glittering black light, incomparable cold severe.

„Even if the posture of Great Emperor, you also arrived at the remnant soul.”

A'Mo Kehan sneers was saying.

However in this second, the black robe man raises hand, dark clouds cover to go, A'Mo Kehan was struck to fly to go, the blood spurts crazily, does not have a strength to hit back, even if Jiang Chen wants take action, does not have any opportunity, because his speed was really too quick.

In his hands, covers water polo that moisture are congealing become, unceasing float.

„I can feel that your strength, should be strongest.”

The black robe man shows a faint smile, in the hand a water polo point, goes from out of the blue, speed incomparable shock, Jiang Chen withdraws rapidly, a Heavenly Dragon Sword sword breaks out, the water splash scatters, all people are back up to go, because of water splash that scattering to open, after bumping into, everyone is felt that the whole body trembles, the chill in the air arises spontaneously, felt that soon freezes general.

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