Dragon-Marked War God

By Su Yue Xi

Way of the Battle Saint 【One】

Way of the Battle Saint 【One】


Long Shisan displayed the secretary and Nanbei Chao to rumbling a palm, heaven and earth that hit is about to fall to the enemy, has not decided the victory and defeat as before, but Long Shisan looked that following Monk offered a sacrifice to God Shaking Stele, basically has stabilized the aspect, at least the Five Elements great formation short time can support, so long as can support to Wu Ningzhu steps fire stairs on foot enough, therefore Long Shisan in did not care that the following matter, coped with Nanbei Chao with single-hearted devotion, after all he also had the Big Yellow Dog's strength to Jiang Chen is very self-confident, moreover currently also has the new helper to join, overall battle strength has promoted one section.

„Nanbei Chao, must decide a victory and defeat to come today surely.”

The Long Shisan black hair dance, the Immemorial Battle Soul imposing manner fills the air, void shivers unusual is fierce, he probably is a source of energy, can the release of boundless the tyrannical incomparable energy.

„Humph! monkey, even if you are formidable Immemorial Battle Soul, possibly is not the Young Master match, my Nanbei Chao receives Heavenly Dao, must take the road of own ruler inevitably, who works as in front of me, who must die, you think that once defeated me to defeat me once more? Simply is laughable, my Nanbei Chao invincible, today makes you have a look at technique of terrifying my ruler to any degree, any Immemorial Battle Soul completely insufficiently looks, I am the body of Great Emperor reincarnation, I finally will become Great Emperor, today kills you, will extract your Immemorial bloodlines, accept Weiji has.”

Nanbei Chao is extremely arrogant, he is overbearing of shocking everybody, his probably unparalleled ruler, any color could not camouflage his rays of light, this was true Heaven's Proud Son, said oneself received Heavenly Dao as if not to boast, Nanbei Chao had already regarded itself the child of Heaven, must act as on this day below master, his ambition, all person look down on.

Nanbei Chao without doubt is a very fearful character, general peerless genius, life rare defeat, once experiences a failure, at heart will be forming the enormous shadow, causing the cultivation base progress to be difficult, even bogs down, the life has destroyed, but before Nanbei Chao, defeats in the hand of Long Shisan, moreover was destroyed the eye of Heaven, but does not have tiny bit being discouraged, and at the maximum speed restores the eye of Heaven, a successful promotion rank, battle strength terrifying.

In Nanbei Chao at heart, the exist(ence) failure, has not defeated, that gives to massacre the match, fills the vacancy on road of oneself ruler.

„Ruler? Great Emperor? Haha, Nanbei Chao, you are really a laughable fellow, thinks that aloof and remote on this prospect, a Great Emperor reincarnation had what can/but to be arrogant, I fight to fight the ancestor am supreme Divine Spirit, my Immemorial Divine Spirit bloodlines, can it be that you small Great Emperor is reincarnated can compare, you before me, there are what arrogantly?”

Long Shisan spoke the ridicule, Nanbei Chao wanted to use on his body arrogantly, that has found fault the object, the bloodlines of Immemorial Battle Soul, wanted noble many compared with the Great Emperor bloodlines.

General Immemorial Battle Soul, for example genius mansion imprisoned that Heaven Devouring Demon Ape, although is also Immemorial Battle Soul, but the bloodlines in within the body because actually time long ago was not pure, how noble therefore is not, but Long Shisan is different, his within the body had complete fighting to fight bloodlines of clan, inherited divine ability and method of ancestor, was the genuine noble bloodlines, was the genuine unparalleled life, from this, on the one hand, Nanbei Chao Great Emperor was reincarnated, indeed did not have the qualifications in front of Long Shisan arrogant.

„You said right, what a pity among this heaven and earth already did not have Divine Spirit, since the endless years, Immortal World has been Great Emperor is Venerable, Divine Spirit is illusory, perhaps simply exist(ence), Great Emperor is not the cultivation end point, my Nanbei Chao is standing in the person of roof, Supreme character who in heaven and earth is Venerable, even if your Immemorial Battle Soul bloodlines , is just my Nanbei Chao it's in the bag, you are the stepping-stones of road of my ruler, your exist(ence), being doomed to help me.”

Nanbei Chao as before extremely arrogant to not side, thinks oneself infallible, the bloodlines of Immemorial Battle Soul do not pay attention, in his world, oneself is noblest exist(ence), finally will become among entire heaven and earth the most formidable character, he will be Divine Spirit, must receive myriad worships.

„Then little said on the idle talk that fights a war.”

Long Shisan has gotten angry, whom he must tell Nanbei Chao to be noble with the actual method, he must guard to fight to fight a Venerable prestige of clan with Way of the Battle Saint.

Long Shisan both hands to void one stroke, will be cutting directly void, his black hair makes widely known, in each digs is void, he makes a great show of one's talents, power and influence was too formidable, at this moment, his hair became a weapon, casual may destroy Immortal Weapon(s).

„Way of the Battle Saint, 'Fight' Art, fights with day, endless enjoyment.”

Long Shisan Golden Eyes Fiery Pupils fills the air, in eyes was flooded by the flame, comes up to display formidable 'Fight' Art, this is the powerful attack in Way of the Battle Saint, contained the true meaning of fight, solely the striking power incomparable great strength, did not contain the formidable will, with the will that the day fights, the hearsay fights to fight an ancestor of clan, once iron stick, the agitation all sea, heaven and earth could not accommodate, the day gives to hold a hole, thus it can be seen this 'Fight' Art terrifying.

Long Shisan both hands pinch finger joints with the thumb, make the ancient supernaturally brave mark, that mark is radiant, probably totem divine seal is the same, after appearing, heaven and earth is turbulent, Vault of Heaven was shaken a big hole directly.


Long Shisan loudly shouted, huge divine seal has attacked the past toward Nanbei Chao, he and Nanbei Chao fought attracted the attention of many person from the beginning, many people fell gaze on here, after all Nanbei Chao was the heaven defying character, Great Emperor is reincarnated, solely this laughed uproariously enough makes the person attach great importance, now Nanbei Chao promotes Immortal Sovereign middle stage, definitely terrifying, presented young people to dare with Nanbei Chao to face the war, everybody wanted to look, why this young people, were genius of same time, each dazzling nova appeared, will arouse the innumerable interests.

„The very powerful big tactical rules, the ancient mysterious mark, the day shivered, this young people actually anything background.”

„This tactical rules world rare, has not seen, was too formidable, contained Divine Spirit flavor, the pressure is quite intense, was really Immemorial Battle Soul is born? Among this heaven and earth, the evildoer/monstrous talent were too many, lives a exist(ence) time with them, does not know is really unfortunate or lucky.”

„Look, this young people are just Immortal Sovereign middle stage, same rank to the war, he believes that he possibly is not the Nanbei Chao match, the Nanbei Chao same rank is almost invincible, initially he in the Duan Ren cliff, by Immortal Sovereign initial stage cultivation base on almost exterminate Mo Wuqing.”


Nobody not startled, so the fight of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, being doomed will be a focus of public attention, if Long Shisan can defeat Nanbei Chao, prestige immediately male, Immortal World all knows, don't said defeats, even if defeats, can guarantee in the Nanbei Chao hand does not die, enough proud.

„for Heaven's sake, fights to fight Way of the Battle Saint of clan to be really fierce, the monkey just grasped 1% essences, displayed the so formidable power and influence, such Immemorial Battle Soul, really cannot belittle.”

Big Yellow Dog controls Five Elements great formation, while does not forget sighed to say.

Opposite, saw the attack of Long Shisan, the Nanbei Chao complexion changes, high looked at three points to Long Shisan, but he does not have the least bit to dread, instead has plenty of fight in one, great strength of Long Shisan, thoroughly his fighting intent stimulating.

„Heaven Mother Earth, I am Sovereign, the hand of Heaven.”

The Nanbei Chao golden hair dance, in the mouth mumbled, each character was similar to thunderously is the same, buzz made noise, his whole person incarnation ruler, just liked heaven and earth Supreme, eye of same glittering brilliance Heaven, at this moment, Nanbei Chao and day with complete/even, oneself were the day, has made the hand of Heaven loudly.

terrifying the hand of Heaven, golden color is dazzling, has the hundred zhang (333 m) size fully, after this hand appears, turned into only between heaven and earth, turned into timeless exist(ence), ten thousand audiences submit, moves casually can the becoming extinct four directions.


Hand of aggressive collision 'Fight' Art and Heaven, this is the incomparably noble attack, has carried the supreme will, fuses Heaven, may fight with the day, who wins who loses, is not really good to guess.

The sky had been beaten completely, that piece of battlefield evolved the chaotic state instantaneously, a nihility, Nanbei Chao and Long Shisan form was submerged , in making the person not see clearly had anything.

Nobody not startled, the people who these observe panic-strickenly opened the mouth, Immortal Courtyard evildoer/monstrous talent Xia Xiaotian and Zhang Yulang also changed countenance, they were formidable inheritance, within the body implication tyrannical bloodlines, self-designated Bufan (extraordinary), moreover cultivation base must promote to Half Step Immortal Venerate immediately, but they self-provided, if by oneself and Long Shisan or Nanbei Chao any to the war, did not have the least bit assurance.

„Has not thought of Young Master Long such terrifying, if not personally sees, is unable to believe that the person of Hehuan sect bumps into him, had bad luck.”

„If Young Master Long can form the companion with our saintesses, regarding our Exquisite Paradise is a big good deed, Exquisite Paradise and such genius become friends with, definitely mistakenly.”

„That is, I can look, Young Master Long is interesting to our saintesses, will otherwise not go to the Hehuan sect to save us along with her together, and our arrogant saintesses as if also admired Young Master Long.”

„First do not say, the saintess must marry also wants Immortal Venerate to start talking is good, does not have the agreement of Immortal Venerate, saintess cannot take responsibility.”


Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley girl student exudes the sound of sigh, tyrannical of Long Shisan, indeed has exceeded their imagination.


Below, before One Hundred Step Fire Stairs, God Shaking Stele is supporting Five Elements great formation, 300-400 people have been attacking, great formation that hits great formation fully creaky, but there is God Shaking Stele, as if supports not to be difficult, the aspect of but regarding always clever in fighting Jiang Chen and Big Yellow Dog, this type passively coming under attack, was really somewhat aggrieved.

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