Harry Potter’s Book of Sin Flo Uncle

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Harry Potter's Book of Sin: When a passerby mistakenly thinks that he has crossed the back of Britain in the 80s, when he is suffering from childhood and will eventually sink into the darkness in repentance, a strange and familiar admission notice , re-light his life.
But when he comes into contact with deeper darkness, does he choose to stay away from the abyss or jump into it without hesitation?
"You wait, I will be back soon."
On the fifth floor of the St. Mungo Hospital, he finally firmly held her pale hand.
This is a story of a little liar who bites his teeth and even deceives himself, and struggles repeatedly in pain and tenderness.
This book has an outline of the manuscript, fixed day more 6000+, waiting for the explosion! Please rest assured that the little wizards collect.
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