Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife Ai Yi Yao

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People say that when a man reaches middle age, his value and his physical strength will not work. I don’t think that Ye Jingyuan is not at least. People’s middle-aged face value and physical strength are still not good. Jingboyuan retorted: "I am only thirty-five, far from middle-aged." The public talked about him: entrepreneurs who are mature, serious, and unpredictable. Such a serious and almost mean-minded successful man suddenly fell on the old cow to eat the young grass, and he married a small four-year-old wife. The leaves are full of heart, the tough grass floating in the wind and rain, a magnificent, she married into the famous door, became the famous door of everyone. ... rumors, Mrs. Jing is a fox, and Mr. Jing, who has a clear-minded and strict self-discipline, has lost his soul. It is also rumored that Mr. Jing’s petting his little wife is infinitely endless. An interview. Moderator: "All said that Mr. Jing Jing is because she is young and beautiful, is this the case? Is she other beauty besides being beautiful?" Jing Boyuan: "I love her, no matter how beautiful she is, she will Look at her, she does not need to have any advantages, fall in love with me, is her greatest advantage." The host can't help but eat the dog food, and the heart is unwilling to continue to ask: "When is the first time Mr. Jing and Mrs. Jing met? How do you know?" Jing Boyuan: "The first time I met, 15 years ago..." Moderator: "..." Fifteen years ago, he saved her life, fifteen years later, he It took her a lifetime. ... Twenty-one-year-old Ye Yinxin became the family favorite of Jingjia. Mrs. Jing Lao: "Heart, drink this bowl of bird's nest." Jing Laozi: "Heart, this ancestral bracelet is for you." King Dad: "Heart, this card is for you, what to buy if you want to buy anything." Don't save." Jing Sanshu: "Bo Yuan, you don't want to bully your heart, or I will not bother you with you!" Jing Sanyi: "Hmmm!" Jing Ershu: "I have nothing to say." , send you two retired special forces as a bodyguard, fight a top ten." Ye Qingxin: "..." Not pregnant, as for? [One to one, giant marriage and love pets]

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