Return to Ming Dynasty as Prince Yue Guan

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"Zheng Shaopeng accidentally returned to the Ming Dynasty, Zhengde period.

It is a bravo era which had the evil Gang of Eight, four great southern talents, School of Heart led by Wang Yangming, and the absurd Emperor Zhengde - Zhu Houzhao. The protagonist who stepped into this world had to get along with these characters for his own destiny.

Disputes between the Eastern Depot, the Western Depot, the Palace Depot, and outside imperial palace; the story of eliminating corrupt officials; the swearing, the smashing, the extinction, the savage, the siberian siberia, Wonderful stories are coming...

The destiny of the country and the individual are like a ship in the long river of history. Because of his accident, will this ship destined to sail to the declining wheel shift its direction? "

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