Naruto System In Marvel World (updated)

By Qing Jiao Wo Xiao Lan

Chapter 6 lottery, lottery system ... I smoked my death you

Chapter 6 lottery, lottery system ... I smoked my death you

Zhang Lan woke up again, it is already lying in a separate room, looked around the facilities, presumably nursing home movies they should occur.

Zhang Lan blinked, do not leave, direct close your eyes, he will have to look good system just started it.

So thinking, Zhang Lan tried calling system with the idea.

"Halo?" Did not respond, did not understand English?

"Without fellow? Fellow get out of bed -" did not respond, do not want a special password?

"Open Sesame? Pineapple pineapple?" Still no response.

"Lao 急急如律令, Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy, Jesus guru ..." is still no response.

"I TMD% ¥% # @ ## ¥ %% ..." Zhang Lan heart is the collapse of this system is it in their own time and energy shortage coma closed?

"Drops, the system has started, the host has not yet received a quest, please receive."

Just talking about the heart Zhang Lan, when the mind is the sudden sound system inflexible.

"Well ... how should you start?"


And so on for a long time, still no response, Zhang Lan thinking a lot, for a statement.

"The system, to how you start?"

"Drops, the host meditation 'system' call to a system interface."

FML, Zhang Lan heart is the collapse of lift tables ah you believe it? So simple.

"System, open interface." Zhang Lan silent meditation Road.

Zhang Lan was originally eyes closed tight, the eyes are a dark blue ones with the meditation of my heart, but it is in front suddenly emerge out of a screen, how should I say ... no longer as simple as a simple interface.

Respectively, from top to bottom -

"Personal Panel" - can query the host data.

"Task system" - system tasks and task reward will be released again.

"Mystery shop" - using open exchange rules debris rights, exchange correspondence and other order items.

"Achievement system" - available to complete specific issues and achievements reward.

"More exciting, so stay tuned." - advertise.

Other good understanding that this fifth "more exciting, so stay tuned." What is, Zhang Lan was very curious, so thought, Zhang Lan will focus on this option.

"Drip, inadequate host rights, efforts to upgrade more exciting, so stay tuned."

"I am just switched, I would not count level 1 trumpet it? I obviously recharge the energy ......"

Zhang Lan see this to no avail, "Task Options" is still flashing, so that was Zhang Lan could not help but focus on this "task system" above, is produced along with a small hand click of "task system "and then other options would fade, emerges out of the -

"Mainline" - must be completed.

"Branch" - optional.

"Emergency" - random release, the short time frame, high-difficulty, high reward.

Three options, including "main line" option is shining, blue ones continue to click up with the idea that a small hand - Why Zhang Lan felt that he was playing a kind of investment Threepenny hand travel feeling ......Or the first "fee" after the demo!

Both depending on the computer version of the board game sense, there are wood?

After opening the "main line", no branch finally appeared, only emerge out of a "pre-adult effort" in the sparkling, blue ones continue to click good advice.

"Bite, congratulations to complete the host 'into years of effort' task, [yes / no] to receive the task?"

"Yes ..." Zhang Lan endured inexplicable emotions, once again click "Yes" option.

"Drip, incentive payment in ..."

"Congratulations host, departments do not immediately get a random draw * 1, [yes / no] lottery?"


Zhang Lan at this time eyebrows are beating up the development of this system procedure ape you give me out, I promise not to kill you! This is very bad players to experience the feeling.

"Big Wheel system starts, the host manually draw."

When prompted, all the text are disappeared, a super large turntable appear in the consciousness of Zhang Lan's just a blank on a turntable, an option at all.

"System, how is this going? God horses are not what I turn?" Asked Zhang Yulan said something like system.

"Please host their own understanding." The system does not buy it, a word directly to choke back the blue sheets.

Zhang Lan feel his temper suffered serious provocation, but why is this so-called system and invisible, intangible, really teeth itch gas.

However, gas return gas, but also to the reward, Zhang Lan to fend for themselves pondering, and soon found the idea of ​​clicking a pointer to time, we will emerge out of several options.

"Existing lucky draw is as follows -

Following the blood gauge * 1

Ninjutsu * 1 * 1 body surgery

* 1 * 1 special magic. "

Zhang Lan try to click a little blood are most interested in following the delimitation, the entire options are immediately disappear, the space bar on a Big Wheel is slowly emerging out of the text.

"Write round eyes," "Steel escape"

"Ice escape" "Magnetic escape"

"Wood escape" "supercilious"

"Red Eye," "bones pulse"


Variety, which Zhang

Blue has been very pleasing write round eyes also impressively in which there was a strong escape wood, bones veins.

Can not wait to have a little blue ones, at that time with the idea of ​​pulling small hand gently dial a turn, immediately the entire Big Wheel is a rotating windmill up, blue ones watching helplessly spinning the Big Wheel - No way, he already eyes closed, and this stuff is in direct projection of consciousness, can only watch.

After all, there is no power source, Big Wheel turn slowly for a long time is stopped, this time is a little too "bones pulse" slowly toward the long-standing favorite "write round eyes" move past.

"Ai Ai, almost, almost ... right right, go, go ... the good kind."

Zhang Lan looked pointer turn into the "write round eyes" pause between "write round eyes" and "death ritual", almost jumped up from the bed, just when he thought a foregone conclusion, the tone is sounded system .

"Bite, congratulations to obtain host 'death ritual' (residues)"

What the hell? I do not write round eyes?

In the original excited when the blue ones, it is amazing that the last pointer move a small step,Turned into the "death ritual" (disabled) to go. But that residue is how is it?

I do not understand ask the system.

"Drip, detected the loss of part of the system, part of the reward system or incomplete. Please effort to upgrade the host, triggering the main quest to gather the scattered system."

Zhang Lan see interpretation systems, lift tables you believe it? Threepenny interface even, finished or unfinished?

"System, death rituals (residual) lost what part?" Zhang Lan finally asked a weak weak, if it is the ability to get in that immortal animation is pretty good.

* - * - * - *

Name: Death rituals [] (residual)

Category: Blood Following the delimitation


Description: You can host a variety of features to make the flesh immortal, but not self-recovery, therefore please be careful host, do not lose body parts.

Cost: None

Note: The death ceremony is divided into two portions 'dead' and 'ritual', the former S-Class blood following the gauge, due to the loss of part of the system, currently only 'dead' ability, it is reduced to A-level.

* - * - * - *

After reading system introduced Zhang Lan, we felt the system from malicious too deep ... to continue pumping chant.

Long pain as short-term pain, according to the urinary system, it is estimated spit what good stuff, simply cut the Gordian knot, choose all the random draw.

Suddenly Big Wheel into four, all began to turn, stop together.

"Bite, congratulations drawn lottery host Ninjutsu 'Movies avatar of the surgery' '

"Bite, congratulations sink body intraoperative drawn lottery" eight Jia - Table Lotus' "

"Bite, congratulations host lottery drawn magic 'fantasy' '

"Bite, congratulations host special lottery drawn 'Sand Guardian' '

"Bite, due to host the task ahead of schedule, special reward talent skills * 1, and add to its random S grade features * 1."

Five consecutive sound system prompt tone, the blue ones surprised a moment, after a number of carefully counted, indeed Pentatonic, you really do not say that this system is really a kind.

"Shadow avatar of the surgery" That's cheating artifact, Prince Naruto signs skills ah.

"Eight Fighters," Needless to say more, but it was almost kicked out to make a triumphant finale of the strongest body surgery, spots Kai had to admit to "body technique strongest."

As for the "illusion" Zhang Lan did not make the impression.

"Sand Guardian", looks like I love mother died, my love Romania blessing, that has been the guardian of automatic defense of sand I love, and I love that a mother's love.

As a whole category final random drawing, but also add features like listening to a very powerful way, but this does not feel right blue ones? Level segmentation system is backwards will not come?

"System, from low to high, a list rating breakdown." Zhang Lan temptation asked.

"Drops, the system including but not limited ninjutsu body surgery, Illusion, blood following delimited equipment divided into E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS; eight lowest level, E class, SSS up. "this system actually answered.

Answer system so too could not help but Zhang Lan Xi Qiao eyebrow, this does not mean the system is sent directly to a sixth grade awarded to him?

"Well, the system, this time to do good, talent lottery start it."Zhang Lan was very satisfied with the system a compliment.

As Zhang Lan ideas issued, the system appears, it is not Big Wheel, but a big slot machine has three options, next to a big lever.

Zhang Lan are not prompted, pulling a lever directly on the track, slot machines started up and running, the middle of three options is death-defying rolling up to his eye, he was talking and it was not able to see a thing Finally, simply wait for it to stop.

Such a long time, slot machines still turn cheerful, did not see the stop - not to manually stop it?

Zhang Lan thinking about the case, but also the idea of ​​handling small hand pulling a lever that fast Pentium three options immediately began to slow down, until three options appears.

"Naruto Uzumaki Avatar"

"Body art", "1"

This makes Zhang Lan was a little confused, not three should be the same? How is now considered?

"Bite, congratulations drawn to host 'Naruto Uzumaki first learning to body surgery' a reward under way to strengthen the S-class features, please wait."

"Well, the first large-Prince to learn Ninjutsu? Think

It should not be bad, right, the first time he studied Ninjutsu is the avatar of multiple shadow? I've got ah, no, is it three surgery? "

Zhang Lan, imagined a little confused, he suddenly thought of a keyword.

"Body surgery !!!"

"He's meow, Naruto first learning of body surgery, not Kakashi taught him -"

Zhang Lan kind of foreboding, but also very strong.

"Bite, strengthening has been completed, congratulations get to enjoy a host '******' -. ***"

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