Naruto System In Marvel World (updated)

By Qing Jiao Wo Xiao Lan

Chapter 4 recharge it, RMB players

Chapter 4 recharge it, RMB players

Zhang Lan interesting to see Tony rhetoric there.

Tony tells his own two-month tour of the cave feel, almost foreshadowing, is thrown blockbuster.

. "I know, I'm aware of," Tony stood up from the floor up, walked over to the microphone: "In addition to the manufacture of weapons, I can contribute more to the world so I decided to shut down Stark Industries weapons department immediately. take effect. "

The word went out, the original did not react sitting on the floor of the reporters who are directly catapult up, even occupational questions have forgotten, surprised to the extreme.

Obama substituting the fox, the reaction is extremely fast up Tony patted the shoulder, which thrust the push away from the microphone, the name ha.

"OK, we have news, we focus today is, Tony came back safe, and ..."

Just who would listen that bureaucratic Obama on behalf of the same answer? Nature is chasing Tony go.

See lively read, and Zhang Lan glanced apparently also surprised unusual Colson and Pepper, knowing smile.

"? Pepper was surprised it," Zhang Lan to Pepper quipped with: "Is it more like a Tony?"

"Ah, yes ah, you're right." Pepper has not yet had time to respond, unhesitatingly agreed with Zhang Lan, found her answer ambiguous time, Zhang Lan was already greeted this Colson walked drawing room a.

"He's the boss, but I do ..." Pepper whispered Well Well, do not know to whom to listen to say, it may just be talking to himself.

On the other side, ridicule Pepper's Zhang Lan, such as Colson finished report after this incident, is entered topic.

"Well, Colson, you want to know?"

"Mr. Zhang, like this call you all right? You Chinese are the name on the front, I remember."

"Of course, your memory is very good Relatively speaking, I prefer you call me Zhang blue, or blue like you, uh ....." Zhang Lan glanced at the hands of the card; "homeland defense attack strategy and logistics office? SHIELD .. Aegis? how about the Aegis Board that name? "

"The name is very good, we will consider it." Colson Rao is professional, but also for the magnitude of discourse across the blue ones, expressed a bit behind.

"Well, Zhang ... blue, we received intelligence that you are back from Afghanistan to New York one day, Tony, Tony's ride is one of the plane, but did not record you go abroad, what is your opinion ? "Colson straight to the point.

"Ah, that Stark poison mouth mouth so strict?" Zhang Lan was a little surprised, under the meaning of blurted out, and then realized that it was a cover for Tony to help themselves, will not say.

"Well, when I went to Tony and is of the same aircraft."

"But, at that time the plane was not your registration records, we asked Colonel Rhodes, have not seen you." Colson naturally not believe.

"That's no way, I swear I'm telling the truth." Zhang Lan shrugged, said they did not know the transfiguration of the Lord, naturally can not see himself.

"Well, you can say about the Blue why would you come back to Tony? Tony on the Attack,How much do you know yet? "

. "My task is completed, ah, came back," Zhang Lan granted replied: "As for Tony to do, why do not you ask him just because I say about him, almost choking?."

"Blue ... I want you to work with us." Colson said Zhang Lan said these words, are not worth a dime.

"But I know so much ah." Zhang blue blanket with a white teeth, you can vaguely see a hint of shiny reflections.

"If this is the case, then Mr. Xie Xiezhang you for your cooperation." Colson see blue sheets do not fit, because of Tony's relationship, only to give up, but the call is a lot of blunt: "So much to do to bother . "

Finished, after obtaining a schematic blue sheets, the door directly away Colson.

What a polite agent ah! Indeed the whiteness is evaluated as a man "agents template" of.

Went out, the first thing I saw Hogan, Tony is white bodyguards, in a past life, but it 1 Iron Man director, Tony let him in here for Zhang Lan, Zhang Lan went to invite Tony's villa.

The first to go, was stopped at the outside of the villa.

"Hey, Jarvis, we met again." When Zhang Lan arrive outside the villa, in front of a camera, smiles, he knew Jarvis see themselves.

It is worth mentioning that, now Zhang blue appearance, and the first time to the villa, is the same, are turned another vice look like surgery change, transfiguration consumed mainly in the release time ninjutsu, If it is to maintain a look, minimal consumption, Zhang Lan usual amount of chakra reply fully adequate support.

Zhang Lan decided to look into contact with this super-heroes, the true face of the other one, it is an ordinary person doing just fine, do not want to have contact with anyone.

Zhang Lan turned model, before he is very like a male star, Hu brother.

As for the name, legal status in the United States, his name is Blue Parker, but now sadly altered, is to continue to use his real name, Zhang Lan.

"Welcome, Mr. Zhang from China."

Jarvis that unique electronic sound play, then open the door to direct, Hogan the car into the villa.

In the hall, only to see Zhang Lan peppers Pepper.

She was on the phone, listen to the way it has been interpreted, but also and Tony remarks speak of a relationship, this Tony, do not know how to find such intimate Pepper.

"Pepper, how much your hand?" Suddenly, Tony's voice sounded, the bar is a fixed tablet.

"What?" Pepper just hang up the phone, looked at his hand: "Blue is also this, do you want to come on him?"

"Blue is also? Hey, blue, great you are, can not come down to? I'm having some trouble." Tony Zhang Lan also heard, very happy, Chong Zhang blue invitation.

Pepper obviously a little surprised, actually let go of Tony Zhang Lan own basement, that's Tony's private lab, on behalf of Obama can not go in.

"Pepper, you go on just fine, believe me, Tony needs you more." Zhang Lan said he did not want to destroy the opportunity to Tony and Pepper closer relations.

"Hey, Blue.I did not hang up yet. "Tony's voice came:" It ... is not very suitable to make Pepperdine see this, I ... "not finished, it was Zhang Lan directly hung up.

Zhang Lan like a trivial thing done, picked up an apple from the side, a bite, uh ... other people's stuff is good.

"Do not go, Tony might die, oh." Zhang Lan see Pepper still hesitant in his chest a few gestures, which makes Pepperdine face was a tight, trot down.

Zhang Lan can only help Tony to this, and turn around in the hall pass to go to the hall a lot of high-tech products, Zhang Lan only seven years ago, seen in the movies, now see in reality, it is very curious.

Studying something hurriedly closed Pepperdine apparently forgotten from time to time from the basement came a burst of screams, cries of pain as well as Toniná pretend, Zhang Lan is fun, not long before the two men Tony go together up.

Look past the blue ones, the little chili Pepper positive panic throw off Tony's hand.

"We just, uh ... Tony is my boss, you know." Pepper a little incoherent.

Zhang Lan to understand this just smiled, not much said, laughing Pepper direct holding files fled.

"How? Not confess it?" Said Tony Zhang Lan front, in cave before, but Tony and he talked sense of peppers.

"Why?" Tony asked: "? Do not you think that before the ambiguous relationship established, it is wonderful and she now looks quite lovely."

"Well? If you think so, not because I am sorry, then, well, I believe." Zhang Lan has long been seen through Tony's mind.

"Hey, do not say that you have asked me to communicate better.." Tony quickly change the subject: "Wait a minute I'll send you in the past Hogan, the inventor has done little preparation before launch, and I can help you broke identity, as his assistant. "

Paused, and then said: "?. This is it took me nearly $ 50 million of equipment in return, can you tell me why you do not have to go it fun space"

Yes, so Quxianjiuguo Zhang Lan, the order is to let Tony Richard Reid boarded help themselves, namely Mr. Fantastic Four is the magic - rubber human spacecraft.

As the richest man in the next plane across the United States, the first US weapons factory owner, Tony is no doubt that he has this ability.

"Want to know? You can Quya together." Zhang Lan invitation, after all, is that the energy crisis up to wash, but also nothing bad.

Tony In this regard, it is a direct refusal, saying that the next period of time, he needs to look good to improve his steel armor, he was named as the Mark series of steel armor.

In this regard, Zhang Lan can only say, suffer not their own.

The heart eager to space trip, as CEO Tony so much a management company, for the blue ones so obvious manifestation of nature could see, but is let them go, also took Zhang Lan at the basement, and he talk about the idea of ​​Mark No. 2.

MK-1 number, it is to take him out of the nest robbers lump of iron and steel,Although it is difficult to see, but its role is not in doubt, there's now the leader of the robbers, it is gathering its debris.

As for the issue of confidentiality, on the one hand MK-1 number is Zhang Lan witnessed the completion of the material or get into his hand, and on the other hand there is Tony intuition.

His intuition told him, Zhang Lan on their own and without malice.

Tony originally intended to just laugh about Zhang Lan, anyway, he can not read, so he patiently consumed Xianxiang own request.

It not about any face, conspiracy, etc., is simply want to see Tony Zhang Lan opening "seeking" the way she looks.

However, once again the fact that the development of Tony beyond expectations, although Zhang Lan know nothing about what the mechanical structure, but the ratio in appearance, weapon systems, some of the flight data, even proposed a more precise than Tony pre-set value.

Joke, but Zhang Lan watched Iron Man series of films of men, some time later subtitles, to be more accurate translation, but simply looked back to the comics Iron Man.

Technology, he is not know, but the shape, imagine, but he holds the future of the idea of ​​Tony Mark N + 1 No. of it.

The result of this chat, is directly from more than eleven in the morning, talk to ten at night.

As a practicing chakra blue ones, not much pressure, but the average person Tony is finally could not carry, claiming to invite Zhang Lan dinner.

Zhang Lan heard, only faint smile at Tony, do not refuse, can not walk, to not look at Tony, Tony said no matter what the answer.

"OK, OK, I'm on about the little scientist, uh, Richard Reid? We ate supper, as you are late

The reason, I will fix. "

In the end, Tony was the wrong party, expressed his pot yourself on the back.

"Where to eat?" See to achieve the purpose, Zhang Lan just leave.

Subsequently, Zhang Lan at a Chinese restaurant in smooth saw Rhett, do not know how Tony is the one about to execute their own fanatical scientist research program, out of about eleven o'clock at night.

You know, Reid's enthusiasm for science, but in the moments before and sexy goddess Jessica Alba plays Susan, married, also repair the positioning equipment to the military.

After that, Zhang Lan insight into how Tony is said to be a genius, obviously is a mechanical weapons expert, and Reid can chat, talk about biological gene also sentence reasonable.

Richard Reid is a genius right? There is no doubt that, in the movie, Reid's set is a genius scientist low emotional intelligence.

The day after it ran into another gifted, spitting sparks but no less good-based Friends of the spark, Zhang Lan is not interrupted in the side, the ears listened in silence, chewing mouth has been maintained for a day of transfiguration, but he consumed a lot of physical fitness.

Finally, in the case of the three parties are happy, determined on a space of time, after just three days.

Zhang Lan is also very excited ah, finally, their Goldfinger though a bit tricky, but Goldfinger Goldfinger is better than their own upgrade much faster.

That task of adult spree, he is also looking forward to very ah,After all, there is a "big", how to say it better than novice packs?

Well ... I think so?

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