Naruto System In Marvel World (updated)

By Qing Jiao Wo Xiao Lan

Chapter 3 Tony Stark accede

Chapter 3 Tony Stark accede

Los Angeles, military bases, tarmac at a military aircraft is safe landing.

Open the door, a uniformed black beard man leaning on his right hand bandaged name down. Under which a white woman was concerned stared beard man.

"Be careful, Tony, go here." Uniform black cautioned pulling looked a bit unnatural envelope cheek man get out of the gap of the door.

"You make me play it, Rod?" The man was known as Tony, pointing to push the stretcher, like a white woman found an excuse to break those burning eyes of the general tone of exaggeration: "I leave it quickly Sight."

Black uniform, that is, against Rhodes homeopathic medical staff waved and beckoned them down, and then let go of the arm of Tony's hand.

He felt that now is the time Tony and she reminisced.

"Eyes were red? Think you're missing the boss?" Tony unnatural touched his beard, spoke first.

"I am happy." Eyes were reddish white woman responded: "province to find work."

"Yes ah, your vacation is over." Tony joked, looking at the white woman's look, he was a little scared, then took the lead towards his car.

Tony into the car, the first time found the back seat of the yellow boys, aged about seventeen or eighteen, face though immature, is very handsome, the future is certainly glamorous, but so too have the same Tony very dissatisfied.

"Zhang Lan, wake up, Hey, wake up." Tony spent a good left hand shook Zhang Lan: "Can you rub your saliva?"

Tony Zhang Lan wake up a little bit confused look around, do not seem to wake up, look at Tony disgusted face, blinked his eyes, as if something brewing, until ... a yawn played out, incidentally, also a lazy stretch waist.


In spite of these actions, so that was Tony eyebrows, patience seems limit is about to be broken.

"Well, Tony, do not like this." Tony before the outbreak, Zhang Lan finally spoke: "Protecting you very hard, I had not a good sleep."

Teenage hear the words of Tony's mouth twitched involuntarily, opened his mouth, and finally did not say anything.

Indeed themselves would like to thank boy in front of, in the past two months, indeed he stayed with his own, in the dark cave, provides a lot of help for themselves.

This is Zhang Lan to do circuitous tactics.

Tony is a mouth poison, but people who know how to return, based on this character, Zhang Lan found Tony.

His address is not hard to find, at least for the blue ones is, after all, in the steel Third, but he declared himself a position for which he paid a price for a villa.

After finding Toni, Zhang Lan did not even go in the door, after all, the list of visitors Jarvis and without him, but Zhang Lan also did not immediately prepared to meet with Tony, he handed over a letter to Jarvis, and left word to Jarvis.

"Jarvis, could you tell Tony, I have a miniature ark design reactors, hoping he could read this letter, then I myself will appear. Let him not to me."

The so-called micro-Ark reactor design drawings,Nature is a lie, Zhang Lan the world do not have this technology may appear.

Tony excuse just to cause interest only, the ultimate goal is to let him watch the letter.

And there is not much on the letter, to the effect that Zhang Lan through a number of channels, inquired into the near future will be an attack on Tony, and he will protect the lives of Tony, the commission is a condition appears timely.

As for the specific matter what conditions, attacks, and not on paper.

Tony was also just as a joke and see, but also casual checked the sheets of blue look.

However well prepared the blue ones will naturally not the real capacity to appear, but he would transform human surgery.

His model is Hu brother, Tony can not find out what the nature.

Since then, attention has been Tony private aircraft movements Zhang Lan, when Tony to Afghanistan, disguised as a co-pilot went to follow along with Afghanistan.

As for why Tony is watching the movements of aircraft, rather than Tony's movements, this is very simple.

He can not find out.

And Tony's airplane travel is much simpler, after all, his website now beginning to scale, and even set up a small working group, his employees, lucky to have a good hack.

After Tony finished weapons experiments, Zhang Lan killed a English-speaking robbers, and then use the transfiguration into robbers lurking in the side, witnessing the process of being fried Tony halo weapons of their own home.

As it happens, the missile launch is actually the robbers Zhang blue camouflage, and now he personally shot out.

Accidentally, also became a mentor ideological consciousness of the Iron Man?

The reason why this did not prevent the tragedy, because of a prevailing circumstances can not do anything.

After all, after all, he was just a release slag slag 20 E-Class ninja, field guns and ammunition so much, he can run away himself, but Tony would ...

You can not be self-defeating.

There is vital that have not been hurt Tony weapons of their own home, but also that Iron Man is it?

I thought it would consciousness?

No one knows.

So Zhang Lan follow the original story, has been lurking around two months at Tony's, he saved create a scene, Tony, and give Tony some help as much as possible.

Tony also puzzled asked Zhang Lan, why not

To help out? The military will free him out.

At that time Zhang Lan's answer was simple: "Do you want me to inform the military do?"

Tony then remains silent.

I hope?

No, he does not want.

Since hailed as a genius, he can not be a fight after being lost, they help children to parents.

And he already had plans of their own.

The plan in the film is well implemented, but Tony does not know this, so Zhang Lan was very pleasant rub a wave of goodwill.

Tools needed to build steel armor, and Tony can not do a lot of tools to the robbers demanded, Zhang Lan is as accede to the blending Tony in the original mass.

Adequate tools, unexpected originally required three months, shortened to two months.

As it will be shipping the robbers found?Zhang has turned the art of blue, free to become any one of the robbers.

Premise is that the robbers to speak English, or revealed the secret.

Each of the robbers blue ones he will not play more than a week, he will always be asked to participate in various activities, and clever, "killed", then kill another, disguised as him.

The only pity is that Ethan was dead, did not rescue him.

Tony ready hands last night, Zhang Lan participate in an activity out of the bandit nest, and identify the time to disclose Rhodes Tony's position.

Contact Tony nature is given.

In this way, the perfect Tony Brush in front of a big wave of goodwill, between life and death, Tony accompany two people around, Ethan was dead, then the adventure to come to the rescue Tony Zhang Lan, naturally, it is considered a confidant.


"Where are we going? Sir." The driver spoke this time.

"Hogan, go to the hospital." Peibo in response to the co-pilot.

"No, I do not go." Tony steals and said:. "Pepper, I will not go to the hospital."

"Tony, you have to go to the hospital ... to check your body."

"I said do not go, do not force me to go to the hospital, I was detained for two months." Tony was very straightforward denial: "I just want to do two things, one is ..."

Tony is not to be finished, forgotten Tony suddenly reach out to teenagers in front of Tony's body, on the palm of the hand holding a regular hamburger.

"Sir, you are a cheeseburger? Your point," Zhang Lan's voice sounded in season.

After Tony's smacking his lips a little taken aback, paused for a second, run out of good left hand naturally pick up cheeseburger, facing Pepper opening, he needs to apply for a second thing.

"Pepper, I need ..."

. "Hogan, go to the company, our press conference to begin," Tony Zhang Lan, then was interrupted again: "I have informed the major media, and use of your account."

Tony's account, nature is Tony Zhang to blue, to notify Rhodes used.

Hogan is said to be the driver, did not know Zhang Lan. So do not start the car directly, but looking at Tony, reflected in a very helpless nod, this start the car.

"How do you know?", Asked Tony.

"Know what? You mean the attack? Or Pepperdine think you come back to find a woman?" Zhang blue deflected the question, say so, so that was Peibo are a red face.

. "Tony" in the front row of some confusion Pepper spoke: "This is very sorry that I did not know him?."

As Tony's personal assistant, she needs to know everyone know Tony, not in the subject.

. "Zhang Lan, the Chinese-American Well, this time I escape, he accounted for 12% of the credit." Tony describes as the Pepper:. "Blue, which is Pepper, my assistant."

"Blue, nice to meet you." Pepper politely turned around in the front row, and blue ones want to shake hands, but Tony is directly pulled a small hand.

"Blue does not like women, they still like me and you shake."

You may be able to do?

Nature can not put up with.

"Pepper, this trip is not bad, I get along with Tony and two months, found him sleeping at night,We will call a name in a dream, that is, wear ooo, ooo ... "

Although clumsy Tony covered his mouth, but a "wear" the word, it is already very obvious, but Tony still a little ill-prepared, so a little panic.

"Hey, buddy, you said before the condition, there is no need to change it?" Tony threatened.

Before returning, Zhang Lan has its own requirements to tell Tony.

"? Well, I can now change it" Zhang blue eyebrows, looked at Pepper: "My request is that you let me do the Pepperdine assistant, how about I give Pepperdine ten times the wages?. "

This sentence is naturally ridicule Tony, but after all, he can not afford to pay such high wages yet.

Pepper is also tight in front of the body, stared at Tony in the rearview mirror, she also wanted to know the answer.

"No, you take the advantage of this guy, this condition decides not to." Tony was very intense reaction:. "You original that is very good, I promise."

Toni being excited about it, see Zhang Lan said with a smile in that diversion, as well as the front row laughing Hogan, he could not see Pepper's mouth, as he sat behind Pepperdine.

But he saw from the rearview mirror, Pepper eyebrows upturned brow, he must have been happy.

"Sir, we have to." Hogan timely inserted words, lifted Tony's


Indeed to the press conference, the window is there a white-bearded old man in pounding the windows, they were planning to kidnap Tony behalf of Obama? Stan.

Obama is personally on behalf of Tony opened the door, and get off Tony embracing, mouth warm hellos, Tony body care.

Tony does not seem to want to look dead.

After the Obama-generation simple greeting, blue and Tony Zhang Obama made a presentation on behalf of each other.

"Oh, blue, thank you for saving Tony." Obama on behalf of the very exaggerated loudly: "You are saved Stark Industries you know it is like to save me, do not I die too? Howard would be unworthy of. "

This is a guilty conscience, started to play emotional card yet?

Zhang blue surface is not warm, but simply on behalf of Obama and shook hands and began asking Tony is not the approach of.

For the story needs, Zhang Lan has not told the true face of Tony Obama generation, Zhang Lan does not mean you can wear the mask of hypocrisy, unrealistic.

It was not his style, he did not want to be so tired.

And on behalf of Obama, Zhang blue for cold and do not care, do not care is the least expression.

As a man of fine him, emotions are basic skills, and Tony name ha ha, go out into the hall and walked release.

In the release hall, Zhang Lan was not overwhelming, but stood quietly beside Pepperdine, he needs to know a person.

"Miss Potts, Mr. Zhang, Hello." Colson that old well not wave tone sounded.

"What happened?" Pepper responded with polite.

"It a word with you?" Colson polite invitation with.

"Conference time being I do not have, but I want to see." Pepper will Colson as a reporter.

"I'm not a reporter, I'm Detective Colson, on behalf of homeland defense attack strategy and logistics Security Bureau."A classic statement reproduce.

Colson to Zhang Lan and Pepperdine each handed a business card.

"Oh wow." Pepper whispered exclaimed: "It's convoluted."

"We also solve this problem."

"Department of Defense, FBI, CIA have approached us ..."

"We are an independent department." Colson interrupted Pepper's words: "some of the functions of more focused, we would like to hear Mr. Stark escaped to the situation in detail."

"I will arrange, okay?" Pepper name of Tai Chi.

"Thank you." Colson polite thanks, then turned to Zhang Lan: "So Mr. Zhang, free now?"

Zhang Lan looked at Colson's trademark stern, looked back at the crowd already sitting on the floor of Tony.

. "Colson" Zhang Lan said: "You should not busy I think it will be quite a view, as we read before you go??"

"As you wish." Colson polite answer.

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