Naruto System In Marvel World (updated)

By Qing Jiao Wo Xiao Lan

Chapter 1 also through the traffic jam?

Chapter 1 also through the traffic jam?

As an ordinary otaku, Zhang Lan very satisfied with the status quo, at least he rarely complained.

During the day, enjoyable, night work, transformed for online writers, secure code word, manuscripts for his book faithful.

Although he is not yet known, but he believes his future possible.

But now, he was irritated.

Phone pops up a page, flashing blue and red mosaic that read the title - across the Naruto world tour.

This is not the point, the focus is on the page [YES] key mad flashing, five cents effects of the barrage could not fly - Click to go with you through.

Through your sister!

Gang programmer getting no festival parade!

Heart Tucao about it, want to go click [NO] key, free fingers in the air quite a while, the delay did not go down.

What's special, is [NO] key programmer eat it?

This Nima ...... forced prostitution?

He refused to accept!

He rubbed his eyes, and his face close to the screen, eyes wide boss.

Finally, in the lower right corner of the window to find a super small crossed keys, the blue box on red bleak picture, and background perfect together.

Sample and fight your grandfather?

With deep pride, under the crossed keys close this page do not hesitate to point.

Screen flashed black, inexplicable shake a few times, but also lights up, a line of black and white emerged out.

* - * - * - *

I want to understand the meaning of life? Want - more exciting alive?

[YES] / [YES]

* - * - * - *

This effort Nima Boy ah!

With a helpless admiration for game programmers, Zhang Lan thumb toward one of the numerous press [YES].

A terrible thing happened.

He ... ... his mobile phone interface ... ... ... ... turned into a flashing battery.

This is the phone's charging interface.

"I'm bored, actually it was this trick play?"

Mouth complained, but can not find in the hands of mobile phones, power from 0%, and rushed directly to 100%, the charging process is still not going to stop, its consequence is ......


Phone exploded, bear the brunt of natural Zhang Lan was the first victim in the instant loss of consciousness, he had only one thought -

"There is not a Sanxin company specializes in the production of military bomb factory?"

The next day, Zhang Lan got his wish of a name, on a major newspaper headlines, which reads as follows -

[XM charge explode as a man Sanxin phone]

[Sanxin phone explosive power of new high]

[Sanxin phone, the phone in the "fighter"]


Of course, these blue ones have no chance to see, this time also attend this anymore.

He found himself some awareness, but might be a concussion, because he felt he had a sound mind kept talking.

"Drops, the host is detected, qualified system ... authentication system authentication is completed."

"Drops through the system start-time target: Naruto."

"Drip, met unknown obstacles, the new route plan ...... new route has been planned is completed...... "

"Drip, met unknown obstacles, the new route plan ...... ...... completed a new route has been planned."

"Drip, met unknown obstacles, new route planning system ...... lack of energy, not enough to landing 'Naruto' world."

"Drip, emergency mechanism system starts randomly select the target of the world ......"

"Drop target has been confirmed - 'Marvel'"

"Drip, Marvel has been reached, one-time through the system self-destruct in ...... self-destruction is complete, the host issued new instructions."

Fang began to think he was a concussion, does not hear back realized that concussions only hear the "buzz" sound, unlikely to form an ordered paragraphs of text on white, then he realized one question--

Is ...... whiteness is wrong?

After the brain in your head, the reason for a long time "traffic jam", he felt very tired body, only to sleep, cold wind blowing, scraping his body was restored perception is shake ah shake, a son musty smell straight nose drilled.

Drowsiness instantly dissipated.

"Cold, stinks."

Open your eyes tired and wanted to his feet, it was found that the body does not listen to his command, or that their bodies can not complete the instruction issued by the brain.

Blinked, looked down at his body, in the usual very simple action, feeling exhausted at the moment is a kind of primitive force, very laborious.

Zhang Lan **** saw his body, young limbs, and Zhang has not yet developed the blue.

"How is it? How to become their own baby, or a baby ****?" At the moment his heart is ignorant of force.

After calm down for a long time, is gradually accepted the fact, he looked around and knew the drill has been the source of the smell of the nose.

Trash taste, naturally not good news.

"What the hell? Is it just to hear 'system' out of the ghost?" Cranky guess.

"Drops, the current situation is indeed the host system is." No no reason a strange voice, sounded in my mind.

"Who? Who are you talking? What system?" Zhang Lan surprised.

"Drops, the host Hello, the system is in reply to your question."

"System? What system? Where to play come from? Where are you going? How many people at home? How many home ground? ...... Well forehead?"

"Drip system stands for 'Naruto world tour through the system', referred to as a system, from the local manufacturing system, go to the original target 'Naruto world', because of lack of energy stuck in 'Marvel' in the system and no home, so there is no family Wada. "

"Naruto world tour through the system? Is it? FML ...... system, this is my cross, are not you? Or go to Marvel?" Zhang Lan then is hindsight.

"Drip, yes, which currently hosts the world - Marvel"

"Let me digest ..." Zhang Lan in mind a bit confusing, he needed to be quiet.

A long time, although still does not straighten out the idea, but the wind Ling Lie told him that now there are more important things.

"System, **** why I became a baby,Appear in the trash? "Zhang Lan need to know about their situation.

"Drip system through unknown obstacles encountered in many times, many times after turning, the stored energy is not enough support to reach 'Naruto' randomly selected Marvel 'world, present only 1 energy point."

"Repeatedly met obstacles? Repeatedly turned to? Store energy shortage? This is your way out of oil change traffic jam, right? That is not the energy to recharge ah! Petrol do?" Zhang blue a little crazy.

"Drip, warning, insufficient energy system will be shut down, the use of emergency measures."

"Drops, given the host is too weak, especially novice packs issued, issued in ... novice packs issuance is completed."

"Drops, release new to the task."


Into years of effort: to please a host of legal age in years for the system to recharge energy, to boot the system conditions.

- the current completion: 0/100

- Reward: * 1 adult spree


"Drip, system energy consumption, turn off the system ... I wish the host far better, live happy."

"Drops, the system has been shut down."

What the hell?

This system is ...... flutter Street?

No time to complain, a bunch of information into his mind, there is the basis of Indian-style jutsu, chakra on the application, the three colorectal surgery sequence and so on.

The fragile baby's body, and in this shivering in the cold for a long time, it is tired of this, it stuffed a bunch of information in mind, the spirit more tired, a little paralysis of the body is suddenly an enormous pain attack , Zhang blue without resistance fainted.

Such as when to wake up again, I do not know how long after, Fortunately, he is not in the trash, but to wash the smell of a baby in the cradle.

See no one around, Zhang Lan is not naughty, secretly calling the system a few times to no avail, only began to organize the so-called packs a novice.


Novice packs as follows:

Chakra extraction technique * 1

Stand-in technique * 1

Transfiguration * 1

Two places at once * 1

Physical transformation * 1


Simply put, is a chakra extraction technique, a three technique, as well as a physical transformation know why, presumably this is the root of that coma before the giant's body where pain and transform Well, listening to a kind of catch mice Netvibes foot.

Removing the physical transformation of the unknown so, Zhang Lan for the evaluation of the novice packs, can only use two words to describe

- True (TM) to pull ah! ! !

People protagonist of the novel is written into the round eyes, Saint descent, what the devil fruit, how to get him only so basic stuff here?

"I am probably the poorest ever crossing by force, right?" Zhang Lan was secretly thinking.

Suddenly, Zhang Lan looking for a tight, no longer quiet, but "ah ah ah!" Exclaimed loudly, no way, no vocal development, it can only be so attractive over.

With a burst of rapid footsteps, a white woman in the pro-greet Zhang blue eyes, his mouth English comfort Zhang Lan, Zhang picked up clumsy blue, Zhang Lan was a look of anxious beat Caucasian woman with mouth "ah ah ah ah"The more urgent the call.

Being white woman to know why, when she suddenly felt a chest heat, while in the hands of Zhang Lan also stopped all the action, look no love expression - she was not sure they have not mistaken, after all, a square-born baby, how would know what is no love.

Normal babies did not, but now the blue ones will, because ...... he just wet his pants, well shame ah, do not know weaned years, and now they actually experience the feeling of wet his pants .. ....

There is no love between Zheng Sheng, Zhang Lan suddenly be naughty again, because he found a more serious problem than wet the bed -

He felt he wanted to ... pull Baba!

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