History's Number One Founder August Eagle

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He time-traveled and got a system but Lin Feng’s pressure is as big as a mountain.
System main quest: Ling Feng creates a school, establishing history’s number 1 sect, Ling Feng himself becoming the number 1 founder.
And so to become history’s number 1 founder Lin Feng started to work hard.
“Your name is Shi Tianhao? Natural born supreme king but it was stolen by your cousin. Now being raised in a little village your father placed you in? Come come come, come with master, we’ll let those people know that justice that is owed must be returned!”
“Your name is Xiao Yan? A genius in the past, now a loser. Your fiance even came over and humiliated you by breaking off the engagement? Come come come, come with master, we’ll let that brat know the meaning of don’t bully a youngster because he’s poor!”
“Your name is Zhu Yi? The bastard son of a marquis, suppressed by your father. Your mother was the previous saint but she was killed? Come come come, come with master, we’ll let your dad know the meaning of the world is big, fists are… no, reason is the biggest!”


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  • Alchemy
  • Beautiful Female Lead
  • Body Tempering
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  • Cunning Protagonist
  • Demons
  • Fast Cultivation
  • Genius Protagonist
  • Handsome Male Lead
  • Legendary Artifacts
  • Magic Formations
  • Multiple Realms
  • Pill Concocting
  • Romantic Subplot
  • Sword Wielder
  • Transmigration
  • Artifacts
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