1. The break up of ex-boyfriend

1. The break up of ex-boyfriend

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A youth sitting on the sand hotel suite, wall warm yellow light on him to leave the shadow of half-dark, he maintained a motionless posture, I do not know how long it has been sitting there.

It is midnight, but he and other people do not come.

Shen Ye slightly lowered eyes, eyes resting on the front of the phone, outgoing messages has been no response ...... sip a sip of his thin lips, eyes revealing a little restless look.

The father really do too much, for so many years, Han Xu Shen to pay how much effort for the company, we have seen, but now ...... but because a mere trifle, to use such a ridiculous excuse to squeeze Xu Han out of the company, such a thing no matter who is put in the body, I am afraid all my heart there is gas, right?

Shen Ye learned of the news non-stop from the outside came back, about Han Xu met here tonight. For this behavior of his father, he could not remain indifferent.

The silence of the room, a wall clock in hand moves "click click" sound at lower into his ears, but also as percussion in his heart ...... Han Xu Why not, why not return his phone? Is angry or hurt? One idea could not flip in the heart.

Shen Ye Huo Ran stood up, got up to the door, he wants to see him! So there is no way to continue to wait any longer!

Just then came the sound Qing Xiang, the door suddenly opened, and a man wearing a gray suit and slowly into the room. He raised his head, revealing a Wenrun Qing ya face, lips hanging smile: "Sorry, some things so late."

Shen Ye footsteps stay still, his face suddenly surfaced joy and apprehension interwoven look, hoarse voice: "Brother, I thought you were angry, do not want to see me ......"

Man smiled and shook his head, relaxed tone, soft eyes, "You know those things? Why should I be angry with you, this is not your fault."

Shen Ye determined by looking at the person in front of blazing eyes full of love.

With these words ...... a day of distress, anxious, restless waiting for this moment all vanished. This is his brother, inclusive of his childhood to protect him, even if faced with such unfair treatment, and I never thought to anger him.

Shen Ye suddenly reached out and hugged in front of people, staring at each other that pale pink lips, Qingnanzijin of force kissed up. He was such love him, obviously do not want to separate a single minute, but had to hide their relationship, only in each other's embrace, to be convinced that the man at his side, also in love with him.

For a long time, Shen Ye only slowly loosened, his eyes flashed a firm look, serious, said: "Do not worry, I will not let you out of my father's ...... we'll go back, we make it clear to him relationship, I believe he will understand. I will take care of everything, will not make you feel uncomfortable, all I have is yours. brother ...... "

"I love you."

[Bite, Shen Ye favorability +1, the current favorability 1oo]

[Bite, the world Shen Ye Raiders complete target person, gain experience 1oooo, host the upcoming three days out of the world.]

Ye Ming listening to the system prompts sound coming from the brain, that he went to the time to leave.

His name in the world of identity Han Xu, was Shen's son, grew up together since childhood, and Shen Ye. To brush favorability Shen Ye, he has been carefully playing the role of a good brother, and now finally favorability brush over, but favorability brush over the same time, he is out of time in this world.

Ye Ming stared in front of young people, young looks handsome, sharp facial features, although still young, but already as a hard-edged sword, except in front of him, was gentle and affectionate exhibition exposing the meticulous side ...... really a pity a.

Ye Ming fundus surface trace if it appears strange color, he stroked a sinking Ye's face, it seems like nostalgia sadness, a deep throat muffled laughter:. "I have a gift for you."

Shen Ye showing surprise expression, he suffers wait all day, he did not get angry Han Xu has been satisfied, where also expect there will be over a gift? His eyes look forward to endless, can not wait to ask: "What is the -"

If not finished, what suddenly felt something cold on top of his chest, looked down, greeted by a shocking cold light glowing edged black hand - gun.

Gun pointed at his chest, while holding the gun dog bones slender hand, he too familiar ...... they have many times fingers handshake, tell affection for each other.

This moment, as if time had stopped, the air froze.

It took a while, Shen Ye before slowly raised his head, looked at Ye Ming look of the complex, he moved his lips: "Brother ...... This is a joke, right?"

Ye Ming laughed, he raised an eyebrow, always gentle eyes glowing never had the color of cold, "What do you think?"

Shen Ye Ye Ming will be looking at the eyes, gradually, the color faded face, he asked: "Why?"

Ye Ming lips brought back, a playful laugh, "Why? Of course because I want your Shen, I am in the company for so many years, no credit has elbow grease, and now that want me to go to drive me away this world can be so cheap to do? I'm not your Shen their dog. "

Shen Ye color fundus emerge pain, "his father is doing it wrong, but ...... I never thought to get rid of you, and you do not intend to fight. We are not said to be very intimate, always together it? "

He loves to him, willing to hand over everything, even to pay their own lives, but why ...... he was going to kill him? Obviously not at all necessary.

"I remember." Ye Ming smiled softly, Shen Ye just raising a trace of hope when, slowly, Yi Zizi said: "But I do not care your charity, as long as you are dead, Shen's everything is my nature. "

Shen Ye Ye Ming looked indifferent eyes, listening to his words lightly, dark eyes a little bit down, seems to have lost all luster.

Ye Ming Shen Ye looked painful look of disbelief, could not help but laugh out, "how? You do not really think I love you too, right? I always lie to you! I cajole you, but to benefit from you nothing! If not you all these years with the concession,How can I be so easy to go to today's position in the company? Speaking I'd like to thank you properly, but unfortunately ...... I'm tired of pretending - love you, since you want to put me out of my father company, I'll kill you personally to win everything! These should this be my! "

Shen Ye pale, cold words in this sentence as a sharp knife into his heart, so is he of love, originally from start to finish just a ruthless deception it? You obviously do was to say, I am willing to give you anything, so you do not unnecessarily ......

"You lied to me ...... right ......" Shen Ye's voice has a very slight trembling instability, empty eyes, seems unwilling to believe all the eyes of Zi.

Ye Ming look of disdain, do not hesitate to pull the trigger, with a loud muffled, Shen Ye Huo body in the end, filled with blood from his chest out, stained clothes ...... like a flower blooming from hell.

He turned his head hard, determined by looking at Ye Ming, that the dark pupil, the darkness slowly breeding ......

With this gunshot, he finally can no longer deceive ourselves.

Ye Ming seems to just do something trivial matters in general, he slowly, with a handkerchief to wipe his hands - gun, readily be thrown into the trash, and turned to walk out. Approaching the door, seems to think of what, back to Shen Ye smile, this smile is very cold-blooded, his lips parted slightly to say a word.

This smile, this sentence ...... Shen Ye can not forget all his life, even if one day seamless sink into the abyss, will also be engraved into his soul, as he entered the cycle of eternity.

Ye Ming said: "This is my gift to send your break up, like it?"


Midnight, the streets and not many people, Ye Ming out of the hotel, easily turned into a no man's back streets.

He cut open the phone fast dialed 11o alarm call upon her throat with exaggerated tone:!! "Hey Yao Yao Ling out of it I was a supper of passers-by, just passing the time, heard the emperor xx street corner View hotel on the third floor suite which came gunshots! had suspected murder, someone is injured, you come over here and take a look! Yes, 救人如救火, remember to bring an ambulance! "

Having decisively hang up the phone, the phone ends up in his pocket.

Ye Ming stood in place for a while, well ...... just accidentally mentioned supper, suddenly feel a little hungry, anyway, going out of this world, it is better eat before you go.

He made up his mind, and turned leisurely pace, his car parked in an underground parking lot not far from here there is a distance.

Street parking near a bad night even more desolate and lonely road some nearby ...... no one else, Ye Ming walked suddenly felt a little walk, though the heart and said he did not eat dinner, but not As for Link Road also walk hungry, right?

His double - legs began to lose control, front sight gradually blurred, subconsciously touched his stomach, but accidentally touched a piece of wet sticky, raised his hand and saw a palm full of blood ......

[Ye Ming: ......]

[888: how? ]

[Ye Ming: I shot ah ah ah!How you do not remind me know! ]

[888: I'll give you a pain shield. ]

[Ye Ming: it is because there is more pain screen you have to remind me ah! I do not know when in my gun! As you my system, even such an important thing not tell I was not too irresponsible thing? ]

[888 sounds cool: Anyway, you should be out of the dead how death has anything to do with what time, can I tell you, you can die a little more to force the grid? Rather than die on the way to late night? ]

[Ye Ming: ...... I always feel like a bit of me your recent comments. ]

[888 silent for a moment, sighed: This is called secular newspaper. ]

[Ye Ming: ......]

[Ye Ming: You might be some misunderstanding me, you listen to my explanation, I actually do so out of kindness! Lest I had gone Shen Ye sad an unwise move, in fact, my heart can not bear very, very self-blame, very painful! You believe me! ]

[888: Ha ha. ]

[Ye Ming: ......]

Ye Ming recently and feel more and more difficult to communicate with the 888, just remember Big Brother image when bound 888 was a very responsible, although the character slightly higher a little cold, but sum up the work is impeccable, is a very excellent rigorous advanced system, but a world in the past ......

Well ...... unbearable memories back.

Ye Ming and took two steps, a black eyes stumble to the ground, and finally saw in the distance a vague someone came to him, lost consciousness.

Is a familiar sense of detachment soul came, not for a while, Ye Ming appeared in a white room of about 10 square meters in size, here is his system space, after the completion of each task off to the next world before, will be here for a short stay.

But this time Ye Ming did not hurry to take the task to the next world, but gratefully silent figured in my heart, Fu Zhang laughed: "! My experience seems to have had enough."

When he is to be omnipotent system stores to attract a certain kind of goods before agreeing to bind the system to do the task, in order to be able to exchange items that he has been through several of the world, think immediately be able to get something back the real world, could not help the hearts of excitement.

In the task world, Ye Ming needs as dialogue in the brain and the system as before, but in the system space, 888 is directly speak.

I saw the white walls over a blue data stream, a cold metallic voice sounded: "? Ah, is tough enough, you sure you want to redeem it."

Ye Ming immediately said: "Swap!"

888 quiet for a moment, the data flow on the wall fast passing, after a long time, stopping the flow of data. Always calm and placid, self-sustaining system, voice for the first time appeared similar angrily, teeth sentiment: "! In other words, no, the, the"

Ye Ming shocked, "Why?"

888 sneer: "Because just now, I now have all of your experience in a frozen state, can not be used."

This sentence leaves fall Ming ears, just like a lightning bolt! It's like a millionaire flattered to sleep in the money heap,One day suddenly want to buy their own luxury cars, but now all of their assets have been frozen bank, and even a dime themselves are not as terrible! ! !

Ye Ming suddenly flew into a rage:? "I worked so hard to earn experience points through easy task to do it you say freeze it freeze, there is not no justice you this black-box operation, a shady today on how you like to be?! give me an explanation, otherwise I will complain of you! "

888 without hesitation:? "You have to say it is because you are in the world after every Raiders finished, you have to give the Raiders a goal to send 'broke surprise', cause when you're gone, all of them blackened the ! and just now, all blackening accumulated value Raiders target already exceeded the critical point, the process of all those world out of control at the same time and had a very signs of instability, the consequences are very serious, so your main system determines Raiders All failed, to freeze all of your experience. "

888 paused, and added: "There is no upside down you experience, you should feel fortunate."

Fear sudden air of quiet.

But this was not enough, 888 Oh cry, and said: "And as your system, continuous multiple tasks all failed not say, but also for stability in the world had a negative impact, a direct result of my system had evaluated a minimum of e! not only all of the royalty incentives have been canceled, a not earn experience points, and even year-end performance are also deducted! is simply a great insult practitioners since my life, you know how much I lost it? ah? I had to advise you, do a good job less to make trouble, you do not listen! happy now? "

Ye Ming pain over his chest, think of yourself hard in vain for so long, but in the end is futile, but clearly seemed to feel the soul body angina, but he can not get a flat ...... 888 888 purely because he was implicated!

After a long time, Ye Ming was guilty and said: "Ahem ...... then ...... Is there any remedial measures it?"

888 snappily said, "You wait a minute, I check it."

888 is now the most regret is, how did you take things too hard to pick up a bonus refuse such a host? ! It is really a big loss!

After a few minutes, opening 888 coldly: "Yes, you go back to that world, eliminate the black Raiders of the value of the target, once the target of a black Raiders of value disappears, all the processes in the world are back on track, even if the task is completed normally , the experience you gain will be re-activated. "

Ye Ming: "......"

Actually have to go back to that world, he really did not expect this outcome ...... now he suddenly regret what they have done before, if you give him a chance again, he must turn over a new leaf, a good man.

888 impatient and said: "? Way on this one, you do not, then do not go in the end, I will transfer you back to the main world, we can no longer see."

The last four words, in particular, he added stress.

Ye Ming face stiff for a while, suddenly forced to do Paizhexiongkou vowed unafraid of death like: "how not to have to go like a good young me Wujiangsimei,!?!Poke clean up their own basket, never shirk to others, how could put down the burden of irresponsible not do it? I want to go back to those in the world, with my love influence them, to safeguard world peace and contribute all my strength! "

888: "Oh."

Ye Ming felt he had lost the trust of 888, but for experience, he would not give up halfway! Ridicule heard, said: "?? That which we now go back and do a world of my own choice, or you arrange"

888 quiet for almost a minute before the opening: "just received notice of the primary system, because all those in the world is in an unstable state, so I can not choose, only after the main system analysis, choose the right time to let you put go back."

Apart from anything else Ye Ming said: "OK, listen to you!"

White room on the walls of the data stream again, after a burst of dazzling, 888 voice sounded:. "Selected, ready to transfer it but I have to remind you, this is your last chance, if you screw up again there will be no next opportunity to return to those of the world's remedy. "

Ye Ming Stern said: "Do not worry, this time I will work hard -!"

He was saying that, you feel dizzy, soul continued to fall, the transfer has already begun.


[Bite, transferred. ]

Ye Ming opened his eyes and found himself in a narrow shabby little house, where he was in no hurry to survey her, but got up and came in front of the mirror, the mirror reflected a face Zhang Qingxiu, he immediately knew that he return to what the world.

This is the first in the world he crossed.

The world Fangxiao named his identity, is an orphan, but very hard to make progress, and she went to graduate schools, was a fledgling college students. In order to facilitate access Ye Ming Raiders goal, into the headquarters of the Qin intern.

His goal is heir Raiders Qin Qin Yi Group, two years older than FANG Xiao, the students who come back to work in their own company to conceal her identity, these ordinary employees and their daily mix. Although Qin Yi is a golden spoon in his mouth born young master, but the man did not how many bad habits of spoiled rich kid, cheerful and approachable, yet charismatic, everybody likes him.

Ye Ming pretended not to know the identity of the Qin Yi, and he soon became friends, and always strive to create although he was born ordinary, but good people serious efforts set. Qin Yi really have a favorable impression of him, some touch down, they became lovers mutual goodwill of two ripe.

After the Ming and leaves together, Qin Yi also did not look down because the identity differences Ming Ye, Ye Ming unacceptable even worry, no intro own identity. His gentle and considerate man, will be at home cooking sweeping, they like very ordinary, like young lovers through life ...... But when feelings gradually warming, Qin Yi parents know about it.

Qin father can not stand only son was gay, but also the identity of her boyfriend so not on the table, shot wreck duck. Qin Yi know, in order to Ye Ming at home and break.

Ye Ming to brush favorability, immediately moved pledged to advance and retreat with him,So easy to abandon everything with Qin Ye Ming left the city, go somewhere else from scratch. Days beginning is very hard, there is no support at home, Qin Yi really counting the cost, but in order to Ye Ming he stuck with it, because he wanted to give both a stable and happy life, even leave Qin, also as you can protect care for his wife.

Although hard, but Qin Yi itself is very capable, he has gradually re-career improvement, and experienced so many setbacks obstruct, to have been abandoned to accompany him deeper feelings Ye Ming, Ming Ye think is true love he is a man, not love his identity.

Another year Tanabata, Qin Yi Ye Ming finally decided to marry, this time favorability also brush to 1oo, to complete the task at hand experience, Ye Ming hear the system prompt, you must disengage from the world within three days.

Although at first just to do this task as a game, but a few years, in front of people, after all, is a living, this is the first mission Ming Ye ...... thought I was so gone and some really cruel.

Ye Ming this time a flash, came up with the absolute (net) is a good idea!

He believes that if he let go before Qin Yi no longer love him, so he left and so on, Qin Yi will not be sad, presumably soon be able to get out and start again. So before Ye Ming gone, swept away all the company's liquidity!

This small company is single-handedly founded after they left, Qin Yi paid a tremendous effort, the money is very important, it swept away enough to cause a devastating blow to the company, Qin Yi's efforts to uphold destroyed!

Ye Ming took the money, Qin easy to either start over, or can only pack a bag back to the Qin home.

If only this bad enough, but Ye Ming After much deliberation, I feel love for him to Qin Yi, so I am afraid that is not enough light given up, in turn owed to hand Qin Yi left a letter.

This is a long, long time ago, after all, Ye Ming and later through a lot of world, but at the moment he thought of the letter, suddenly look a little embarrassed.

If he knew you would come back ......

[888: Is it wants up? Regret it? Scared yet? Initially, it was how I advise you, so that you do not write, do not roll the money, obediently through the hole, but had to hand cheap. ]

[Ye Ming: ......]

[888: Do you want me to help you recall the contents of the letter? After all, word for word, but you write it personally. ]

[Ye Ming: do it ......]

[888 has been extremely rich read out: Dear Qin Yi, when you see this letter, I have to go, but do not you worry, I can take care of myself. I am grateful to you for love, but unfortunately such a tough life I've had enough, and you had together are thought to live a better life, after all, you are a little Qin, who knows what will come to this stage . Then you really should not leave the Qin family, why so stubborn man, in fact, I've been expecting you can not take me back ...... big Qin less you, I have no interest, do not want to continue. I took the money, I suppose I wasted time 青春损失费 good on you,Anyway, so after you go home, this amount of money you would not mind, I know you have been very generous. Will no period, FANG Xiao. ]

[Ye Ming: I was really so written? ? ? ] He seems to remember not so much ah ......

[888: Are you questioning my ability to unlimited storage memory, a senior systems? ]

[Ye Ming: ......]

[888 distressing illness: Unfortunately, in those days, I did not realize that this is actually the beginning of sin, you further and further away from this evil way, never came back. ]

[Ye Ming: You is not seen nothing strange recent political and legal programs? ]

Ye Ming finished recall the past, to start thinking about their current situation, in fact, his biggest surprise, his body actually still alive! Just looks a little haggard than when leaving some, but living in a strange place, where he stayed for the last memory of the world at that moment to go abroad, do not know things behind.

[Ye Ming: speaking, when I was leaving, this body is not dead, right? This is what happens now? Am I out of the body does not immediately die it? ]

[888: If you leave before the dead, such as Han Xu that world, so that the world body is really dead, even back then, that the body can no longer use. But if death is not the time to leave, you leave the main system will be based on who set up temporarily hold your your body without touching the Raiders goals. ]

[Ye Ming: yo! So high, that is to say as long as my body did not die, even if I left, there is this body system to help me hang up? ]

[888: Almost. ]

[Ye Ming: So, now what is the situation? ]

[888: the current time point is three years after you leave, please remember receiving three years. ]

888 just a finished, Ye Ming will feel a surge of memory - into the mind quickly figure out their status.

After that time he left Qin Yi, Qin Yi know in order to keep his whereabouts, creating the illusion of escaped fled, chose to go abroad. But he was still on the plane out, after the system took over from his body, and finally set up according to his consciousness left man, has been quietly living in a foreign country. Because it is on-hook, of course, do not expect this body to make any earth-shattering thing, the day was very simple and plain, mixed with not very good, I can only say that barely make ends meet.

[Ye Ming: Gee, your system takes over the body is really very casual, ah, this is the slack now. ]

[888: The system is the system, not a substitute for the host you make any decisions, can not touch the target person, but the process can not affect the world, will help your body maintain a minimum daily operations, did not give you what you earned hang straight, it stands to reason that the project is subject to charges. ]

[Ye Ming: Qin Yi three years ...... that is what happens then? ]

888 data immediately passed leaf Ming, FANG Xiao and the mundane compared to the three years of the Qin Yi had considered magnificent.

After he leaves looking Ming to no avail, to withstand the cause of love double Devastate, Qin finally chose to go back home, turn grief into power, in the business mix of wind and water.Just three years, Qin Yi Qin has become the de facto power of people, even his father are staying behind the scenes, and now no longer had that optimistic illusions of young love, but a means of cold Illustrious overbearing president.

Ye Ming after watching, silent children.

[Ye Ming: Why I had a, I left, he took to the pinnacle of the illusion of life? ]

[888: It is not an illusion, in general, the protagonist of this stumbling block after stumbling block flung open you will be successful, married white Formica took to the pinnacle of life. ]

[Ye Ming: But he seems to unmarried? It has not been talk about love? ]

[888: Do not worry, I think it is certainly not because he is still in love with you. As far as I know, he's blackening value, but not low ah, huh, huh ......]

[Ye Ming: ......] recently and have no way to properly communicate his system how to do?

[888: how good do you think? If not eliminate, blackening his value, your experience took it back. ]

Ye Ming rubbed his chin, revealing a smile: "The first step, of course, is back home."

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