3319. Chapter 3319 Great courage! (2)

3319. Chapter 3319 Great courage! (2)

Chapter 3319 is a big courage! (2)

"How do you report your name?"

Before the seventeen elders who were responsible for maintaining the order of the square flew, the vigilant eyes looked at the three people who came out of the colorful glow.

The oldest of the three, the beard, is white, and it looks like he is sixty years old. The man on his left is about forty years old.

It was the woman who was less than 30 years old, and her body was surprisingly hot, with a sense of incompetence.

"The three can have invitations." The seventeen elders saw the three men wearing them and added caution.

His experience is not too small, but the three people in front of him have never seen the impression of dressing themselves.

Especially the mysterious atmosphere of these three people, let the seventeen elders have an inexplicable heavy feeling.

"Not you, roll!" The forty-year-old man on the left did not put the seventeen elders in his eyes, or that he might think that the seventeen elders flying into the air were not worthy of his eyes!

At the same time, someone at the same place, the three are coming to find you!

"Let's relax!" The seventeen elders suddenly showed anger and rushed to the front three people.

If something happens today, the face of the white family is not lost!


The middle-aged man above the mouth screamed again, and a sound wave emanated from his mouth.

Like a sledgehammer, it directly shattered the power of the seventeen elders, and Yu Wei did not diminish, directly on the chest of the seventeen elders.

"Hey!" Suffering from a heavy blow, the seventeen elders immediately squirted a blood, and the wings were scattered behind them, and their eyes closed and fell from the air.

"Seventeen elders!" "Royal!" "Enclose them!"

More than a dozen figures leaped at the same time, the two will be in the coma of the seventeen elders to take over, more people scattered around, surrounded by the three intruders.

"Who is you, I don't know what it is today."

"Today, I congratulate the young lady for repairing to advance to the heavenly spirit. Where are you from? How big are you?"

More than a dozen Xuan Ling strong people surrounded the three in the center, there are white parents, and more are some Zongmen forces who took the initiative to replace the white house.

The three mysterious powerhouses of Shenjianmen took the bow and archery at the same time, and the arrow turned into a cold light and blinked to the front of the three.

"Hey, I think it is a master." A strong man at the gate of the god saw that the three did not evade, and the corner of his mouth showed disdain, but then his eyes smashed.


Nine arrows accurately shot the three people above, but did not cause any damage to the three.

Instead, I wore it directly from the body of three people!

"Virtual, virtual shadow!"

The masters at the same time widened their eyes. They just paid too much attention to the wear of the three people. They did not find that the people who came out of the crack in the space were not "people", but the ghosts of the characters with mental power!

"A group of ants are also dare to let go!" The arrow passed through the body, and the middle-aged man seemed to be angry a little, and another sound wave was heard in his mouth.


In the field, the following spirits only felt that a giant hammer was on the skull, and the whole person was dizzy.The more than a dozen black spirits in the air are even worse. The three people who are close to them are the most intensely attacked. The more than half of them are directly comatose, and the rest are losing their body control. The wings are scattered from the air. fall.

"Hey, the people in these small places don't know that we are normal. You are so scared to scare people." The glamorous woman giggled, and the raging mountain almost jumped out of the clothes.

(End of this chapter)

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