2097. Chapter 2097 Killing the drug Wang Gu (2)

2097. Chapter 2097 Killing the drug Wang Gu (2)

Chapter 2097 Killing the drug Wang Gu (2)


Zi Ling suddenly sneaked up from the night feathers and looked at the man in the raging man wearing a hat, and the night feathers were also cold.

Waiting for the night feathers and purple spirit to move, Bai Jinyi suddenly held the night feathers on the shoulders.

"Nothing, let's go."

Bai Jinyi said very calmly. As for the person who said nothing against him, Bai Jinyi did not pay much attention to it.


The reaction of Bai Jinyi made the night feathers sigh, and nodded and followed Bai Jinyi to continue.

Originally, the two just said that they went directly to Yangshicheng, but Bai Jinyi went to the hotel with a footstep and a night feather.

Bai Jinyi’s strangeness makes the night feathers affirmed, and the man in the cloth is not simply a simple one with Bai Jinyi.

Sweeping around, the night feathers also lifted the foot into the inn.


As soon as the two entered the inn, the guy who slept on the counter slammed openly, slamming the sign with the full sign and closing the door.

"Less master, wait for your person to be in the first room upstairs." The man turned and bowed to Bai Jinyi.

Bai Jinyi casually raised his hand and signaled that the buddy would continue to do what he was supposed to do, and lifted his foot upstairs with the night feathers.

The night feathers went upstairs and explored the surroundings with mental energy.

Empty, all rooms are empty!

No wonder the old guy had slept on the counter.

Night Yu’s thoughts flowed.

The second floor room.

When Bai Jinyi and the night feathers appeared, the people inside hurriedly kneel down.

"See the Lord, see the lady." Shadows kneeled on the ground, still wearing casual clothes.

"How is the situation in the valley recently?" Bai Jinyi had already guessed that it was a shadow. At this moment, he was not surprised. He pulled a chair and let the night feathers sit down. He then sat next to the night feathers.

"In the past few days, there were elders who had proposed a high-profile suspension of Miss Night, and then sent an assassination squad to assassinate Miss, but this time they were dismissed by the elders. In addition, Ghost Solomon withdrew all important eyeliners in Yaowang Valley, this time , we did not receive any valuable news."

The shadow is reported in real terms.

"Well? Is there any movement in Bai Zhixuan?" Bai Jinyi asked.

"No, the brother supervisor who has deliberately trusted the white supervisor, the white supervisor did not interact with any suspicious personnel. Yes, after you were taken away by Miss Night, someone has seen the white supervisor go to the pavilion at night, but specifically see Which elder, the subordinate did not find it." The shadow is as true.

Long Court? Still at night?

The white brocade star is slightly wrinkled, and the body's breath is one sinking.

"What happened to the Grand Court? Bai Zhixuan can't go?" Night Yu said softly. Through the interrogation in the dungeon, the behind-the-scenes masters of the two men who knew the night Yu and Bai Jinyi were Bai Zhixuan, and even poisoned Bai Jinyi. The night feathers were also arranged by Bai Zhixuan.

"Bai Zhixuan is the general manager of Baijia. Unless he holds the Presbyterian Church, he rarely goes to the Presbyterian Church. There are special personnel in the government to submit to the elders, and he does not need Bai Zhixuan to run." Bai Jinyi explained."That said, there may be people behind Bai Zhixuan?" Night Yu Yan Liu Mei picked one, realizing that this is not as simple as what I saw. When searching for the soul in the dungeon, the night feathers will be hesitated for a moment, if Bai Zhixuan It was really the planner of the event ten years ago, and this Bai Zhixuan was too careless.

Bai Jinyi took a deep breath and squinted his thoughts. He had to make some changes because of some concerns.

After a moment of silence in the house, the night feathers suddenly sounded.

"I have a plan, I don't know if it is feasible or not..."

(End of this chapter)

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