1916. Chapter 1916 You miss me, so...

1916. Chapter 1916 You miss me, so...

Chapter 1916 You miss me, so...

"There is money to make a ghost!"

The night feathers flashed through this thought, and Bodhi was the holy place of the refining pharmacist, where a large number of refining geniuses gathered.

If there is such a factor in it, it has been said that the title of Dan King has never fallen into the hands of outsiders in recent years.

"Is there anything else?"

When Yu Yu saw the black wind, he did not continue to speak. He asked a word.

The black wind gently shook his head: "The rest of the arguments are too outrageous, Master, what are we doing next?"

"Looking for a place to live, I will go to Bodhi when I solved the tails outside tomorrow."

She would like to see how many geniuses are in the Bodhi Tower that many refiners have admired!

"it is good!"

On the breeze day, I will listen to those tails tomorrow, and my eyes are full of excitement. These people are followed by the people on the road, and they are awkward and do everything.

The people paid for the tea and looked for the inn along the street.

Around half a street, several people finally found a fairly satisfactory one. They asked for three good rooms, and several of them went back to their rooms.

Each side of the three walls is inlaid with a fluorescent stone, which illuminates the house.

Night Feather sits alone in the house, taking out the map of the strength of Yangshi City from the ring and familiar with the power divisions in the city.

Baihemen, Iron Hand, Tianhu Bang... Many forces divide the map into small pieces, each of which has its own territory.

Ok? Kejia?

Night Feather squinted across the Jinyang auction site, marked with a small Ke character.

‘So to say, this auction site is Ke’s, so it’s no wonder that this is the home of Miss Ke. ’

The night feathers rang and met Ke Manru at the auction site during the day, and his eyes were a bit disgusting.

The line of sight continues to patrol the map. The four families, the historian, and the Ling family also have a small site, and there are other families with surnames.

The various forces are intertwined, and in some places, the names of three or four forces will appear at the same time.

Just when the night feathers research began, the heart suddenly moved, a swallow turned over and directly attached to the door, cold channel: "Who!"

"Yan, it's me." The sound of magnetic sounds.

The night feathers heard the sound of this moment, white, white brocade.

In the hands of the spirits to disperse, the night feathers take a breath, slowly open the door.

Bai Jinyi still embroidered the dragon brocade, and the corner of his mouth hangs a trace of evil spirits standing outside the house. The sword eyebrows star, the fluorescent in the house is reflected on his face, which is particularly handsome.

The only discord, Bai Jinyi carries a person in his hand.

The night feathers sideways let Bai Jinyi enter the house, Bai Jinyi throws it away, and the man is thrown on the ground like a dead dog.

"How come you are not very busy." Yu Yu looked at Bai Jinyi and his voice was very light.

Bai Jinyi was close to the night feathers, and squeezed the chin of the night feather with one hand. "Because you missed me, I came."

"Ghosts miss you!"

The night feathers show a light glimpse, the chin breaks away from the palm of Bai Jinyi's palm, but the corner of his mouth is unstoppable.The night feathers just had to reach out and close, and Bai Jinyi suddenly took the jade hand of the night feathers: "Wait a minute, I just have to worry, they will come over in a shadow."

Bai Jinyi said as he glanced around the room and his eyes fell on the table.

A few steps went to the table, Bai Jinyi took a look at the map, and the white crane door was circled by the night feathers.

Bai Jinyi turned his head and glanced at the man on the ground, frowning and looking at the night feathers: "You have a conflict with the people of Baihemen?"

. . . . . .

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