1175. Chapter 1175 does not play rogue (3)

1175. Chapter 1175 does not play rogue (3)

Chapter 1175 does not play rogue (3)

"When you hold me like this, I definitely don't resist, I swear." Bai Jinyi's mouth showed a smile.

"You, you are a rogue!" The night feathers suffocated.

"Then I changed my evil spirits and did not play rogue." Bai Jinyi stretched the tone and his hands began to be untrue.

Night Feather wants to be angry, thinking of Bai Jinyi's appearance just in his mind, but his mouth is laughing.

The two men stayed in the room for more than an hour.

Until the noise of the noisy people outside, the two talents reluctantly, or that Bai Jinyi was reluctant to end this warmth.

"It seems that your bloody enchantress wants to set off a storm in the inner court." Bai Jinyi smiled and looked at the night feathers that were finishing the clothes again.

Under the insistence of Bai Jinyi, the clothes inside the night feathers were replaced with the pink ones...

According to the night feathers, just to plug the mouth of Bai Jinyi, let him stop mentioning this matter.

The night feathers showed a smile: "Isn't you doing the same thing at the beginning?"

"That's not the same, I am for the development of Yaowang Valley, what are you for?" Bai Jinyi looked at the beautiful silhouette of the night feathers.

The night feathers are just passing by, and the face is officially said: "I want to tell them that this world, what men can do, women can, you can achieve the achievements of Bai Jinyi, I can also be a night feather, even, I want to do better than you!"

Looking at the reluctant little girl in front of him, Bai Jinyi showed a touch of approval in his eyes, and he shot the bed with one hand and his body shape floated.

"In the future, you will come to raise me, or I will raise you." Bai Jinyi posted to the night feathers, and the night feathers can feel the breath of Bai Jinyi.

"I don't marry." Yu Yu looked at the side.

"You don't marry... then I am jealous of you." Bai Jinyi kissed his cheek on the cheek, and with one hand, a white robes flew into his hands and began to wear clothes.

The night feathers screamed at Bai Jinyi, and this time he was not interested in Bai Jinyi’s pouting on this matter.

The ghost knows that Bai Jinyi will admit that he is no longer a rogue for the third time...

Bai Jinyi looked at the night feathers dressed in the wash, looked at his eyes and slowly opened his mouth.

"Ye, you are very ambitious. I know that you are also the most capable woman I have ever seen, but... some things don't have to be done too much. The college also has to weigh the forces of the parties. The inner court is a vanity fair. There are many times to give others a face, so that in the future, if you go to the mainland, there will be fewer enemies."

The action of the night feathers suddenly stopped, looking sideways at Bai Jinyi, and there was a touch of excitement in his eyes: "What else?"

Bai Jinyi looked at the aura of the night feathers, and a smile appeared on his lips: "And, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

"Hey!" Night Feather licked his nose and turned and continued to wash the silk.

The house was once again silent.

Only the night feathers lick the sound of water.

"In the inner court, I will grasp the scale. After the refining contest, the gang will hand it over to the day and they will take care of it. I will go to the farewell." The night feathers are cold and telling their plans.On the side of Bai Jinyi gently nodded, from the moment when Yu Yuying explored the farewell, Bai Jinyi knew that the character of the night feathers would definitely go to that place.

"I will send you when I arrive." Bai Jinyi should have a sentence, looking out the door, the yard is getting more and more noisy, as if many students gathered.

"You are busy with your business, I went to Longye to discuss something." Saying, Bai Jinyi posted to the night feathers, the palm of his hand gently touched the face of the night feathers, and finally the whole person turned into a stream of light disappeared.

(End of this chapter)

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