1166. Chapter 1166 Come, try (1)

1166. Chapter 1166 Come, try (1)

Chapter 1166, come and taste (1)

Long Xiaopeng scratched his head. "I don't remember too much time. I can try almost all the medicines I can find."

As he said, Long Xiaopeng groaned in his little belly pocket and touched it for a while. Long Xiaopeng handed a small wooden bottle to the night feathers.

Wooden bottle?

Night Yu’s eyes glimpsed. From the historical ancient books of Ziyun’s mainland, white jade bottles have been popular since 2000 years ago. The use of wooden bottles can only show that this bottle contains two thousand years ago!

"What is this?" Night Yu blinked in the eye.

Long Xiaopeng licked his small eyes: "Hundreds of flowers are scattered with the wind, I have left a little, you want to try it, the taste is not bad."

Night feathers... This thing has something to taste! You all said that the life can not solve the poison beads.

"No need." Night feathers rumors declined.

Long Xiaopeng snorted and stuffed the wooden bottle back into his small apron.

"Long Ye, after a few days, those people in Baihuatang want to use the flowers with me, I will do what I want, and if there are any countermeasures, I can solve them."

"The way to resolve ..." Long Xiaopeng fell into meditation, and sometimes confuses some messy words: "Remove the fire poison... The mutual grammar... The fire, the beast fire..."

The night feathers look at the dragon chubby for a while and will not think about it, just get up and go to practice, anyway, I can't help on the side.

"Master, do you want to take a bite." Fire spirit wants to wave at night in the medicine garden not far away.

The night feathers looked at the mouth of the fire and looked like a dirty smile. Since the chaos space has a medicine garden, the fire spirit went out to play less and less.

I am staring at the medicine garden every day, which medicine is ripe.

"You eat it yourself." The night feathers swayed at the fire, and lifted their feet to the Eudemons.

When I came to the Eudemons, the night feathers suddenly moved, and the spiritual skills in the Tianying Stone were not cultivated yet!

Sitting directly on the knees, the night feathers appear in the mind of the sky.

The night feathers sighed in the heart. It turned out that this spiritual skill like the spiritual limbs needs to open up the meridians, and then use the spiritual power of the body to form the limbs through the meridians, and several meridians intersect and misunderstand. It seems that it is not easy to make it. Things.

Lightly closed, the night feathers began to mobilize the spirit to impact the meridians of the left arm.

This one is two hours, just when the night feathers are about to open a spiritual power, a sharp shaking will interrupt the night feathers.

"Well?" The night feathers flashed a sigh of anger, and the two-hour effort was in vain!

"Little girl, there is a way!" Long Xiaopeng looked excited, a small hand constantly pushed the night feathers.

"Found?" The night feathers turned into surprises in the eyes.

Long Xiaopeng nodded excitedly and raised a small wooden bottle: "You can drink this, and the flowers will be ineffective for you."

"What is this?" Yu Yuxi will be suspicious of picking up the wooden bottle.

"Antidote." Long Xiaopeng smiled: "This is thanks to the fire spirit, or else something is really hard to find."

"Fire spirit?" Night feathers saw the medicine garden on the side, and saw the psychic tears in the fire, a pair of people who had just been bullied."You try it first. If it is not right, I will try other recipes."

A little bit of dragon chubby makes the night feathers face change instantly.

Try it first, is this an antidote!

"Long Ye, this antidote, you have a little grasp." Night feathers swaying in the palm of your hand, it is a matter of life and death, how to get to the dragon chubby, it becomes so casual?

(End of this chapter)

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